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  1. Anz

    next year
  2. Anz

    Cool. Get lost.
  3. Anz

    Thank you for the years of service Sir Valar
  4. Anz

  5. Nice stuff, just need to fix the monsters they randomly start moving when you attack
  6. Anz

    Hi, I have really been inactive lately due to uni and other stuff. Uni requires all my focus. So i think it's best that I should resign from all my roles, I also feel less motivated in general. I really hope Grinderscape goes in the right direction. Anyways thanks Chris and Lou for giving me the opportunity. @vutr @Lil Pump @Zod @Chris @Valar @Kazuhira Miller @Surreal @Brad @Isaac @Jessica @Tabor Thanks for all the support, sorry if I forgot anyone. Pce.
  7. Anz

    Damm man, huge respect for the Fee
  8. Nice video Koen Glad you was able to record it
  9. Anz

    Congratulations to Pipe Down for winning the giveaway. I'm sure there will be more giveaways to come. Thank you everyone for entering, 27 entries was crazy. The giveaway was successful. /closed
  10. Anz

    Thank you Also the current people who have subscribed already, It really helps. Our goal is that 100 Subscriber mark, I think we can do it
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