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  1. Strawberries

    Good breakdown, much appreciate the effort put in to help other players!
  2. Strawberries

    Thanks for making this berry! This will get new players some start up help.
  3. I gave you veteran for now, theres all of the ex-staff ranks, donator, etc. pretty much everything.
  4. Strawberries

    Awesome to see you back sven, it's always good to have you around. Always enjoyed playing and being apart of the community with you!
  5. Strawberries

    Great suggestions, I appreciate it and I know all of the staff do as well. It's great to see members involved in the community, I'm sure they will take note of these.
  6. Thanks for the application, I'll pass this along. Vouch for this member.
  7. Strawberries

    Thanks for requesting, it was granted. Closed.
  8. Strawberries

    Absolutely fantastic update. Thanks for the hard work put into this by those who worked on it ;). Can't wait to see the roll out of this.
  9. Strawberries

    Great job! Looks great, very appreciative of the new logo.
  10. Strawberries

    Thanks for reporting these bugs. We appreciate the info and I will pass this on to development.
  11. Strawberries

    Good stuff! Can't wait to see the outcome of this.
  12. Strawberries

    These are absolutely fantastic, you really have a way with GFX.
  13. Strawberries

    Thank you, granted. -Closed
  14. Strawberries

    Request pending -Closed.