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  1. Strawberries

    Congratulations sir! You'll do a fine job, welcome to the team. Glad to hear this.
  2. Strawberries

    Thanks for letting us know, we'll alert an ingame administrator to assist you.
  3. Strawberries

    You'll have to wait until an in-game administrator is online until the problem can be remedied.
  4. My brotha! Is this Matt??? Please, tell me it is! 

    If so, long time no see man! Hope all is going well for ya. ^_^

  5. Strawberries

    Congrats jew, you'll be a fine addition to the team.
  6. 99 agility however when attempting to equip the agility skillcape it requires 99 thieving. Values are just mixed up.
  7. Found a bug in which the player can walk in mid air, possibly can be used maliciously. I can replicate on staff request.
  8. Observed a player exploiting an XP mining bug by repeatedly clicking on the obstacle pipe at the Gnome Agility Course Time of observance: 9:40 P.M. CST 11/8/2018
  9. Looks fantastic and is fantastic. I'm glad GS has been getting the proper treatment it deserves.
  10. Strawberries

    i think you should attempt to recover it/provide proof to a staff member to have it recovered for you
  11. Strawberries

    Zod has always been an integral part of Grinderscape. I'm glad he was awarded this position based on his experience and dedication to the entire GS community over the 5+ years of tenure.
  12. Strawberries

  13. Strawberries

    Mod Andrew day 1
  14. Hello everyone, I am finally done with my computer science degree. I am glad to see this place up and running still. I am requesting Veteran/Ex-staff on the basis that I was here long before most people. (If Zod of all people has veteran then I see no reason why I shouldn't) Thanks, Ronald let's get in touch. S.W.A.T. - strawberries