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  1. tom

  2. tom

    Awesome, cya on 07 Chris
  3. tom

    thanks for the money
  4. tom

    daxx ruining it for all the respected's RIP
  5. tom

    nice looks good
  6. tom

    peace n love
  7. can we get mage arena capes yet
  8. tom

    sounds like boosting to me
  9. please fix toxic staff of the dead
  10. tom

  11. tom

    Drop tables look good
  12. tom

    my name jeff
  13. tom

    nice suggestions man and i'll add a few for wilderness activity; Lootable chests at rogue's castle (50+ wild near chaos ele) which gives noted supplies, I didn't play beta so I don't know where items are coming from, but i'm sure some decent stuff could be added Imbued mage capes Ents for woodcutting Black chins (Does hunter work?) Boss spawn in multi combat wild (Olm,Tarn?) Boss spawn in single combat deep wild Add T1 emblem drops to all monsters in wild (1/20?) these can be used to buy runepouches and cosmetics) Don't waste time with clue scrolls IMO, put Third age in donor store
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