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    put me in coach
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    legendary pure
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    Great vid bro, keep it up. Lookin forward to more eps
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  5. Much love for the update and all to who worked on it ! Ty from the behalf of the GS community
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    ahh dont have post count really wanted one fam you're sick with it
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    ya got my vote ! +1
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    ` · .;¸¸,.·*°‘°·¸.Application.¸·°‘°*·.,¸¸;. · ´ `·.,¸¸ ,. ·´ ˜ˆ* • *ˆ˜`· ., ¸¸,. ·´ † Current Display Name: Keelow † Combat Level & Total Level: 112 cmbt and 964 overall † What type of build do you play: All of them. nhing needs some work tbh. † What's your Timezone & Region: UTC -5 † Have you been in any previous Clans & Reason for Leaving: I have been apart of a good amount of pvp, deep wildy and pvm/bossing clans on other RSPS servers. I was apart of a team on og GS but sadly cant even remember the name † Do you have Discord: Yes I indeed have Discord † Anything you'd like to tell us about yourself: I believe I meet the requirements to be apart of the squad, I am a team player. Mature, and always down to help in any way I can, whether it's one of the mates who needs help pking,bossing etc , im always hopping in. I have full trust in the guys and I hope we can kick some ass, if decided I am fit for the team. Ty for reading over my application. † Do you agree to follow all clan rules & understand our ranking system: I fully understand clan rules and ranking system and will abide to each rule.
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