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  1. Havent seen you around a whole lot @dice or helping around the com but not trashing u in any way m8. Best of luck !
  2. Keelow

    Sad to see you go Kaz. Much love brother, take care See you around in-game sometime
  3. Nice update! Much appreciated
  4. Keelow

    A lot of points and explanations/solutions. Pretty detailed, good thread imo
  5. Haven't seen you @ dice a whole lot but good luck on application man
  6. Keelow

    Very good work
  7. Keelow

    Great guide m8 !
  8. I just checked to confirm if this is true but, staffs seem to be working for me fine. Air, Water, Earth, Fire give unlimited runes. You must have the staff equipped.
  9. how much do i need to bribe u with to make me a sig ❤️ 

    1. Valar


      Nothing lol just pm me on discord with your detailed request :) 

  10. Keelow

    got my +1 for sure
  11. Keelow

    Gl on completing your goals m8!
  12. Keelow

    Welcome back m8, enjoy your stay
  13. Keelow

    Welcome back mate ! Enjoy your stay
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