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  1. Keelow

    Welcome back to the server ! Hope you enjoy your stay
  2. Keelow

    Thanks for this update !
  3. A little rushed through on the application. You are active within the community and haven't seen you break any rules or being disrespectful/immature etc. Best of luck to you !
  4. Keelow

    Sad to see you go my friend, nonetheless the community of Grinderscape thanks you for all the work you’ve put in into bettering the server and I wish you the best of luck with what you’re pursuing. I hope to see you around in game soon.
  5. Keelow

    Much love to those who helped put this update together.
  6. Keelow

    Im happy for you mate. Best of luck to you
  7. Nicely written application, I see you active within he community so keep it up. Good luck
  8. Keelow

    Best of luck to everyone participating !
  9. Keelow

    So you are actually thinking of two totally separate items. The item you're confusing it with , is the recently discontinued colorful sets (Ween, Partyhat and Santa) that where in the premium points shop.
  10. Decent application, yet to have seen much due to only seeing you @ home bank. But nonetheless best of luck on your application.
  11. Keelow

    Congratulations brother, very much deserved.
  12. Very active and helps the community quite a bit, wouldn't hurt giving him a try. App is rushed but nothing else bad I can say. Best of luck on your application. +1
  13. Nice application, well written. Goodluck on your application. +1 from me
  14. Mature player, frequently active, I wouldn't say 8-12 hours a day tho, and seems like he knows the rules pretty well, still fairly new but other than that, good luck on your application.
  15. Keelow

    Cya m8, Take care.
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