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  1. Havent seen you much but Good luck on the application.
  2. Keelow

    Thank you very much for your work !
  3. nicely written application, best of luck
  4. Keelow

    gl hf targs
  5. Keelow

    See you around sometime bro
  6. Keelow

    Welcome to the server! Enjoy your stay
  7. Keelow

    All of the above.
  8. Keelow

    good list with some new and helpfull points !
  9. Best of luck with your application man !
  10. Keelow

    best of luck on your app!
  11. Keelow

    gratz m8
  12. Keelow

    eyyyyyy gratz
  13. Keelow

    Great guide for those who are new to dicing ! well done
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