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  1. Timebrawler

    Requesting rank: Ex Sb Mod Primary rank(Yes/No) Yes Proof: Staff promotion thread
  2. Timebrawler

    thanks again, won't let you down man
  3. Timebrawler


    Real depression is the worst but i'm glad to hear we're helping man, keep grinding away
  4. Timebrawler

    Everyone starts somewhere man, good luck tho ^~^
  5. Timebrawler

    This is already on lou's to do list, it's not gonna Happen for awhile bc there's more important things to work on
  6. Timebrawler

    Awww sad to see you go man hope life treats you well
  7. Honestly this idea has both pros & cons Yes it would make them easier to obtain but it wouldn't feel as rewarding if you could just go get a few e glories from vorkath & buy it instead of actually earning it and feeling proud of yourself. But tbh @Izakiller has a valid point and probably the most accurate point by far on this suggestion, i love it but im gonna have to say no
  8. Timebrawler

    Bad idea imo We have omm rank for a reason Thank you for the suggestion though
  9. Timebrawler

    Someone will be with you shortly to help =]
  10. Timebrawler

    Congratulations everyone im sure you will all do great '-' You're still noobs tho
  11. Timebrawler

    About time you heckin show up '-' Go for max xp with me pls
  12. Timebrawler

    congrats!! now im the only forum only staff >.<
  13. Timebrawler

    updated the thread peeps couple of new new things including - i maxed on 11 - 28 - 2019 - i cleaned up my bank and made it look alot nicer - i got a strawberry santa!! ( i think im the only iron with 1 ) - i got a few new drops including some 3rd age items from tarn - i hit 2b total xp ^-^ - i got the colored max cape which only took me 13 gambles to obtain ( 3.75b gp ) - i re obtained my green plat token stack from getting the colored max cape
  14. Timebrawler

    Really amazing update @Lou Grinder one of my favorites by far Really ironman friendly and i wonder why '-'
  15. The staff team just had a discussion about anything that needed to be changed and the complaints of players skilling in the wilderness came up so we had a talk about it, And the staff team @Zod & @Lisa included as they make the final decisions around here, we decided from now on you are only allowed to kill players skilling in the wilderness 3 times per 2 hrs. - Grinderscape Staff Team
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