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  1. i think i remember someone else telling me that no matter if ur skulled or not u always lose the skilling outfits in wildy, not sure if thats the case since ive never checked though.
  2. Wrath


    Edit: Requests and submission section under graphic design on forums. Its also posted so everyone else can see it and or give some CnC
  3. Wrath


    Lemme know if you want the glow removed or reduced or if youd rather some other sig. Edit: I might actually just redo yours
  4. Wrath

    Countless stocks and c4ds and you never have enough lol @ everyoneelse, If your gonna be pming me, please do it after june 23rd. i got 3 requests and a sotm lined up + assignments.
  5. Wrath

    i like your text colors
  6. Wrath

    whats your discord name?
  7. Wrath

  8. Wrath

    we got all of june to enter?
  9. Wrath

    yea, i feel like it doesnt fit in properly lol, i dont really make banners let alone have much experience doing text related stuff. I think its the grinderscape logo that makes it look off. maybe if i remove the gradient maps and make it brighter like the one on the donation page
  10. Wrath

    lord of winterfell
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