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  1. Wrath

    yea i believe its a known bug, might not be the top priority but im sure itll be fixed soon
  2. Wrath

    and then there was only one
  3. Wrath

    you can also buy from other people for items/cash by using a middleman. the middleman holds onto the gs items while the person ur trading with trades u on osrs. as for what jordan said, i see 2m as the lowest in the trades section. i see people trading in 100m as well.
  4. Wrath

    have u tried getting rid of the 64k and then gathering the 936k\ happened to me with my dragonchain body. i had different stacks, i could trade the chain body, but. the chainbody wasnt equippable. the other stack that had the dragon chainbody was equippable thou. edit : i know it doesnt relate and u probably already tried but just incase
  5. Wrath

    dam, that donator zone/ maxcape effects etc looks juicy. thanks for the hard work props to listening to the suggestions and adding the eternal glory/ removing the mystery boxes. makes items alot easier to sell.
  6. Wrath

  7. Wrath

    @Lisa edit: might only be on, on thursday
  8. Wrath

    as for ur rank post here https://forum.grinderscape.org/index.php?/forum/62-request-a-forum-rank/ with a ss of ur status ingame Requesting rank: Primary rank(Yes/No) Proof: or here for rank ingame https://forum.grinderscape.org/index.php?/forum/98-request-for-in-game-rank/
  9. Wrath

    useless atm, heard they might introduce skotizo, but nothing affirm from a staff mem
  10. Wrath

    might have a few more later today
  11. Wrath

    you can put the screenshots under a spoiler tag like timebrawler's progress thread edit: well, he removed them now.
  12. Wrath

    skipping the lava stepping stones will probably get u faster exp
  13. Wrath

    I won't be commenting on the thread when u update it but I do enjoy looking at progress threads.
  14. Wrath


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