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Lou Grinder

Surge Spells | Minigames Overhaul | MASSIVE Bug Fixing!

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Bugs and Fixes:

- Fixed Flower poker bug: full house vs. three oak counts as a draw. (Thanks to Groovy)

- Increased the delay, the town crier at home rings the bell. (Many players reported it as annoying).

- Fixed emotes being used while gambling with flower poker.

- Nerfed Ice queen boss and tweaked its mechanics.


- Fixed an issue with bank PIN causing players to not being able to move.

- Mithril seeds are no longer tradeable.

- Added desert boots in robes store for clue scrolls.

- Added full support for Dragon platebody ornament kit using and reattaching.

- Minor tweaks to the anti botting system in the game.

- King black dragon will now spawn again frequently.

- Fixed Sea troll queen attack distance, and added the missing portal.

- Fixed a bug with Iron Man price checking an item says you cannot sell items to shop.

- Fixed offensive spells disconnecting players.

- Fixed an issue where Black knight titan walks inside the wall.

- Reduced K'ril boss respawns time from 7 minutes to 2 minutes, and fixed Zamorakian hasta drop.


- Fixed yew and magic trees cutting in the donator's zone.

- You can now sell OSRS tokens to the OSRS tokens platinum store section.

- Fixed a bug where staff teleported players while in a duel.

- Fixed General Graardor hitpoints and attack distance.

- Fixed Barrelchest anchors emote and special attack.

- Updated Minigames spellbook.

- Fixed infinite prayer issue while using the mystery box.

- Fixed tons of game typos and reduced Thieving random events occurrence.

- Fixed a few ladders/stairs that teleported players to wrong places.

- Achievements will no longer parse while inside a minigame to prevent losing reward items.

- A lot of fixes for NPC's that were stuck in the walls and couldn't move.

- Fixed boss contracts Giant mole's task.

- Tweaked Slash bash and fixed the range attack bug.

- Iron Man players can now use rank chooser, and can type::ironrank to display their Iron Man rank.

- Fixed the ladder bug in the Thieving Wilderness area showing level 0 Wilderness.

- Tweaked trading mechanics.

- Tweaked Jungle demon defence stats and attacking distance to match OSRS.

- Fixed a bug causing players that exchange their Fire capes not getting a Jad pet.

- Skilling box prices increased in the Premium store.

- Dragonstone dragon bolts removed from Blood money store, and minor shop changes.

- Fixed skill guide bug with Herblore for the Anti Dragonfire potion requirement.

- Fixed all Vorkath's reported bugs, with a new poking system like OSRS.


- Fixed Runecrafting graphic height.

- Fixed all Runecrafting altar maps & skilling work.

- Wilderness melee pk bot attacking has been fixed.

- Fixed a bug causing them to freeze during mass clicking on them.

- Fixed battle-axes and 2-handed swords attack styles and emote.

- Improved attack sounds for more than 8 different weapons.

- Fixed retribution proper effects on multi areas.

- Fixed wilderness ditch emote being stuck sometimes.

- Properly fixed all range ammunition requirements and projectile attack drawback.

- Herb box can now be opened and will provide a minimum of 350 different herbs.

- Fixed Cerberus three fireball attack. Attacks will no longer attack when the boss is dead.

- Fix for Kalphite's queen object spawning in the boss lair.

- Imbued rings are now tradeable.


- King black dragon zone is no longer considered to be in the Wilderness.

- Implemented OSRS region system:
* This means teleporting to a new region will be much faster.
* Teleporting to a new area will show the proper NPC's and the player's facing position.
* Improves overall server stability.

- Sea troll queen zone map tweaked.


- Kalphite queen lair now requires a rope to enter.

- Immutable interactions system:
* Most NPCs and objects that have no use will have no interactions in-game.

- Added 14 dialogues to different NPC's across the map:
* Hans dialogue has also been added as requested.



- Added tea seller shop in Varrock with tea drinking support.


- Minigame system overhaul:
* Improved the reward system for playing minigames with more players giving more rewards.
* The minigame spawned items will increase when more players join the minigame.
* Over 220 items to pick from while playing the minigame.
* Reduced waiting time between the minigames from 60 minutes to 30 minutes.
* Minigame store (Coming soon)
* Highscores and in-game scoreboard (Coming soon)
* Much much more to be soon very soon.
* Battle Royale:
The minigame starts by moving you to an island along with all other players.
Your goal is to be the last person to survive. For the first 30 seconds, a lot of random items will spawn on the floor, and you have to gather as many items as you can.
After the time finishes, the area becomes dangerous, and dying will gets you out of the minigame. Luckily, it's safe, and you don't lose items. Good luck!
* Weapon Game:
Each player spawns at a different location, and your goal is to defeat 24 players.
For every player you defeat, you get random supplies that will help you with your journey.
Besides, there are some stone crates that contains necessary essential items that you might need, such as runes and arrows. Luckily, it's safe, and you don't lose items. Good luck!








- Added Surge spells support:
* 100% fully functioning Surge spells with proper sounds and graphics.
* Added support for Wrath runes in the game.




- Opening item sets will now display a warning before doing so.


- 17 new regions kinds of music:
* Runecrafting altars regions.
* Giant mole's lair.
* Lizardman shaman lair.
* Ice queen.
* Ice troll king.
* Kamil boss.
* Minigame zones.
* Zulrah.
* Neitznot north dragons.
* Relleka.
* Smoke tunnel.
* Trollheim.
* Varrock swamp dungeon.
* Ancient pyramid Al-kharid.

- Tons of work on the server's core to improve overall performance and possibly fix the nulling issue.

- Added safe toggle command for staff to be safe in the Wilderness:
* Staff that has safe-toggle ON will not be able to attack or get attacked by other players in the Wilderness.

- Fully functional Zulrah:
* Added the proper mechanics from OSRS.
* Proper sailing to Zulrah 100%!
* Proper Zulrah fumes and snakelings spawn.
* All the Zulrah rotations like on OSRS.


- Vastly reworked and improved the Hunter skill system:
* Improved all the Hunter actions within the allocated areas.
* Redone the Hunter's trap system.
* Improved all the timings and delays for all NPC's and traps.





- Added OSRS tile facing:
* Proper facing to all objects even on larger sized objects.
* Proper entity interaction with all NPC's sizes and purposes.


- Finally redone the boss contracts system:
* All the reports bugs have been fixed.
* Tons of tweaks to the dialogues.
* Added proper timing checks for each boss depending on the difficulty.
* Your contract will no longer interfere with other players.




Note: Special thanks to Hellmage, Dkick, and Btartaros along with the development team to help report and fix all these bugs very quickly.

Note: New client will be needed in order to be able to login.

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Hello, very nice update as always, I would like to thank everyone who worked on this without you this wouldn't be a place of enjoyment without the hard work of what's being done here.

Reducing the timers on bosses was a must, was very annoying waiting around for the boss to spawn back, now they spawn back so much more quickly that'll make bossing so much more enjoyable and time worth,

I noticed whiles playing, there was a lot of bugs that needed sorting, since the update the game has a lot less bugs and the gaming experience has grown to be great. 

Vorkath has been a bit broken for a while now, I watched many players kill it when I took the broadcast and I can tell you it wasn't all that bad as seemed, was just the one bug with it not attacking back if you stood in one place. Happy to say that's fixed now, since I've been on I haven't noticed on-going bugs with Vorkath which is good news,

 On-going reports of players attacking Wilderness bots trying to boost somewhat their stats, (bug abusing) to see that fixed is perfect, thanks for that, not had any reports on that still being bugged,

As I'm reading this thread all I see is "fixed this, fixed that" you know how happy and great it is to hear this, specially for the players who have to wait for them to be fixed, thank you all for waiting, hope everything is going good for you now,

I always wondered why King Black Dragon was wilderness zone'd, great to see that it is no more...

I played some mini-game last night,, that's so much fun even if it was bugged when I played, glad you hotfixed it so it works better now, I'll be playing that now and then for sure, a lot of fun!

Surge spells being added to game was a great bonus specially for the pking, I'm sure that alone will bring more players to pk,

Zulrah is always a good boss to kill, nice that it's finally back with correct mechanics will for sure be a bit harder,

Re-doing the Hunter was needed badly, always got reported that it was bugged, now that it's fixed hopefully we get no more problems with that and people can finally train Hunter and get maxed!

I was with Stan last night, was testing the tile facing and safe to say that works a treat now, you don't move around funny anymore,

I won't go on, this has been a really good update for Grinderscape, safe to say I'm going to enjoy Grinderscape a lot more now with what's been content added /mini-games and working Zulrah and many more great things, thanks again to whom worked on this, much love as always,



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Awesome to see all the reported bugs being fixed. I'm sure a lot of players will enjoy that! 

Keep reporting the bugs so the Dev team can fix them! 

Loads of new content still to come! 


I'm excited for it.

Keep on going, everyone is doing great! 

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