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Lou Grinder

Retaliation fix, Blood altar, Blowpipe fixes [Part 2]

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Hey everyone,

This is the part 2 of the bug fixes from the earlier update thread released. This patch contains a lot of bug fixes.


Bugs and Fixes:

- Godwars spawn timers have been increased and optimized.

- Godwars defence and some other bosses have also been increased for greater challenge and difficulty.

- Added Saradomin's coif to the thieving stalls random rewards.

- Infernal axe now wields properly.


- Fixed godwars NPC's not retaliating sometimes.

- Added mithril platelegs (g) to crystal chest.

- Fixed an issue with Verac's armor.

- Fixed Lunar's staff equipping properly.

- Wilderness resource area furnace works properly for jewelry making.

- Fixed Giant mole light source issue.

- Fixed noted wyvern bones with the bank.

- Fixed duel arena poison bug.

- Dharok's effect buffed by 20%.


- A bug with Giant's mole causing it to be complete darkness all the time.

- NPC Pjing timer fixed.



- Fixed slow item pickup.

- Fixed K'ril tsaruth not retaliating.

- The buying limit of shops is restricted to a maximum quantity of 100 at a time.


- ::creationdate and ::timeplayed commands fixed.

- Abyssal Tentacle will now be dropped on death.

- You can no longer morph while in trade, duel, combat, or in the wilderness.

- Infernal cape now shows by name when it is broken.

- You can no longer attack or get attacked while being AFK from players.

- Gorak slayer teleport fixed.

- Void knight blood money repair reduced even more.

- Item equipping attack style glitch fixed.

- Rune sword/Firemaking skillcape equip stats requirements fixed.

- Magic shortbow special attack damage reduced, and accuracy is still high.


- Toxic blowpipe support added for dart loading and special attack.

- Implemented a new system for high alch:
* You can now alch your items for the same price as in the price checker divided by 3.
* You can now examine items to see their high alch values.
* Items with values of more than 3,000,000 cannot be alched.
* Dragon bones can be alched for 220,000 gp which is a good money making method for medium combat levels.


- Blood talisman item added:
* You can now rune craft blood runes.

- Added support for cleaning cloth:
* You can use it with colored whips or darkbows to clean the paint on them.
* You can purchase it for 3M from the general store.



- Tab to reply with interface open now works.

- Improved blocked word filter & applied it on pm/clan as well.

- Daily login base reward system implemented.

* New login rewards will be added very soon.

- The ecunemical key now works in god wars perfectly:
* It is used to enter the boss chamber without kill count requirement.


- Networking improvements, memory leak fixes. (Should fix server nulling if that was the reason.)



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Thanks for the updates all of this was needed! Glad we have a owner that truly cares about the server and its well-being keep up the great work Lou and the rest of the team! VEry excited to see where GS goes in the next months/year! ❤️

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