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Groovy's Gambling guide!


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***Always use an Official middle man/Staff member to avoid scams! Always record if possible!***

Blackjack (BJ)

In blackjack your goal is to get as close to 100 with out going over! 

After you place your bet on the host, the host will now roll. You can hit as many times as you want but you do not want to go over 100!

Let's say the host rolls a 32.

The host will ask you, hit or stay?

I would hit since i got a 32. 

The host then rolls a 64. 

64+32= 96 

You're close to 100, at this point you'd want to say "STAY" 

The host now has as many rolls as he/she needs to try to beat your 96 with out going over 100.

If the host goes over 100 he bust and you win! If you go over 100 you bust and you lose! 

Flower Poker (fp)

Flower poker is very similar to normal poker with the hands that you can get! 

Your goal in flower poker is to plant 5 mithril seeds and match as many colors as possible (get the best hand) If you plant a black or white or tie with each other then you both replant until someone wins!

Here are your possible hands you can get in order from worst to best! 


1 Pair 

2 Pair

3 Of a kind (oak)

Full house (3 of a kind and a pair) 

4 of a kind 

5 of a kind

Black or white = both players replanting!


Once you place your bet on your host he/she will then roll.

If the host rolls a 55 or lower he/she wins!

56 or higher you win!



Once 2 players agreed on a bet and have given their bets to a trusted middle man or staff member.

Both players will roll their dice, your goal is to roll higher than your opponent! 

First one to win 3 rolls first wins the pot! 





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Brilliant guide for new starters, well done👍

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Great guide for those who are new to dicing ! well done :D

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Nice tutorial, it'll be good for somebody who's new to gambling.

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