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New TARN GUIDE ON YOURUBE - A new Guides for grinder 2020 coming...

cora wayne

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Hi everybody, I’m a old player Cora Wayne. I will make a lot of guides about grinder because grinders videos are too old, i will make comunity in YouTube, 


guides for new players and old players


Please suscribe and like the video, and put in comments what guides need first, here’s is the link to TARN GUIDE 



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Imma throw out some constructive criticism, not saying it was bad but for you to understand what you can do next time for a different boss! 


- You shown how to get to the boss “Mutan Tarn”.

- You shown recommended gear and non recommended gear.

- You shown the recommended inventory and prayer and also prayer locking which I liked!

- Added decent music with the video which is always good.

- You shown the killcount that you need for a regular player and for donators.



- Grammar; make sure you double check your grammar and spelling before posting the video/ guide.

- The last 2:30 of the video was just a blank screen, which was very annoying to be honest.

- You should’ve right clicked on the NPC and show the drop table instead of killing it a few times.

Overall brother it’s not bad just for future reference try to considering these thing! Hope to see more videos !(:



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Yeah bro, I know all the bad things, I will be better in each video, thanks for coment🥰

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Hey Cora, i gotta say that i love that you make these guides. If you want i can throw in some help to get that little extra.

Please contact me if you need any help with editing etc with your guides.

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