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Jad & You: An Essential Guide to Your First Firecape!


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Okay, so if you're here for a guide on Joint Application Design, you're in the wrong thread -- you want the other forum down the hall on the left. If you're here for a guide on how to dominate the ugliest rock with legs you've ever seen in your life then you have in fact come to the correct place. This is going to be a fairly short guide seeing as Jad is, in reality, a very easy boss to fight. However, I have also seen a lot of players having trouble with him due to being unfamiliar with his mechanics (all 2 of them in this case) so this is mostly going to be an explanation of that. Overall, the fight is essentially just prayer flicking. Not that hard, but read on anyway.


Pre-Fight Setup

In my eyes the best, simplest, and easiest way to claim your first victory over this big boy is range. It's fast, reliable, keeps you out of melee range, lets you hurl sharp projectiles at inappropriately fast speeds... you can't lose. Obviously the most crucial of the aforementioned advantages is the distance. Keeping even a thin margin between yourself and Jad locks him out of his melee attack rotation because he's either too stupid or too lazy to move in on you. That being said, there are a plethora of options for ranged gear you can use. I've included two examples and of course excluded the optimal gear example because I'm poor and don't have good gear.

Your first option is pretty common. Some classic hide armor and a magic shortbow. Not too shabby, right? Solid range bonus, defence is okay, etc. If you've gotten thieving to like 70 you probably have at least one full set of this already as it's a fairly frequent "drop" from the stalls in Edgeville. As I'm posting this I am just now realizing I'm wearing a firecape already because I'm not a scrub and I spank Jad on the regular. Since you're reading this guide I will assume you DON'T have one already (unless you cheated and bought one) so you can replace this with an Ava's Accumulator. It's allegedly a global drop, just go farm rock crabs.

Also worth noting is that I did not display a gear option sans Robin + Ranger boots. It's pretty crucial and honestly if you're gonna do the range method I wouldn't go without them. It's like 30 or 40m for the set, and Cockatrices drop the boots every 5 minutes so it shouldn't be too difficult to get your hands on.


You also have the option to wave some benjamins around and grab yourself some gear you didn't pull out of a wooden kiosk. The next level up would be probably be Armadyl stuff. I don't know if Karils armor even works yet, but it's probably worse than Arma anyway. Chest and legs will run you about 150m.  Note the considerable buff in range and defence bonus. Yes, you do lose 1 point of prayer bonus -- a travesty, I know, but you can't have everything in life so... suck it up.  Here's how dumb you'll look:


Moving forward, your inventory is pretty important. This will vary notably depending on your hitpoints, prayer and range levels. If you're a pure you may need more prayer pots and less brews since he'll basically 1 shot you if you fuck up. If you're a high-level main you may need less prayer pots and more brews and consequently more restores. Maybe you don't want brews at all and you just fill your whole inventory up with prayer pots and sharks. Up to you, but I recommend a general setup such as the following, just to be safe:


The Actual Fight: Don't Mess Up

This is arguably the easiest part of getting your cape. Seriously, putting on your gear and loading your inventory is probably going to take more brainpower than this engagement as long as you don't mess up. If you have a foot fetish, you're going to love this fight because it's all about the feet. Here's what's going to go down: when he lifts his front two feet really high up in the air he's signalling to you very clearly that IT IS TIME FOR A MAGICAL ATTACK NOW. You really can't miss this shit, you'll be fine as long as you don't mess up. A big, red Haidouken is going to come flying at you from his... neck? Does he have a neck?... Anyway, when this happens just click on your protect mage prayer. Don't mess this part up. You have roughly 3 to 5 ticks (roughly 1.8 to 3 seconds) before it hit registration kicks in and kicks your ass. So even if you have garbage reflexes this should be plenty of time. Unless you mess up. The attack looks like this:


Okay, ready for this? He has ANOTHER ATTACK. I know, I can see you're overwhelmed but relax because this is literally his only other attack you have to worry about. Back to the feet. This one is a little different, instead of lifting his feet really high up in the air he's going to lift them just a little bit and quickly stomp them viciously on the ground. The animation for this is obviously a bit faster, and so, too, is the attack I think, but only marginally. You'll be fine if you don't mess up. Especially since you have two opportunities to flick back to protect range here. Firstly when his feet hit the ground, a red shock wave comes out from his... toes? Does he have toes? Anyway, if you're quick and you don't mess up you can just flick right here. You have roughly 2 to 4 ticks (roughly 1.2 to 2.4 seconds) I think. However, shit happens, like one of your four sisters running in and crying because she cut her finger on a large knife at work and... is it bleeding? Sort of. A band-aid? No, gauze is better. Clean it first, though. Yeah. Who? Hanna? Well, fuck her, you don't need any of that. Yeah, seriously. Oh shit, wait -- fuck, I messed up! Damn it, Sara! Here's what this will look like:


Kinda hard to see, right? Especially with Sara's finger blocking your retinas. Luckily for you, if mess this up, you get a second chance. A weird, circular aura is going to slam down on top of you from the... ceiling? Does it have a ceiling? Anyway, you can also flick to protect range while this thing is rushing down on your head. Just don't mess up and click the wrong thing under pressure. You have some weird amount of ticks to do this, I don't know. It looks like this:


Once you get this down, the fight is easy as all hell. It's just tedious because he has 1500 health for... some reason. So you just keep prayer flicking between the two, potting up or eating when you need to, and making sure you don't mess up. Seriously, one slip and you're as good as fucked. I'm sure you'll be fine, though.

The End

Okay, that's basically it. TL;DR: feet up is pray mage, feet stomp is pray range. If you actually read this whole piece of trash, my condolences to you and your brain for putting up with my erratic writing style and childish sense of humor. You should have a firecape before you know it, and maybe even that whack ass achievement for killing Jad like 100 times. Fuck that.


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Great guide man this is awesome :) Keep it up 

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I loved the combination of humour and details in this! Very good guide! Keep it up!

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Great guide man. Gives me something to read while I'm waiting for my shift to start.

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