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This forum is deprecated.

We’ve decided to deprecate the community forum starting August 29, 2022. We will keep all existing accounts, threads and comments, but no new registrations will be accepted after that date. Our initial intention was for this forum to be a place where the community could communicate and interact about all things from Grinderscape. However, over the years, most of the posts have amounted to Discord such as general chat, bug reports or feature requests, much resembling a more professional and advanced way of communicating. This has led to the following decision that our main focus will be on Discord for all of the server updates, bugs, support line, and more which will make it more active and worth looking at. This means less hassle to check forums and Discord as now you know everything will be on Discord.

Economy Redone | Void (t) | Graceful Outfit | Fletching Master | Bug fixes

Lou Grinder

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Bugs and Fixes:

- Stall bonus items reward is removed and replaced with a random amount of coins from 0 coins to 1 million capped.

- Elite clue scroll rewards will no longer give Twisted bow, Scythe, Twisted buckler, Santa's, Phat's, and other similar items that can be obtained from elsewhere.

- Regular mystery box is no longer available in the premium store except as a reward on purchases, voting store, and achievements. All the rewards have been
normalized to prevent any economy damages. The items that were unique are now spread into different stores.

- Dragon godsword can now be built using Dragon's tail on the Armadyl godsword which will provide 139 strength bonus instead of 132. However, it vanishes after being used in combat
for a certain period of time. NPC's no longer drop the item as it used to be.

- Dragon (g) set has been removed from NPC drops and players should either buy it ready made or use the ornament kits on dragon pieces.

- Caskets rewards has been optimized to match the economy changes and will be opened instantly without an interface.

- Skilling supplies rewards has been optimized to match the new economy changes.

- Leveling up your stats reward has been nerfed.

- All achievement rewards has been nerfed and optimized. Only regular game modes will receive those benefits.

- Character appearance cost to change your look has been nerfed.

- Barbarian will now teach how you how to crush vials for a cheaper price.

- The sailing price for Sailor Greg has been nerfed.

- The cost to repair barrows has been nerfed.

- Stall and pickpocket gold amounts has been reduced and each stall amount differs from the other.

- The entrance fee to the Wilderness Resource Area is nerfed.

- The cost of the gambler rank is now reduced massively.

- The rewards from Stronghold security has been nerfed.

- The starter setup kit has been optimized.

- Rewards from slaying bosses has been nerfed.

- Kamil is now hardened with stronger max hit, stats, and hit points.

- New players cannot trade, drop items, or duel with other players if their play time is less than an hour.

- Staff present and coins mystery boxes rewards has been nerfed.

- Boss contract system has been removed and the unique items are now in Slayer rewards store.

- The cost to repair broken items or imbuedables has been nerfed for most of the items.

- To match the new economy the gamble/stake tax has been reduced for currencies from 10 % to 2.5 % respectively. The zone is revamped.


- The cost of buying teleports from the ancient wizard has been massively reduced.

- High priest store revamp and Prayer Master store revamp with new bones added.

- The regular altar provides 25% bonus XP, Chaos altar 40% bonus XP, and Ectofuntus/Gilded altar provides 50% bonus XP.

- All bones experience now match OSRS except for Gilded bones (1kg).

- Armadyl hilts drop are now only available from God wars Armadyl chamber.

- Mutant tarn will now drop Ourg bones instead of Zogre bones as the Zogre bones experience is lower. This makes Slash bash and Mutant tarn
the best bosses to slay for very quick prayer experience.

- Skeletal hellhound no longer drops Superior dragon bones, yet its still good XP training for barrage, chins, and their bones/coins drop when used with a bonecrusher.

- King black dragon no longer drops the Dragon's tail and it is now dropped by Galvek.

- Corrupted armour gear is now only dropped by Galvek as a unique drop and it has been removed from other drops and stores.

- Third age is no longer dropped by bosses and it is only obtainable through clue scrolls.

- Eternal glory drop has been removed from Chaos elemental and Vorkath.

- Twisted bow, Rapier, Ely Sigil, Justiciar armor drop rates has been reduced by 35 % drop chance.

- Dragon hunter crossbow and Elder maul is no longer dropped by the Black knight titan. 

- Skill capes can now only be obtained from their skill master as they are unique for their bonus XP effects and perks.

- Graceful outfit can now be bought from Grace in the Barbarian outpost, and you can upgrade your outfit to a higher tier for a unique color and increased bonus experience when the full set is equipped. On the other hand, the Agility skill master can still assign you to task and with that you can make extra cash or exchange to Agility points which can be also used to increase your Marks of grace or buy the Agility skillcape which provides high experience boost. Graceful gear bonus Agility experience:

  • Regular: 25 % bonus XP
  • Arceeus: 30 % bonus XP
  • Piscarilius: 35 % bonus XP
  • Lovakengj: 40 % bonus XP
  • Shayzien: 42 % bonus XP
  • Hosidius: 45 % bonus XP
  • Great Kourend: 50 % bonus XP
  • Brimhaven: 55 % bonus XP
  • Hallowed: 60 % bonus XP
  • Trailblazer: 70 % bonus XP

Do not forget that Penance gloves, Boots of lightness, spotted capes, and Agility hood provide 5 % bonus XP, and Agility cape provides 20 % bonus.







- Fletching master has been added 'Hickton' which can be found in Catherby.



- You can now upgrade your void set to the trimmed version by speaking with Elite Void in Pest Control.









- Shops/Exchanges/Store complete revamp and overhaul:

Consumables Store:

The store will no longer sell cooked or raw fishes. This is to make the raw or cooked food have an in-game value. This will promote skilling for players who spend time fishing they can either cook the food to use it or sell it, or they can also sell it raw to other skillers. It will also improve the value of all items since you have to spend money or resources to fight bosses or PvP so its an overall activity that would help balance the economy as it is consumed.


Herblore store:

The store no longer sells unclean herbs and its secondary ingredients. Potions will have to be made by players which can be either self consumed or sold to other players.

Having those ready in store makes Herbloring skill very easy to train and makes all the herb drops/pickpocketing rendered useless. With this change when you get a drop of herbs it would have a value such as slaying Choas druids or other monsters. It will also help balance the economy and create more diversity as skillers can also profit when making the potions. This will also have an effect on PvP/PvM as you will be limited on resources so you have to use it wisely and it has a value instead of being a worthless item in game.


Crafting store:

All the uncut gems have been removed except for the beginner's one, and all the other hides, dragonskins and more are also removed. The skill was extremely easy to level up all you had to do is buy the gems and cut them while being AFK most of the time. Many players got uncut gems, dragonhide drops and no one ever picked it up because it had no value and this meant intermediate level accounts could not profit at all until they are nearly maxed to slay the hard bosses, and with the future new XP game modes this will make it impossible. However, with this new change now intermediate Pvmers could profit from the skin by selling it or even using it to train their skills and be able to craft gears such as Black d'hide, Xerician robes and much more which will increase diversity in the economy and balance it overall.


Voting store:

New items and changes applied with minor price changes.


High priest store and Prayer Master store:

New items and complete revamp.


Farming store:

Will no longer provide seeds. There are many ways you can farm seeds such as Master farmer or many other NPC's.


Skilling points exchange:

New items and changes.


Slayer rewards store:

Slayer skillcape is now added, and some items has been removed and the store is optimized overall.


Other: Rune arrows, Runite bolts, Magic shortbow, and similar items has been removed from the free stores. Those items are resources and should be either crafted such as the arrows and bolts
and the other equipment can be either obtained by PvP or by PvM which is by slaying monsters. Since those items are no longer available for free, it will create increased diversity in the economy
as players would be interested to buy or sell these and also benefit skillers to can create ammunition in bulk which could be a good profit. Mystic gear was basically worthless as players
would buy it and go PvP and when you defeat a player with this gear you don't pick up anything. However, with this change the gear now does reflect a value which will increase over time
and it will also be bought and sold in-game and will increase its value whenever you get it as a drop from either PvP or PvM.


Magic store:

Runes are no longer available available including the Mystic and Ghostly gear. The god capes and staffs can now be obtained in the Mage Arena minigame by defeating the boss and the staffs can be obtained by slaying Battle wizards. Magical runes can be runecrafted and this is why we have support for all altars including the Ourania altar.

Players will be buying and selling runes which will be a significnat improvement on the game economy and its diversity.


PvP Store: The blood currency store finally has a great value in-game. Blood money is NO LONGER TRADEABLE. This is a significant change for the following reasons:

1. The Blood money obtainable resources has been limited to most activites which used to reward bm in the past such as:(Slayer tasks, Participation points, Skilling points, Minigames, Daily login reward, and many more) will no longer reward you with bm. The best way to earn it is either throughPvM by slaying Wilderness bosses which will also boost PvP, or by defeating other players in The Wilderness which will reward you with bm and even coins. Some exchanges such as the Agility Ticket exchange and Voting Ticket Exchange can exchange your currencies for some Blood money.


2. In the future when we have the Pure and Master game modes which as PvP game modes it will be vital for them to quickly start PKing and if the Blood money had no value it nor the items it would basically mean no one would be interested in that. However, with every item now has a value such as Mystic, Food, Potions, Dragon scimitar, Magic short bow, Rune crossbow, Ammunition and many more it would be worth spending time killing other players which will also reward you with Blood money. Some items which were only obtainable by one resource such as Dragon claws and Barrows gear can now be obtained from the PvP store and since Blood money is no longer tradeable it would have no effect on the economy as it would only benefit players who basically PvP all the time such as the Pure and Master game modes and those players would not be interested in playing Barrows Minigame to get the gear so this is a great incentive as they would be able to purchase most of the gear purely by PKing without having a big effect on the economy. Blood money will also be useful for them when they obtain the Void knight gear through Pest control and in case it breaks in the Wilderness they will have to repair it with Blood money and that costs quite a lot. Players who defeated a player with void will get 50% of the repair cost dropped as Blood money which is also still beneficial. Certain items can also be upgraded such as Berserker ring to Berserker ring (i) which will also require Blood money in order to repair it. Items in the store such as potions or ammunitions are very expensive but still available for those who need it urgently while its much better and cheaper to buy it off players, but again some PvPers are very rich in Blood money and they wouldn't want to spend time buying ammo or potions so that is why they are in the store but for a hefty price only for those who REALLY need it.


3. There are many other items that PKers will still need to obtain which will make the server entertaining such as Void knight gear from Pest control, Defenders and Torso from Warriors guild, Fire cape from Fight caves, and Infernal cape from Inferno (coming soon). For players who want the assembler they would have to slay Vorakth and since its instanced no players would have any troubles on that.


Note to all the resources:

In our game we have a teleport to almost any skilling area and our members area's are filled with trees, fishing spots, and much more which means we would not have any problems as there are tons of places which you can obtain those resources and some member's area provide hot spots that are close to the bank which makes this even easier. Skilling tasks would also make more sense now. The game is now much more entertaining with new features coming into play such as the Master farmer for seeds. Slaying NPC's for herbs. Regular items have a value.

Skilling does make sense now such as Fishing, Cooking, Crafting, Fletching arrows, and more. Fire cape is no longer tradeable and you have to farm it which also applies to Defenders, Torso, Void Knight gear, Assembler, Salve amulets, and many more.


Economy changes:

All items that were store obtained have their amounts reduced to match the new economy. Those are the items that players did not work for to get and was simply rewarded via tasks or Voting
mystery boxes. This includes items such as Bow strings, Feather, Uncuts, Herbs, Seeds, Raw food, Cooked food, Super potions, Runes, and other similar
items. Since those items now have an in-game value and can be traded between players it is fair to have them reduced. Furthermore, this has a great effect on the economy and to not have huge price fluctuations we have reduced a few items/currencies amount by 20-50% and even more for resources, so their value retains in the new economy and this means:

Those items above had almost no value in the past and with this change they now have a value. For example if whip used to cost 30m in the past and literally no one buys it now it will cost 15m and with the new economy changes players would be interested in buying it as it is harder to get. Dragon scimitar had 0 value and now it must have at least a little value after this change. Similarly items that used to cost 5b for example Twisted bow, you still retain the same amounts of Twisted bow but now each one costs 2.5b so this does not change anything. If your money could buy 5 infernal capes in the past, you can now still buy 5 infernal capes but their overall cost is reduced and so is the coins amount.
You can think of it just as the currency price changes and all the store prices also change and you remain unaffected. Remember that the cost of almost everything that had to do with coins is now reduced by at least 3-7x which means you coins do value more in game.


List of items that were effected: (Includes all resources listed above such as seeds, herbs..etc)
Please note that expensive items such as rapier and t bows were not touched and now they even value more as a bonus for having them.

  1. Abyssal's whip
  2. Dragon whip
  3. Dragon godsword
  4. Amulet of fury
  5. Amulet of eternal glory
  6. Dragon boots
  7. Magic shortbow
  8. Dark bow
  9. Void gear
  10. Rune crossbow
  11. Granite mual
  12. Barrows gloves
  13. Primo boots
  14. Bandos set
  15. Armadyl set
  16. Pegasian boots
  17. Eternal boots
  18. Dragon axe
  19. Dragon pickaxe
  20. Rune axe
  21. Rune pickaxe
  22. Ancient staff
  23. Revenant (u) uncharged items
  24. Blood money
  25. Dragon scimitar
  26. Helm of netiznot
  27. Dragonfire shiled
  28. Dragonfire ward
  29. Ancient wyvern shield
  30. Coins
  31. Platinum tokens
  32. Rune arrows
  33. Dragon arrows
  34. Runite bolts
  35. 3rd age items
  36. Corrupted set
  37. Armadyl godsword
  38. Bandos godsword
  39. Saradomin godsword
  40. Sprit shields (their value was way too down)
  41. Dragon claws

Note: A new client version 7.23 or higher is required to play. Make sure you have the latest version.

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So are people refunded over paypal for things they brought from the donator store with real cash, that is now removed from their bank/account?

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server was going downhill, this just put it in a crypt. goodbye player base and bye server!

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Great job Lou!!! Thank you for yet another great update! People may be upset now but once they realize that this is the best for the economy, they'll be good. Many others and I really appreciate the countless hours of work and time you put into doing all of this along wtih everything else you've done ni the past. Really excited for this new economy to get rolling! :D

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On 1/19/2022 at 5:16 PM, Twisted Void said:

So are people refunded over paypal for things they brought from the donator store with real cash, that is now removed from their bank/account?

Over 2 weeks and no response to this question? I'm quite curious.. as I have donated quite the amount of IRL money and have lost more than half my bank.


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