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Prayer Guide


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Okay guys as the old guide was missing some information/outdated, I thought it might be a good idea to redo and update the bones to experience guide for anyone looking to calculate their prayer costs.

So there is 2 main places you can do this:



The First being in wild resource area at lvl 54, found under the skilling teleport tab, has a Chaos alter to lay bones on, boasting the same experience as the one in the donator zone and inevitably the best prayer experience for the small risk you take.


Experience / Bones to 99:

Bones - 696xp / 18,727 Bones,

Big Bones - 1,479xp / 8,814 Bones,

Dragon/Wyvern Bones - 7,308xp / 1,784 Bones,

Fayrg Bones - 8,526xp / 1,529 Bones,

Dagganoth Bones - 12,615xp / 1,033 Bones,

Lava Dragon Bones - 14,181xp / 920 Bones,

Zogre/Ourg Bones - 37,845xp / 344 Bones,

Superior Dragon Bones - 43,326xp / 301 Bones,

Long Bones/Curved Bones - 60,900xp / 215 Bones.



The second being the Magical alter at home, located just North of the Bank, for those not wanting to take any risk whilst training Prayer, however at a reduced experience rate.


Experience / Bones to 99:

Bones - 464xp / 28,092 Bones,

Big Bones - 986xp / 13,220 Bones,

Dragon/Wyvern Bones - 4,872xp / 2,676 Bones,

Fayrg Bones - 5,684xp / 2,294 Bones,

Dagganoth Bones - 8,410xp / 1,550 Bones,

Lava Dragon Bones - 9,454xp / 1,379 Bones,

Zogre/Ourg Bones - 25,230xp / 517 Bones,

Superior Dragon Bones - 28,884xp / 452 Bones,

Long Bones/Curved Bones - 40,600xp / 322 Bones.


So just to conclude, as you can see for yourself, it is a considerable amount faster to finish this task up at the wild Chaos alter! For the small risk you take (considering there is a bank in the area), is safe to say it's worth the time and money saved for an easy 99.

Hope this guide helps those looking to reach their goal off 99 Prayer!



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