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This forum is deprecated.

We’ve decided to deprecate the community forum starting August 29, 2022. We will keep all existing accounts, threads and comments, but no new registrations will be accepted after that date. Our initial intention was for this forum to be a place where the community could communicate and interact about all things from Grinderscape. However, over the years, most of the posts have amounted to Discord such as general chat, bug reports or feature requests, much resembling a more professional and advanced way of communicating. This has led to the following decision that our main focus will be on Discord for all of the server updates, bugs, support line, and more which will make it more active and worth looking at. This means less hassle to check forums and Discord as now you know everything will be on Discord.

In-game Help Tab Breakdown (Quest Tab)


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Hello Grinderscapers and welcome to this small but detailed guide on the help tab (the Quest tab) within the in-game tab interface. Enjoy! 

Tab 1 Breakdown (Help Desk).
Tab 2 Breakdown (Achievements)
Tab 3 Breakdown (Activities)
Tab 4 Breakdown (Doner Tab)
Tab 5 Breakdown (Staff Tab)
Tab 6 Breakdown (Information)

During this guide i will be breaking down each section and each sub-section within the Help tab (Quest Tab) within the in-game tab interface. It will be broken down in to 6 main sections with each section being broken down even further to give you best explanation of what this tab and its functions are. below is what this tab looks like when you first click on it.


971319623_firstsec.png.f54763ce468f28d1d098c4a1d89a9c0a.png      Tab 1 Breakdown (Help Desk).      2031732107_firstsec.png.54c793c25419ceee5081359344c7f500.png

Vote: Opens up a browser to the voting page.
Donate: Opens up a browser to the donations page
Redeem: Gives you the option to redeem you votes or donation.


Drop table: Allows you to view the drop table of a specific NPC.
Rules: Opens up a browser to the "Rules" thread on the forums.
Skilling Task: Tells you your current skilling task.
Password Changer: Allows you to change your password.


Rank Chooser: Opens up a window to choose which rank you wish to use next to your name.
Yell Customize: Opens up a window to customize your "Yell" title.
Hi-scores: Opens up a browser to the Hi-scores page.
NPC Kill Tracker: Currently has no function.
Remove Bankpin: Currently has no function.
Add Security Email: Currently has no function.


Discord: Opens up a Browser to the servers Discord chat
Facebook: Opens up a browser to the servers official Facebook page
Twitter: Opens up a browser to the servers official twitter page.
YouTube: Opens up a browser to the servers YouTube page (Last updated in 2016).


Commands: Opens up a window listing all the commands currently in-game.
Guides: Opens up a browser to the servers wiki page (Guides Section).

Staff Online;
Staff List: Opens up a window listing all staff currently online.
Server Supporter: Tells you the number of Server Supporters currently online.
Moderator: Tells you the number of Moderators currently online.
Global Moderator: Tells you the number of Global Moderators currently online.
Administrator: Tells you the number of Administrators currently online.
Co Owner: Tells you the number of Co-Owners currently online.
Owner: Tells you the number of Owners currently online.
Developer: Tells you the number of Developers currently online.

270574975_tabsec2.png.83aa534c78058667e82415b755544f4b.png      Tab 2 Breakdown (Achievements)      539003612_tabsec2.png.88512177527126edaf722dfdb108ab34.png

Need Food: Steal from the Bakery stall 100 times.
Easy Kill: Kill one player in the Wilderness.
Sad Death: Die in the Wilderness.
Jad Hunter: Defeat Jad.
Monster Killer: Kill any 50 Monsters.


Need Fur: Steal from the Fur Stall 250 times.
Killing Them: Kill 50 players in the Wilderness.
Chop Chop: Chop 100 normal tree.
Ez Jad: Kill Jad 5 times.
Monster Murderer: Kill any 250 Monsters.


Need Gem: Steal from the Gem Stall 500 times.
Clearing Them: Kill 250 players in the Wilderness.
Chopping Away: Chop 200 Willow trees.
Jad Head: Kill Jad 10 times.
Monster Passion: Kill any 1,000 Monsters.


Sip Some Team: Steal from the Tea Stall 1,000 times.
The Chosen One: Kill 500 players in the Wilderness.
Axe Does It: Chops 250 Magic trees.
Jad Stinks:  Kill Jad 25 times.
Monster Obliterator: Kill any 1,00 Monsters.


Prepare For War: Steal from the scimitar stall 1,000 times.
The Saviour: kill 750 players in the Wilderness.
Trees Are Life: Chop 2,000 Magic trees.
Jad Is Dead: Kill Jad 100 times.
I Did It My Self: Kill any 10,000 Monsters.

517478557_tabsec3.png.1f93bc9789f20a7753b0586640e799dc.png      Tab 3 Breakdown (Activities)      1159523745_tabsec3.png.c9139128a65d1205e1c766ed39d6be63.png

Next game: Shows the next game.
Time Left: Time left till next game.
Player(s) Waiting: Amount of players waiting till the next game
Potential Pot: Potential prize pot for the next game.

Wilderness Boss Spawn;
Time Left: Shows the time remaining till the next Wilderness boss spawn.
Location: Location of the next Wilderness boss spawn.

Duel Arena: Shows the amount of players currently at the Duel Arena.

Home Area: Shows the amount of players currently at the Home Area.
Wilderness: Shows the amount of players currently in the Wilderness.
Green Dragons: Shows the amount of players currently at Green Dragons.
Revenants Cave: Shows the amount of players currently in the Revenants Cave.
Dicing Area: Shows the amount of players currently at the Dicing Area.

1407888111_tabsec4.png.94950a2d80a0c3f8adb74d58f3ab374c.png      Tab 4 Breakdown (Doner Tab)      1781919277_tabsec4.png.561e63286d54916b00fd2f07e5ae1c43.png
Rank: Shows the rank of your donation status.
Amount Donated: Shows the amount you have donated towards the server
Donator's features: Opens up a window with all the features and benefits from donating.

Donator Zone: Teleports you to the Donator Zone and shows the amount of players currently at the Donator Zone.

821922664_tabsec5.png.86814f2cbb99f98f3d7a2e6fa1d07adc.png      Tab 5 Breakdown (Staff Tab)      63706349_tabsec5.png.c3db769f721b03a4fd1fcae866c56439.png

This tab is for the use of staff only and can only be accessed by staff member.

1760340982_tabsec6.png.eaf77e9e86d459ee0ed63c1f614f6b6a.png      Tab 6 Breakdown (Information)      1420652023_tabsec6.png.9178f5b4079a8ffb882844251e68b760.png

Player(s) Online: Displays the number of players currently online.
Online Time: Displays the time since the servers been online.

Player Killing;
Total BM: Displays your total BM.
Kills: Displays your total kills.
Deaths: Displays your total deaths.
KDR: Displays your Kill-Death Ratio. 
Killstreak: Displays your current killstreak.
Highest Killstreak: Displays your highest killstreak.


Voting points: Displays your current voting points.
Streak: Displays your voting streak.
Streak Penalty: Displays your voting streak penalty.


Premium: Displays your current Premium points. 
Participation: Displays your current participation points.
Slayer: Displays your current slayer points.
Slayer Streak: Displays your current slayer streak.
Yell: Displays your current yell tokens (unlimited if your a donator).
Skilling: Displays your current skilling points.
Boss Contract: Displays your current Boss Contract points.
Bonus skill: Displays the current Bonus in-game skill xp boost.
XP Lock: Displays if your xp is locked or unlocked.
Multiply Combat XP Drops: Displays if your combat xp is multiplied or not.
Join Date: Displays your join date. (click on it to give the day your account was created).
Server Time: Displays the Server time zone.

Note: this guide will be updated as and when its needed as some of the functions are not working as intended or if future information is added.



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