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  1. Shark Black

    vet'ion boss keep mele prayer on vs this boss Vet'ion primarily uses a melee that can target players up to three tiles away from him. He also frequently uses an unblockable but avoidable magical attack that launches three lightning bolts, one at the targeted player and two randomly somewhere nearby. Lastly, he may smash his scimitar on the ground, causing an earthquake which deals up to 45 damage on all players within 6 tiles of him, though it's possible for the attack to deal no damage. He's fought similarly to the Kalphite Queen in which he has two forms, a "normal" and "reborn" form. When he reaches half health in his first form for the first time, he summons two level 214 Skeleton Hellhounds that attack with powerful melee, and must be killed as they grant him complete damage immunity while alive. In the second form, they become level 281 Greater Skeleton Hellhounds that are even stronger and must also be killed best of luck on drop,good luck..thanks
  2. Shark Black

    ice queen boss keep magic prayer on vs him and keep you hp 70s+ the best to kill him is ranged best of luck on the drop, good luck..thanks
  3. Shark Black

    black knight titan boss you need keep magic prayer on vs him,, you also can mele/range him best of luck on drop,,good luck.. thanks
  4. Shark Black

    cerberus boss keep magic prayer on vs him, you can fight this boss with mele/range best of luck on drop, good luck...thanks
  5. Shark Black

    mutant tarn boss keep on ranged prayer vs him... and keep runing from him special attack,,, keep your hp 60/70s the gear you need to kill mutant tarn food and poting you need best of luck on the drop, good luck
  6. Shark Black

    you need to on mele prayer vs this boss Minimum vs Recommended Stats 85 Combat 105+ Combat 60 Hitpoints 90+ Hitpoints 70 Strength 90+ Strength 70 Attack 90+ Attack 70 Defence 90+ Defence Equipment Weapon: Verac's flail Helm: Verac's helm Neck: fury/tort amulet/eternal Amulet of glory Torso: Verac's brassard Legs: Verac's plateskirt Boots: Rune boots/dragon boots/prim boots Cape: infero cape/fire cape Shield: none Gloves: Barrows gloves/feros gloves u need to keep you'r hp 60+
  7. Shark Black

    really good thread good job you did mate..thanks
  8. i see u all time try help people and you trusted players good luck on your application
  9. best of luck on your application
  10. i see you alot time in-game good luck on your application
  11. Shark Black

    thanks for everything mate. sad to see you go good luck with you doing
  12. i see alot time in game and helps players good luck with it
  13. Shark Black

    congrats man, good job time to maxed xp? 250m xp in every skilling?
  14. good job lou thanks alot really a great update
  15. good luck but u need to play more time to players/mm/staff remember you
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