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    This staff feedback aims to point out some of the issues I've encountered with the staff member, Daxx, who currently is a server support/staff support ingame but often acts like he run's the town of Grinderscape. I am hoping this feedback will allow him to see the error of his ways. I personally have only had bad experiences when dealing with this staff member and to me that's quite troubling. 1. I will start off with one of my first interactions with the player Daxx: I was speaking to Daxx in regards to a few issues with him as a "co-owner". I told him this would never happen. Since I disagreed with him and he was unable to handle the criticism, I was promptly muted for absolutely no reason whatsoever. I confronted Daxx in regards to this statement: I think as a staff member, you should be humble and helpful. This statement provides absolutely no loyalty to the current staff and suggests that Daxx is selfish in his reasons. 2. I've noticed that Daxx likes to afk on his account ingame a lot leading to multiple issues being unresolved. This also means that when other staff handle an issue, he will then chase the problem further after it has been resolved. Recently I was involved in an issue with a threatening player on the server. Multiple staff members assisted me in dealing with the issue. However, soon after Daxx became aware of the issue, I started getting PMs from him in regards to the issue once again. Him starting it up again without any valid reason, without talking to the other staff members. All for the simple reason of "I wasn't aware" I told him multiple times that this issue was already handled by other staff members yet he continued to press the issue and refused to consolidate. 3. Daxx says he is active at resolving players yet I see him logged in "Afk" for 20+ hours at a time. Out of all the staff members, Daxx has never once helped resolve a single issue. Even Soccerlove is more active than he is and that's honestly saying a LOT. 4. The issue with the duped Tbows. No one will ever know for certain if they got ::empty but there are ideas that Daxx sold these for BM or such. Conclusion: Daxx is not a good staff member and should stick to playing the game.
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    Welcome back
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    loool @Soccerlove anyways, nice to see you bossed
  4. Eventually they will add new bosses and stuff, just be patient
  5. Race to rank 1 soon? :4_joy:

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      Hello Rene, how are you doing?

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      Ready to give you many headaches Ron ❤️ 

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    I was briefly an Admin during the 2009-2010 period. So ex-staff would be appreciated, along with I believe Green Phat donator rank. Rashed already gave me respected/veteran rank earlier this week. It's not a big issue but it would be nice to have the ranks back again Thanks!
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    Your favorite boy Skillofdoom is back once again.
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