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  1. Magnata

    I loved the old school n xmas theme, my vote goes for Alex. Good luck to everyone.
  2. Awesome update, great job guys.
  3. Magnata

    Hello Zod, Hope you enjoy. gif:
  4. Magnata

    Congratulations mate!
  5. Discord name(s): Psychodual / Tag: Magnata#3442 Timezone: GMT -3 Will you be active on the Discord's team?: Yes, I just do not talk much in the chat at the moment because he is half dead. Do you have prior experience moderating on Discord's/Forums?: No, but, I learned a lot by seeing others, seeing on them, I was able to get a logical notion. Why do you deserve to be in the Discord's team?: I spend most of my time looking at the server discord, to see if anyone is in need of help, or is in any doubt, I usually deserve it because I spend most of the time in the discord, even more in the server discord, and because it's something I really enjoy doing. What do you expect to get out of joining the Discord's team?: Help members with my knowledge, suggesting more things to the discord, not only to the discord, but also to the forum and to the game, and to obtain more knowledge. Thanks for reading my application.
  6. Magnata

    Hello, Thanks mate, I've made a signature for you, Hope you like. I wanted to do my best, but my pc didn't helped me, my pc was very slow, but next time, I'll make a better work for you.
  7. Magnata

    Download the most recently client, https://www.grinderscape.org/download Check if it's the right password/login you're putting on, It's possible, when you made the account, you miss clicked/forgot to add a letter/number. If it still not working, Contact an Administrator through pm on discord or forums.
  8. Magnata

    Welcome back to Grinderscape, Brandon.
  9. Magnata

    Hello everyone, My name is Magnata, inside the game 'Psychodual', I do not have much to talk, I play Grinderscape since 2012, I would also like to say that it's great to be back in the community, and to see that it is growing again, Lou and Isaac giving its best for Grinderscape to become great again. I have made several signatures since I started, in 2015, and I have always been improving, and always trying to do my best in every work done, below you can see some of my old works. If any of you are needing a new signature, feel free to pm me. Hope see you all in-game.
  10. Magnata

    Great job Lou.
  11. Magnata

    Congratulations man!
  12. Magnata

    Congrats man!
  13. Magnata

    @Lou Grinder @Icarly65
  14. Magnata

    3 years old forum account btw Start trouble for the 3rd time?? what you talkin bout
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