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  1. Daganothking

    1 more from me.. should we remove bank limit? since there are many item we can steal from misc. store from thieving and what if someone wanna make a beautiful bank with them with nicely organised but don't have enough bank space for it? but just a suggestion from me if sound good add it in your suggestion too @Donnie so it won't left out of the list -Daganothking
  2. Something went up on my mind when i was trying to max my account. Why don't we announce when people are max but not just normal announcement as we have... We can do it like this: "Player Daganothking is player 26th who gotten max on their account" "Player XX is player Xth who gotten max on their account" The place can be depending on Highscore we got or with the pass record like who really are the 1st and 2nd. Also we can add like a option on help desk or whatever tab or for donators only to which is named "max" so when player click's on it they can show it to other player what are their places on max list. Well, just my opinion if you guys doesn't understand what i say,comment down below i try answer as it might be confusing haha. -Daganothking
  3. Daganothking

    I see no point of adding run energy draining system in a RSPS. But overall it's a great update and a lot of fixes. Naise
  4. Damm nice updates! Keep it up man! Exam just ended and 2 big updates just strike in
  5. Daganothking

    Good luck and keep it up on the work! Looking forward to see upcomming event and upload it to the youtube channel.
  6. Daganothking

    Congratz on the rank! Good luck Keep it up! Totally deserve it.
  7. Daganothking

    Nice! Cant wait until huge updates release and thanks for all those bugs fix
  8. Daganothking

    Congratz man
  9. Daganothking

    Straight to the point. Agree.
  10. Daganothking

    Ye support it. But first,lets fix those bug first then only add new things.
  11. Daganothking

    1st Nice update!! Loves how it got organised with the stall and neat looking home with all stalls. And a new bosses and MAX cape. Thanks for all the hardwork
  12. Daganothking

  13. Daganothking

    Nice list there GL
  14. Daganothking

    Requesting rank:Reg Donator Primary rank(Yes/No) :Veteran Proof:
  15. Daganothking

    Wow.... lol i am speechless.
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