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  1. Damm nice updates! Keep it up man! Exam just ended and 2 big updates just strike in
  2. Daganothking

    Good luck and keep it up on the work! Looking forward to see upcomming event and upload it to the youtube channel.
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    Congratz on the rank! Good luck Keep it up! Totally deserve it.
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    Nice! Cant wait until huge updates release and thanks for all those bugs fix
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    Congratz man
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    Straight to the point. Agree.
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    Ye support it. But first,lets fix those bug first then only add new things.
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    1st Nice update!! Loves how it got organised with the stall and neat looking home with all stalls. And a new bosses and MAX cape. Thanks for all the hardwork
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    Nice list there GL
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    Requesting rank:Reg Donator Primary rank(Yes/No) :Veteran Proof:
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    Wow.... lol i am speechless.
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    Welcome back!
  14. 4 things that maybe someone suggested it but i'll do it again. 1.add one more right click option on bank,buying,selling which have the amount we last withdraw with the X option.(Old guys know it rite?) Example: I withdraw 13 uncut sapphire for the first time using the Withdraw-X option. Then when i done crafting it i right click my uncut sapphire in bank which the right click box have 1 more Withdraw-13 uncut sapphire instead of those 1,5,10,all,X option so we don't need to keep typing 13 or just doing 10. 2.Drop table option when we want to check drop table by right clicking the monster and choose the view drop table option,we(our player) will run towards it and if we are facing agro monster they will attack us which auto close the drop table box. So is it possible that we make it that we can view it without going in front to them,cause i find this annoying sometimes although there is full detail on wiki. 3.Drop table option from Help Desk-Information bar(Drop Table) Can we make it capital letter or small letter work the same,at first i thought it was broke as i typed Red Dragon Reddragon Red dragon,all these aren't working until i typed red dragon.This might confused new player and i know that drop table is available at wiki but adding this to game just make it better 4.Drop table monster's size Some monster are too big in the drop table box which block the vision on the drop rate such as lesser demon which i had said during beta. It's not impossible to see it but you need to wait until they turn around until a point where u can see it. Make it smaller so we got a clear vision to it and it makes it more neat. That's all from me. Feel free comment about your Thoughts! Enjoy Grinderscape! -Daganothking
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    Nothing much to say,Keep it this way. Congrats Man! Good luck with your new position.