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  1. What keelow says have seen you much and never saw you doing dice things but goodluck on app
  2. Dreamzz

    Nice guide mate this will help alot of new players
  3. Very nice update brother! thanks for this and thanks for the dev team lou and the w2 testers! goodjob
  4. Dreamzz

    Welcome to the server
  5. Dreamzz

    Nice! goodluck on it and have fun.
  6. i don't think your ready for it. but gl with app
  7. Dreamzz

    Nice goodluck to everyone that enters
  8. Dreamzz

    idk.. looking dope forsure but idk
  9. Dreamzz

    indeed where are the divine players in the screenies? don't see them
  10. never seen you doing any dice at dice but goodluck on the app
  11. Dreamzz

    mad since you don't get any rank?... anyways gratzz on the rank
  12. Dreamzz

  13. Dreamzz

    sad to see you go so soon but i wish you all of the luck
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