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  1. Nice update mate keep the goodwork up
  2. Ragnar

    Sad to see you go Boie we will stay in touch boie
  3. Ragnar

    not bad nuba
  4. Ragnar

    Gratzz man and welcome to the staff team
  5. Ragnar

    Welcome back Zod.
  6. Ragnar

    I'm back at the grind after a break and the holidays im 100% motivated again to pickup where i left soo see ya all ingame
  7. Ragnar

    Welcome back mah dude
  8. Ragnar

    Congrats to everyone :)
  9. Yeah would be nice to see you in the MM team +1 from me goodluck on the app
  10. Ragnar

    Congratz to shark
  11. I would love to see Mikey in the MM team goodluck brother remember kneel for Zod
  12. Ragnar

    Sad to see you go old friend Thanks for everything you have done for me Zod take care brother in Reallife Before you go you should buy my Q cape for 600b like you did in 2009
  13. Ragnar

    Welcome back enjoy your stay
  14. Ragnar

    Congratz Flower enjoy your time in-game
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