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  1. goodluck nice guy! +1 from me
  2. Groovy

    In my honest opinion @Btartaros is the nicest, most humble person in this server! Every time i log in i know it isn't much anymore but every time i log in @Btartaros is always there helping in the cc! He has helped with every giveaway i've done! I wanted to take the time out of my day and just say thank you sweet tart for everything you do for the server! Keep up the good work! Stay groovy babes!
  3. Groovy


    Hope to see you around in osrs and on discord! take care! irl always comes first especially in these challenging times! Take care nayeon! love ya bud!
  4. Groovy

    this is sick i like it!
  5. Groovy

    i actually like that idea! Let's see if @Btartaros and maybe someone else will help me out.
  6. Groovy

    scavenger huynt would be cool havent seen that before.
  7. Groovy

    that is a good idea, but i feel would take to long for a give away! I could maybe set up another give away for that.
  8. Hope your good work continues! Keep staying active keep being helpful! Stay groovy! Good luck with your application!
  9. Groovy

    thank you for the heart warming message!
  10. Groovy

    WEEKLY GIVEAWAYS! COUNTDOWN TIMER LINK! https://countingdownto.com/?c=2971606 I have made a account with the name "GIVEAWAYS" I will be using it to do Weekly Giveaways every FRIDAY! If you feel like donating any items towards the drop parties/hide n seeks etc. Feel free to pm me in game @Groovy or pm me on discord Groovy#5769 You can also pm @Btartaros in game or on discord to add to the giveaway! Everything given to this account will be given away every FRIDAY! I will personally add 5b+ to the give away every week for as long as i can! DO NOT FEEL THE NEED TO GIVE ITEMS TO IT! IT'S COMPLETELY IF YOU WANT TO! This Week's give away so far! Thank you for everyone who showed up for the first Give away! 20/03/2020 Breaking records with this one boys! 270 players online! 15/05/2020! SPECIAL THANKS TO THE EXTRA DONATORS @cemm19 Thank you for the donations the last 2 weeks! Ludofia - thanks for everything you gave! Twisted bow- we appreciate it!
  11. Groovy

    This has some of the best changes in it i've seen in a minute!
  12. Personally I haven’t seen you to much, good luck with your application.
  13. To be honest, I’m impressed that you put thought into your application instead of a very short answer to the questions like most seem to do. Good luck with your application!
  14. I'm going to be making videos of loot from 1k of each mystery box on world 2. What Mystery Box would you want to see? Loot From 100 mystery boxes!
  15. Groovy

    super dope bro
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