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  1. I'm going to resign for now, as i just can't find anything enjoyable in this server lately. I may return one day if the server gets fixed. Farewell it was fun! Wish everyone the best! If you want to add me on osrs i'll probably be on (Groovy Fe) or if you want to add me on discord to keep in touch add me on discord Groovy #5769 Remember to stay Groovy
  2. Groovy

    have 60 tokens to trade
  3. Groovy

    nice suggestions
  4. Groovy

  5. Tbh, I don't think you're ready just yet! Stay activate and keep grinding! Good luck man!
  6. Groovy

    Thinking about putting together a YouTube channel for this server. What would be things y’all would like to see? Bossing, Ironman progress, gambling, PKing, top 5s or top 10 countdowns etc. Give me some ideas what y’all would like to see added! I think I’m going to start streaming this server on YouTube as well.
  7. Groovy

    Just let me know Blake. I can sell you as much as you need. I have 2 tbows on my main and 50m cash. If you need more I can sell one of my tbows
  8. Very short application. You seem like a good guy, I've seen you around a couple times. If you don't get this time around keep your head up stay positive and keep grinding! Good luck with this application!
  9. Groovy

    I'd like to see the ::bank feature added to extreme donators maybe even a few more benefits such as a extreme donator zone. To be honest there isn't that many benefits vs a 50$ donation and a 250$ donation. Would like to see justicar fixed, It's horrible now after the recent nerf to it. Justicar is meant to be the tankiest armor in the game. Right now most everything is better than it. I'd love to see player owned shops or some form of GE added, Somewhere where we can sell items with out spamming at ::home and the help cc. This would fix a lot of arguments about prices. Fix the farming, it's not enjoyable at all. Very click intensive and very slow! I would like to see Customs added, that you can only donate 100$ or 200$ for, Such as the Attacker, Collector, Healer, Defender From barbarian assault. Unique Items that you can only get by donating 100+ for!
  10. Groovy

    Excellent choice here! i love lew! congrats man!
  11. I agree with zod on this one. You have your good days and your bad days. But over all just very toxic. Good luck though.
  12. Groovy

    X log on your account when this happens and wait 2-5 minutes! It’ll log out! I’ve had this happen multiple times.
  13. Groovy

    Hope this is the best choice! Good luck @Surgeon
  14. Groovy

    Selling 40m OSRS gp 350m per mill. If you want more than 40m just pm me.
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