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Lou Grinder

Bug Fixes & QOL Fixes 2#

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Bugs and Fixes:

- Fixed donation redeeming bug that caused players to get double rewards.

- Fixed clue box not deleting after getting the reward.

- Fixed protect prayers issue.

- Changed name of the brimstone ring to the brimstone key.

- Fixed the walking location to Vorakth when waking up.

- Added clue package in voting store for 15 voting points which solves the clue puzzle instantly.

- Some Mobs were dealing very high damage was properly reconfigured.

- Fixed client tab's making the client gets glitched.

- Major fixes for the gambling system and overall containers redone.

- Fix for automatic movement canceling when you trying to move during combat with long-range weapons.

- Fixed prospecting empty rocks.

- Fixed the issue with mining and woodcutting where you could still do it when keeping the right click menu context.

- Fixed Cerberus hitting with souls post dead.

- Fixed wilderness course rope swing.

- Fix for spell equipment requirements.

- Fixed King Roald clue scroll.

- Fixed Wingman Skree in Armadyl boss room which should fix the spawning of all together.

- Fixed an issue with clue anagram causing the client to zoom out.

- Fixed bones to banana/peaches spell.

- Smithing and Smelting XP increased from 70% and up to 125%!

- Huge nerf to the magic short bow which can reach up to 35%!

- You can now use Amethyst arrows (p), (p+), and (p++) with poison support.

- Fixed Amythest arrows projectile graphics (Thanks to druids).

- A bug where you could not use Runecrafting altars is now fixed.

- Fixed Crumble Undead spell.


- Added proper NPC collision, and tons of background combat changes.

- Added Charge spell with its all effects: Charge-icon.png
* Charge is a spell used to empower the god spells from the Mage Arena.
* When cast, the player becomes imbued with magical power, and for the next six minutes.
* Charge can only be cast once every 60 seconds.
* You must be wearing the respective god cape for the charge effect to work.


- Changing your appearance and style will show your current look and not the default one.


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Fantastic update lou. Thanks to everyone that worked on this to make the game better. Glad to see the path we are all headed in. 

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