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  1. good job lou! But i do have some concerns, I think with all the bugs you have patched you have overlooked some quite game-breaking bugs and i will list them below. Players being able to attack you whilst you are already in a fight soo therefore multiple people being able to attack you at once in single combat zones, its been a problem for years. (i have fell victim to this bug abuse many many times and is one of the big reasons i have took a step back from grinderscape) Not being able to teleport away whilst under the affect of a barrage or snare even if you are under 30 wilderness. There is no immunity to freezes soo people are able to autocast barrage and stop you moving full stop. (this goes hand in hand with the multi attacks in singles, as many players *Not to be mentioned here* abuse this and keep you frozen and tb you at the same time as another player attacks you making it impossible to move or tank. You can still spam click ladders and not take any damage in the wilderness therefore making it hard to kill anybody whilst there is a ladder near. I do not feel that this should be put in suggestions as its been mentioned a million and 1 times to staff and #suggestions and i feel it is an issue that needs to be resolved ASAP. Thanks. Sir
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