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  1. mr1adrian

    I could maybe see this making more people interested in wearing rares and buying/selling them also. Seems like it could be a good idea. Thanks for sharing your idea
  2. mr1adrian

    Great suggestions! Thank you for sharing that, I like the idea of alot of these and think they are good ideas that the server could implement. Keep the ideas coming! Nice job!
  3. mr1adrian

    Welcome!!! Great introduction and cant wait to see you in-game!!! Keep grinding and hope you enjoy your time on the server
  4. mr1adrian

    Welcome back brotha Nice introduction and cant wait to get to talk to you and see you in-game! And hope you enjoy your time here on the server as well!
  5. mr1adrian

    Wow, im loving all the new changes to the wiki. It looks amazing! Thank you to the wiki team and everyone who contributed to it! Keep up the great work guys!
  6. mr1adrian

    I personally dont mind it but having that option for players to filter what they see isnt a bad idea, nice suggestion man
  7. mr1adrian

    I like these events, keep them going! Nice work man
  8. Hi everyone! Just posting Walk Chaos new Youtube video on his Grinderscape series that he recently started. Can also enter his giveaway by liking the video, subscribe and comment your in-game name in the comment section on Youtube. And thank you Walk Chaos for the awesome Youtube vids! Great work! Also forgot to post his last video on this series which is "GS Adventures #2" and in case no one has seen that one i will post below as well
  9. mr1adrian

    Great work again legends! You da man keep them goin my friend! Love the giveaways you do with them too
  10. mr1adrian

    Okay glad everything worked out
  11. mr1adrian

    Yea thats really strange. Have you tried to tele home by typing in chat ::home ? That might help but im not too sure on whats going on. @Btartaros or @Wrath might be able to help with this when they get online.
  12. mr1adrian

    Hahaha for sure would be funny to see lol
  13. mr1adrian

    Welcome to the server! Glad to have you and nice introduction as well
  14. mr1adrian

    Goodluck to everyone!
  15. mr1adrian

    Yea and there isnt a donator rank that increases drop rate for you
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