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  1. Bossed

    Great call Lou! very highly appreciated by those players, sure of that
  2. thanks Lou, good stuff
  3. Bossed

    Hey Malou, thank you for your service first of all, second, thanks for joining! a very warm welcome
  4. I think you deserve a shot for this, not up to me tho but you got my blessing if you would indeed get it.
  5. Bossed

    Thanks fellas
  6. Bossed

    I agree, enjoying every moment of it, great to see how many players we already have and very exited to look how things will go!!
  7. Bossed

    Welcome man! glad to have you here Feel free to pm me either ingame or in discord/forum if you want to chat or have a question! Hope you will enjoy your stay
  8. Bossed

    Thanks for having me in the wiki team and gz to @Anz
  9. Bossed

    gl with ur goals
  10. Bossed

    Welcome back man!! glad to see u like it already
  11. Bossed

    freakin love it! thanks lou
  12. Bossed

    Looks amazing!
  13. Bossed

    Happy bday to you Valar! have a wonderful day
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