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Bug Fixes & QOL Fixes 3#

Lou Grinder

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Bugs and Fixes:

- Fixed Cyclops hat equipment not showing the full head.

- Reduced the re spawn time of King black dragon and corporeal beast.

- Fixed tasks achievements adding noted items to the bank.

- ::task will now properly complete the tasks 'Deep Fishing' & 'Mariana Trench'.

- Fixed task rewards being sent as noted items to the bank.

- You need 24 hours play time to be able to trade/stake/gamble the mystery box.

- Fixed Boss Obliterator task.

- Fixed infernal items not degrading while in inventory.

- Fixed wrong spawned ores in the donator's zone.

- Fixed a bug showing 1000% + item integrity when operating.

- Fixed 4 clue scrolls reported issues.

- Examining blood money will now give the exact amount.

- Fixed 250 special attack task easily being done by spamming special attack button.

- Fixed ring of life to properly teleport players when low HP.

- Object facing should now work perfectly.

- Runecrafting will now yield double death runes on level 99.

- Fire making logs will now require proper Fire making level to light.

- A PvP bug which allowed players to boost Blood money is now fixed.

- Fixed new players dying on tutorial area due to aggressive bosses.

- Fixed item combining typos.

- Agility giving a lot of GP when completing a course is now balanced.

- Shark fishing spots will now only give sharks no matter what fishing equipment you use.

- Yelling will no longer finish the Deep Focus task.


- Added prayer skill guides with proper sprites.



Note: Make sure you update your client, and that it downloads the new cache!

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31 minutes ago, Smiribland said:

cool fixes, thieving task fixed??

Mining with the outfit has that issue too; The task count will go down in increments of 10 every 4-5 mined.

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Yeahhhhh man . Some really good updates . Thanks for fixing bugs and listening to the community . Continue the stellar work 👌🏼

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