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This forum is deprecated.

We’ve decided to deprecate the community forum starting August 29, 2022. We will keep all existing accounts, threads and comments, but no new registrations will be accepted after that date. Our initial intention was for this forum to be a place where the community could communicate and interact about all things from Grinderscape. However, over the years, most of the posts have amounted to Discord such as general chat, bug reports or feature requests, much resembling a more professional and advanced way of communicating. This has led to the following decision that our main focus will be on Discord for all of the server updates, bugs, support line, and more which will make it more active and worth looking at. This means less hassle to check forums and Discord as now you know everything will be on Discord.

Slayer Revamp | Pathing | Auto-Typer | & MORE!

Lou Grinder

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Bugs and Fixes:

- Fixed a bug causing you to morph forever and never get back to normal.

- Optimized pet drop rates.

- Fixed a bug causing you to enter the minigame with your pet.

- Cooking skill fixes for making Mud pie, Garden pie, Admiral pie, Wild pie, and Summer pie.

- Fixed Cerberus boss summoned souls not spawning sometimes.

- Updated the Revenant caves drops for all NPC's inside.

- Fixed a bug with Fishing causing Shark fishing to take ages when bare handed.

- Blurberry drinking support added.

- Fixed Spinolyp attack strategy.

- You can no longer attack Kree'arra or the minions with melee.

- Teleport tablets can now be used even while frozen.

- Perfectly optimized drops.

- Made the Wilderness Avatars a bit harder and with more Hitpoints.

- Updated Mutant Tarn teleport from Max cape to the new location spawn.

- Corrected Surge spells graphic heights.

- Fixed uncharging bug with Sanguinesti staff.

- Bandos minions will no longer drop Bandos tassets and Bandos chestplate.

- Fixed teleporting from the Wizard graphics, and removed the random event.

- Fixed clue: If a man carried my burden, he would break his neck.

- Fixed message showing you need logs to light fires when not using Tinderbox.

- Fixed Double XP ring buying/charge checking and changed the name to Double combat ring.

- Lot's of race changes and now Crawling hand, Banshee, Aberrerant Spectre, Ghast, Skogre, Tree Spirit, and Barrows NPC's will count as UNDEAD.
This means boosted experience when using certain items such as Salve amulet.

- Fixed Clue scroll for eastern falador (stairs).

- Fixed Clue scroll for Gerrant in Catherby, and the one above the Archer store.

- Fixed Banshee Mask equipment.


- Fixed a bug causing UIM unable to redeem store purchases.

- All crossbows now use the updated OSRS animations.

- You can now stake and gamble items that were not allowed previously such as noted Justiciar platebody.

- Added support for Bronze-Rune brutal arrows, and Ogre arrows with proper formulas as on OSRS.

- Fixed Black darts graphics and throwing.

- Added support for Morrigan's thrownaxe and javelin's.

- Fixed all Thrownaxe's animation and graphics properly.

- Made enchanted dragon bolts use proper formulas as on OSRS and not use get special if the player does have dragon protection, same applies for Pearl and Opal bolts enchanted bolts.

- Updated thrown knives, crossbow, darts, and Thrownaxe emotes to the OSRS version.

- Fixed the disable prayer effect of Rose whip.

- Due to Covid-19 some store item prices were raised exponentially.

- Block animations are now perfectly synced with combat timers.

- Fixed noted items in Blood money store.

- Massive work on item values that affect the OSRS items value and price checker should be showing similar prices to Wiki. (Thanks to Wrath)

- Reduced slayer points reward on streaks.

- Perfected thieving delay.

- Fixed shop selling prices and logging.

- Fixed a bug with banker interaction.

- Cannon will no longer hit NPC's that are dying.

- Fixed a bug allowing you to interact with NPC's while they are dying.

- Adjusted Bonus Skill event timer to be one hour exactly.

- Blackjack gambling mode is now perfectly fixed with fail-safe and redundancy.


- Improved the flower poker gambling mode with QOL enhancements.


- Made it so you cannot forfeit when player is 0 Hitpoints causing players to lose their items.

- You can no longer trade while inside a minigame lobby.

- Massive work on Travel related system and code and QOL improvements.

- Adjusted Dragon whip special attack to be less effective in PvP, and even more effective in PvM.

- Fixed an angle causing Ceberus entrance not to work.

- Broken items now cost 70% less to repair for Iron Man game modes. (Thanks for the player who reported this QOL) (Its much fun and easier now)

- Updated the ::Drops command URL.

- Spinolyp attack now uses Magic-Ranged formula's and reduces your prayer upon accurate hits.

- Fixed charged Scythe of Vitur from Clue rewards into the uncharged version.

- Fixed a bug with Prayer skill causing you to have infinity prayer points at some instances while slaying bossing.

- Market guards will no longer target you when in combat.

- Added un-noted Rune essence in Runecrafting store.

- You can no longer use easy to guess bank PINs.

- Fixed the Green dragons teleport causing you not to be in the Wilderness.

- Fixed a lot of NPC's animations, graphics, and respawn timers. Some drops were also optimized for certain NPC's.

- Fixed ladder not allowing players to climb up in the Wilderness Agility course.

- Increased the damage and accuracy output of Demon agony spell.

- Changed Fun Pk name to Fun PvP zone.

- Added support to create Imbued Max capes.


- You can now use Charge spell with max capes and Imbued Max capes.

- Fixed max hits of some slayer NPC's hitting too high.

- Fixed double XP ring issues that were reported by players.

- Minigame changes:
* A minimum of 2 players is required to start now instead of 5.
* After winning a game it can switch the minigame type such as from Weapon Game to Battle Royale, or vise versa.
* Improved the crate opening in Weapon Game, and made it work even faster if you spam click.
* The total kills required to win Weapon Game is decreased from 24 to 10.
* All the participating players get rewarded with Blood money, Participation points, and Minigame points.
* Minigame will now start once every 10 minutes, so you have time to do quick stuff before playing a new one.
* You will earn 10 minutes of bonus XP when starting a game. The timer can be stacked when playing more games.
Future changes will include:
A boss in Weapon game that once killed it will reward great drops, points, and in-minigame-perks.
Shop revamp and increased rewards that will help all sort of game modes and players with different levels.
The Weapon game will reward players on defeating another player items based on their stats.
Random perks while playing a minigame such as infinite special attack for 10 seconds, invincibility for 15 seconds, etc
Minigame scoreboard and support on website highscores.
Improved rewards for playing minigame, and the winners can even get OSRS tokens in some circumstances.
Titles and ranks solely for playing minigames.




- Fixed a bug causing players to lose their Bonus XP when dying or using the Box of Health.

- Fixed Iron Man modes boss instances to work perfectly now.

- Fixed an issue where Giant mole doesn't spawn sometimes.


- Over 30 new shops added and spread throughout the game.

- New Wiki design is up and complete with overhaul.

- Edgeville map tweaks.


- Complete new Movement Coordinator, Collision System, Clippable tiles, and Motion system:
* Over 5,000 lines of code were changed with more than 2 months of hard work and testing.
This system brings massive improvement to the server as over 70 file scripts were changed
and a lot of systems were rewritten which could also mean improved server performance at the same time.
The fixes mainly fix everything that has to do with movement, collision, and interaction.
* Follow dancing support system added.
* NPC's will no longer collide with each other when stacked. (Excluding some bosses for safe spotting fixes)
* Ducks can swim over on water.
* "I can't reach that."for unreachable entities.
* Butterflies flying over low objects support.
* Ranged LOS and attack over fences support.
* LOS system for lots of interactions and combat improvements.
* Talking to Bankers from behind the bank booths support.
* PVP following with all combat styles and weapons support.
* Player, NPC, and Object interactions system.
* NPC Retreating & Walking Home system.
* Added support to pickup items that you cannot reach such as items on table.
* Players will no longer noclip over webs when walking to a target and the web spawns.
* Added support for NPC's that you cannot walk over such as Brawler, to be used in Pest control later.











- NPC's random walking system:
* NPC's will now randomly move within their allowed radius just like on OSRS.
* They will not collide with each other when randomly walking anymore.
* Improved system performance that consumes less resources.



- Slayer skill overhaul:
* Slayer equipments will now be required for certain Slayer NPC's.
* You can no longer use Cannon in the Slayer Tower.
* All Slayer NPC's use proper stats, sounds, animations, and graphics. Mechanics are also included now in the script.
* Basement is Slayer task-only NPC's in the Slayer tower.
* Added support for Kurask area to be task only.
* Slayer stronghold is now task only. (This helps people with Slayer tasks to find NPC's easily uncrowded).
Banshee: Earmuffs
Aberrant spectre: Nosepeg
Gargoyle: Rock hammer
Abyssal demon:     Good gear and weapon. Rune armour and a Dragon scimitar or Abyssal whip
Ankou: Salve amulet is helpful, but not required.
Dark beast: Good armour and weapon
Kurask: Leaf-bladed spear/Broad arrows/Slayer staff/Leaf-bladed sword/Leaf-bladed battleaxe
Basilisk: Mirror shield, V's shield
Rockslug: Bag of salt
Jellies: Magic-resistant armour
Desert Lizard: Ice cooler
Turoth: Leaf-bladed spear/Broad arrows/Slayer staff/Leaf-bladed sword/Leaf-bladed battleaxe
Cockatrice: Mirror shield, V's shield
Cave Horror: Witchwood icon, Light source
Wall Beast: Spiny helmet

* Slayer Stronghold:
All NPC's are Slayer-task only.

* Lizardman shaman lair:
All Lizards are Slayer-task only.








- Added support for Guthan's armour set with Amulet of the damned.

- Added proper attack animation and formulas for Dragon knife, and Dragon knife (p) (p+) (p++).

- Added support for Seercull bow, Composite bows, Ogre bow, and Comp ogre bow with perfect accuracy, speed, and hit distance.



- Added automatic Coins to Platinum tokens conversion upon winning a stake. (Soon to be adjusted to gambling and trades).

- Brimhaven new teleport & Saniboch fees imported.



- Thiveing guards system implemented (All thieving zones in game):
* The guards will now target you if in line of sight of 3 tiles.
* Wearing a full rogue set will make them not target you.
* Staying in vicinity for 5 or more minutes will make them not target you.
* Wearing a Thieving skill cape will also make them not target you.



- Dwarven rock cake now to match OSRS:
* Eating depletes 1 hitpoint when above 2 hitpoints. If at or below 2 hp, it will do nothing.
* Guzzling depletes 10% of current hitpoints, rounded up. This will deplete 1 hp if currently at 2 hp, allowing to completely deplete to 1 hp. When at 1 hp, guzzling will still hit the player, but for 0 damage.
* Neither eating nor guzzling are able to kill the player, nor do they destroy the rock cake.



- Mage of Zamorak now teleports you properly as on OSRS.


- NPC's will now teleport you improved animation/gfx.


- Revamped and fixed all tutorial area bugs and included a few new steps in the tutorial.

- Feature: You can now use bonds on other players to promote them.



- Feature: Clan tips and made buying/selling on a clan chat not allowed.



- Ring of suffering support added and now it works 1:1 OSRS.




- Auto typer feature included: You can type ::autotype [message]
* A complete new system to allow players to auto type their messages without any hassle. Goodbye to annoying pain to sell/buy.
* It can be done while being AFK and it set to an auto timer of 4 seconds.
* Any movement will interrupt the system. However, you can still talk in the clan chat and do some actions while auto typing.
* It will not show in other players chat so less spam.
* Support for colored auto typed messages will be coming soon.
* NOTE: Buying/Selling over clan channel is no longer allowed. You can use the Yell channel instead for that.




- Added support for Black Knight Titan instance.



- New Wiki Design (Thanks to Maranami for helping out).



Special thanks for Valor for helping find all these bugs below:
Duel Arena:
- Clipping
  - When entering the duel arena, it is possible to spam click the minimap to noclip outside of the duel.
  - The smaller concern is that players could wait out the opponent to forfeit.
  - The bigger concern is that one of the players could send a duel request to a third player (Player C) before entering the duel.  There is not a check for If Player C can send duel requests to a player that is the duel - it will send the request to the person in the duel. My fear being that it is possible that if the player does send the request prior to going into the duel arena, then player C, rather than sending the request, is accepting the request. This would enable a three way duel --- leading to forced wins (via player C forfeiting).

- Death at Duel Arena:
   - Lets place player A and Player B into the duel.
   - Player A kills player B in the duel; while the player B's HP is 0, the player A forfeits the duel.
   - Since player A forfeited the duel, the player B's death occurs outside the duel. This being the case, whatever items player B (the one who died) had on them, they would lose as if they were in the wilderness.
   - Player A can loot the items player B had.
If a player leaves the duel arena area, then it will forfeit that players duel.

Tournament Minigame:
- Able to trade items into the lobby.
  - Player A and Player B are outside the waiting room. Player A sends a request to player B, then enters the waiting room. Player A proceds to follow player B to get close enough to trade. Player B then accepts the trade. 
  - Player A is already in the waiting room. If player B follows that player, it clips him into the room (this is fine since there are area based checks). Player B will have their items automatically deposited, but blood money was an exception for some reason.


Sneak Peak: OSRS / Runelite client support is on the way!



Note: A new client will be required to play!

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We appreciate all your guys hard word! I'm excited to try out these new updates!

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Wow love the new updates! Thank you Lou and the devs and also everyone who contributed, much appreciated. Can't wait for the runelite support!!!! Keep up the great work! 

excited will smith GIF by 1LIVE

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Much appreciated ur hard work guys, big update that i'll enjoy alot I Love It Reaction GIF by MOODMANI Love It Reaction GIF by MOODMANI Love It Reaction GIF by MOODMAN

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very good job excellent dedication to improve our life and gameplay in gd. 


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