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We’ve decided to deprecate the community forum starting August 29, 2022. We will keep all existing accounts, threads and comments, but no new registrations will be accepted after that date. Our initial intention was for this forum to be a place where the community could communicate and interact about all things from Grinderscape. However, over the years, most of the posts have amounted to Discord such as general chat, bug reports or feature requests, much resembling a more professional and advanced way of communicating. This has led to the following decision that our main focus will be on Discord for all of the server updates, bugs, support line, and more which will make it more active and worth looking at. This means less hassle to check forums and Discord as now you know everything will be on Discord.

Bank System | Shop Searching | Quest Tab Revamp & Much more!!!

Lou Grinder

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Bugs and Fixes:

- Revenant ether is now tradeable.

- Items that used to bug out while being in the noted shape no longer happens.

- Changes to overlayItemIcon to fully support placeholders.

- Can now rearrange placeholders.

- The old version of the spacebar to continue dialogue removed.

- All banking withdraw actions except withdraw-1 do not trigger atInventoryInterface anymore to match OSRS.

- Timer buttons (bank deposit buttons) now will support any button with a timerSpeed instead of just those two buttons.

- A new version of the spacebar to continue dialogue added.

- 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 keys to select dialogue added.

- Added login error messages for when username or password is empty to match OSRS.

- Added setting text input to the login input when those login errors occur to match OSRS.

- Minimap marking adjusted to rotate properly in resizable mode.

- Minimap marking safe region in resizable mode adjusted to prevent marks from extending outside the minimap border.

- Compass rotating adjusted to rotate properly in resizable mode.

- Enter to skip login screen added to match OSRS.

- Fixed a bug where clicking the 'New User' button on the login screen in the same region that the 'Cancel' button is would click both.

- Adjusted clan chat message sending to match OSRS.

- Added tab buttons' remove placeholders action.

- Added release all placeholders button.

- Removed sorting of items when checking if a bank container is empty.

- Fixed bug where the main tab could be empty when the bank is not.

- Added support for switching placeholders to containers (e.g. creating a bank tab using a placeholder).

- Tab collapsing made more efficient.

- Weapon minigame is now fixed and playable.

- Fixed edge wilderness now showing upon entry.

- Shorter get time elapsed in quest tab to show properly.

- Join date now shows in dd/mm/yyyy date format.

- Keybindings bug fixes & savings.

- Mystery box appearing in ancient magic spellbook bug fixed.

- A small fix for action delays is now more efficient.



- New bank system: (Thanks to Xplicit)
* Tab buttons work just like OSRS.
* Tab rearranging just like OSRS, designed to work with any sprite so supports digits/roman numerals setting.
* Can swap/insert/drag items into different tabs from inside the main tab.
* Item dragging all handled where it normally is for a container, no drawing of it over the interface, also item drag scrolling works like OSRS where it doesn't scroll if in the bank tabs area and a delay for activating scrolling up to prevent any jittering when dragging an item to the bank tabs area.
* Any empty slots at the beginning of a tab get sorted out.
* Tab collapsing/collapse all tabs.
* Menu options same as OSRS, with a custom last x value that is saved server-side.
* Wear/Wield option added to inventory items (only gets added to items with that option in their itemdef actions), can shift-click to wear/wield (might change this to control in case it is confusing with shift-click dropping).
* 100% Client sided searching, can swap/insert/drag items into different tabs while searching.
* Bank settings menu (only has the tab display options for now), uses the same interface.
* Height of bank adjusts in resizable.
* Most interface components look as they do on OSRS.







- Added support for 2 new types of automatic backgrounds (pre eoc styles).

- Quest tab revamp:
* Achievements overhaul.
* Achievements now show in proper order.
* Redone the whole quest tab system and buttons to be much smoother.
* Quest tab interface handling.
* Tab scrolling handling system.



- Shop searching feature:
* Can be removed/added for any of our game shops.
* Allows the player to quickly search for the item looking for.




Enjoy! :D

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Although I did my best to test everything fully, if you find any bugs be sure to report them and I will get them fixed!

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Looks fantastic and is fantastic. I'm glad GS has been getting the proper treatment it deserves.

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This is amazing, love it so much! :)

Great work to both of y'all! 

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