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Muddy Key Guide.


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Welcome to this small but somewhat detailed guide on Muddy key's. This guide will include mostly everything you'll need to know about the muddy key. enjoy!

What is a muddy key?
How do you obtain a muddy key?
Where do you use a muddy key?
What do you get from using a muddy key?
Special thanks.

What are muddy keys?
A Muddy key is a small brown keys which allow you to open a small chest to obtain various items in the game,

How do you obtain a muddy key?
Muddy keys can be obtain through killing Various Bosses and NPC's within Grinderscape. They can also be bought from players. the current price is 10-13m GP per key.

Where do i use a muddy key?
Muddy keys can be use at a chest at the center of the lava maze. Below are the steps on how to get to the chest:

1)Teleport to KBD Via the Boss teleport section within the spell book.

2) Navigate the lava maze to the center.

3) Use your key on the chest within the pen of Brutal Red Dragon and get your rewards!

What do you get from using a muddy key?
You can get various items from Opening the muddy chest. Blood money is a guaranteed drop with amounts between 3k-5k per key. Here is what i got from a single key;

And below is what you can get from 150 muddy chest opening;

This is in no way a list of all the items that can obtained from the muddy chest, Just a showcase of 150 keys.

Special thanks.
I'd like to give a special thank you to these players for making this guide possible;
Blake Xoxo

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Great guide, I’m surprised how much blood money you’ve got from 150 keys :)

a list of what items are available would be nice from a member of staff.

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Nice effort, Barry, a nice, well informated guide. Appreciate it!

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