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Quick Vorkath guide [WITH VIDEO]


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Hello friends,

In this thread I will teach you guys something about Vorkath. Over the past few days I've seen a lot of people struggle to kill the boss. So I've made a quick video on a Vorkath kill. At the end you'll find a video to see an example of how Vorkath gets killed!

Teleport to Vorkath can be found under 'Boss Teleport'!

INVENTORY: it should look something like this


PRAYER: MAKE SURE YOU SET IT UP AS QUICK PRAYERSIf you don't have Rigour: Eagle Eye will do just fine!



Eternal Glory > Necklace of Anguish > Amulet of Fury > Amulet of Glory
- Dragon arrows > Broad arrows

- Elite void set > Armadyl set > Black dragonhide
- Pegasian boots > Ranger boots > Snakeskin boots
- Twisted Bow > Dragonhunter crossbow + Dragon fireshield (DFS) > Armadyl/Rune crossbow + DFS
When using a crossbow, make sure you get Ruby bolts (e) for the first 50% of Vorkath, the rest of his health with Dragonstone bolts (e)


Green magic spell: for this you've used your Antidote++, so NOTHING
Purple magic spell: click on your QUICK PRAYERS as this attack turns your prayers off!
Blue cannonball and other weird looking ball: just tank the attack, NOTHING
Freeze: KILL the little MINION that Vorkath spawns, with your bow
Green poison on ground: Keep SPAMCLICKING all around you (not on the poison), so you evade Vorkath's attacks
RED CANNONBALL: Whenever you see this attack, MAKE SURE TO STEP 2-3 TILES AWAY! Warning: it can hit up to 99 when you get hit!



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Now this is exactly what I was waiting for! Thanks a bunch i’ll give this a go!


ps: if i lose Yet another tbow; you owe me 5 in return! ;) @Surgeon

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