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  1. Valar

    Made 2. Take your pick: 1. 2.
  2. Requesting rank: GFX designer / Ex - global / Veteran / Super Donator Primary rank(Yes/No): Ex- Global Proof: They got removed, idk why or when but i'd like them back if possible.
  3. Valar

    Thank you Vutr
  4. Valar

    Well... I think the time has come to say my goodbyes. I’ll be resigning from every rank that holds a certain responsibility... When the server restarted I had high hopes, was extremely hyped and was 110% motivated to make it work. I was there when the preparations happened all the way untill this point. Not gonna lie.. I see it’s falling apart. Some actions that were taken, decisions that were made (not gonna point fingers but you know who you are), situations, fights, etc etc... it’s not going good and I’ve been losing motivation very fast ‘till the point of no return meaning I personally lost hope... I can try to understand both parties, but it’s just a waste of effort at this point. I want to thank the people who trusted me with staff ranks and I always tried my best; even though some of it was ill-received. Thanks for all the support! It was fun while it lasted. So yea this is goodbye..
  5. Valar

    Sad to hear I wish you all the best Chris!! Please dont be a stranger!
  6. Valar

    I agree yea
  7. Valar

    Yea the new updates surely are an influence on it
  8. Valar

    Mainly skilling guides, how-to-pvm/skill/pvp guides, etc,etc maybe with a video
  9. HOLY EFFIN S..... !!!! Amazing!
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  11. Valar

    @Lou Grinder
  12. Valar


    Hi, welcome back!
  13. Valar

    Even though this is osrs its also still a rsps and I’d love to see these again!
  14. Valar

    Damn.. Looks funny though