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  1. Valar

    If I should miss it, happy birthday
  2. Valar

    Welcome back !
  3. Valar

    Get your signatures in before the 20th of june please to enter!
  4. Valar

    Good guide
  5. Valar

    I think if you donated for the donator rank straight away you dont get the mystery boxes for that amount but you do get the rank. If I’m wrong about this, then @Zod @Isaac @Lou Grinder will be able to sort this out for you 100% I’m not too familiar with donation issues
  6. Valar

    A reminder: Make sure to pm me your designs (forums and/or discord) before 20th of june to be eligable for entering!
  7. Valar

    I'd like to get the entries before 20th of june so I can let the members vote for an entire week
  8. Valar

    What is Signature of the Month: SOTM stands for Signature of the Month, which is a graphic competition members partake in by entering their own creations of designs following a specific guideline and series of rules. People get to vote on the winners and lots of fun is created out of this. How it works: The players who wish to participate will send their entry via PM to the SOTM hoster. And then, the hoster will make another thread with a poll to the community decides which signature is the best. And the person who made the signature with the most votes at the end of the poll will receive the SOTM rank until the next SOTM winner is chosen; will be hosted the next month. THE SOTM RANK: The Rules & Guidelines: - You must follow the theme chosen for that month. Failure to do so will result in a disqualification. - Send your entry in a PM to the SOTM hoster. Do not post them as a reply to this thread. - Your work must be completely original. Renders/Stocks/Fractals are allowed. - Do not show any nudity/inappropriate image or render in your signature. - You must include the number of the SOTM in your signature. (this wil be "SOTM#1") - Do not put your name in the signature. The voting will be anonymous. - Signatures must be of a reasonable size and no bigger than: 800x300. - If you're a contender, you may vote on another contender's design, but NOT on the one you made! Additional reward: There are also ingame rewards connected to this contest. When the winners have been chosen, pm me ingame to get your reward. Third place will recieve: 200m cash Second place will recieve: Elder Maul First place will recieve: Red H'ween Mask This months theme: anything RuneScape related (for starters) Best of luck everyone!
  9. Valar

    Wyatt is a long time veteran, probably with the most experience in grinderscape in general (even though its a new version). This isn’t a surprise to me but nevertheless congratzz
  10. Valar

    Go make some beast videos for the server. Glgl
  11. Valar

    Very nice indeed! Whats your next one??
  12. Valar

    You can see the skill of the hour in quest tab - “ i “ icon
  13. Valar

    Nice nice
  14. Valar

    Welcome to the community
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