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  1. This is my version of a OS Grinderscape Trailer Hope you like it!
  2. Valar

    Awesome update! Looking forward to see these on the forums! Ty @Surrealand isaac!
  3. Valar

    Aaah the memories from back in the day Nice to see this again! Nice loot Sophie atleast you got bars and good alchables!
  4. Amazing Lou! Sweeeet update!
  5. Valar

    Welcome back! Enjoy your stay!
  6. Valar

    For a SOTM we’ll need an Event Team first though. I would really want SOTM and all the other events back! Dont worry it will come back!
  7. Valar

    ANZI!!! Well deserved! You tha man! Graz! You’ll do a great job!
  8. Best of luck with your application Nykie!
  9. Valar

    I dont kniw this one
  10. Valar

    Awesome explanation! This clarifies how it works, should be done and everything about Rsgp trading! I hope to see this part of grinderscape being active again as it once was!
  11. Lol joe... hey marwan I wish you the best of luck with your application!
  12. Some i've encountered myself and some I agree 100% (agility, bossing and the ladders at Daganoth kings). Good effort on reporting these!