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  1. Valar

    Hi and welcome back! Make sure the make a forum rank request with the proof for vet rank
  2. Valar

    Will miss you Anz !!
  3. Valar

    Strange they should be dropped.. Dying with max cape (untradeable item) does dissapear since last update (was one of the added features) Dont know if it's for both pvm/pvp or only pvp. @Lou Grinder I'll move this to the bug section
  4. Valar

    Sadleek. Goodluck tho!
  5. Valar

    Good video! Glad you were able to record it! was a fun event and might do another some day Congratz to all the winners!
  6. Valar

    Or try typing the password without capitals. This was an issue for me in the past, wich has solved it
  7. Valar

    Well, in that case I’ll just close this thread since it won’t be used for anything
  8. Valar

    This should have been a player report
  9. Valar

    Omg this is unexpected but I'm so hyped! Thanks for all the trust! I won't disappoint!
  10. Valar

    Great videomakers and passionate in their job! It shows! Graz you guys!
  11. Valar

    Goodluck to all who enters Comment and Subscribe
  12. Valar

    If its fixed I'll close this thread then.