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  1. Valar

    I think I remember you, from the grinderscape 2015-2016 era I think, unless i'm mistaken ofcourse. Anyhow welcome back
  2. Valar

    1) Enchanting bolts - right now its painful to do 10 at time, make it similar to fletching 100 at time. makes sense  2) Slayer Helm - make it possible to imbued, and so it would work as slayer gem, and would free inv space to access log and teleport to task. Support 3) Buying - buying 50 is great, but if you need to buy runes or feathers for sklilng, maybe you can make instant but possible, so you would not have to make extra click on mouse. (for example holding SHIFT allows you to buy 50 instantly?) or if its there, use the “buy-x” option. Donating raises the cap 4) Slayer point rewards - the only reward worth unlocking, is to make slayer helm. Boss tasks not working, wayverns avalable without unlocks, same with wyverns, amounts you get etc. Otherwise the points are usless support 5) Smithing - the only way someone trains it, is stacking addy bars from shop and making items, 95% are not smelting bars on theyr own. (myself got 4k of ea ore ) make it faster to smelt them or easyer to stack coals? perhaps remove the coal requirement and only use the ore like old gs would be a better idea 6) Skilling outfits - to get full Lumberjack it took 15m Woodcuting xp, to get full Anglers im at 150m xp and im 2 items short, without D harpoon.. Is it possible to even it out? Well, it gives bonus exp, but the full set should be easy obtainable right before 99. And players who want 200m can then use the set. I agree 7) Item Stats - furry is better then torture in overall, prayer and defence stats make it huge difference versus overpowered NPC`s there could be a total combat/items rework but I see your point 8. NPC`s - overpowered, pvm with maxed gear, and still geting hited so high and often, even when your praying, you get hited way too often. I kinda like the fact that prayer doesnt totally protects you, but it should be matched with our combat level and combat stats: higher your stats/level; higher the protection 9) Pets - Decrease skilling pet drop rates I agree
  3. Valar

    Thank you
  4. Valar

    Hi, I want some definitive answers for these questions; I might not be the only one who’s asking this: 1. Are donations working now or if not when is it gonna be fixed? 2. Are RSGP trades back up and if not whats the eta and/or reason behind it? that’s about it @Isaac @Lou Grinder
  5. Valar

    Looking very forward to it! Happy New Year!
  6. Valar

    Nice work
  7. Discord name(s): VALAR Timezone: GMT +1 Will you be active on the Discord's team?: Always have been Do you have prior experience moderating on Discord's/Forums?: Yes I do. I've been a discord helper, then got discord moderator. Also got experience as Global Moderator (working from sb-mod to global moderator) Why do you deserve to be in the Discord's team?: I don't think that I deserve anything though; I only think that I might try out for the rank again; if given the chance again What do you expect to get out of joining the Discord's team?: Working with the others as I've done before but mostly being there for the players who need help in the chat Thanks for your consideration!
  8. Valar

    Goodluck to all participants i'm sure this will be an exciting event
  9. Valar

    The old school feel to @Alex' design is just nostalgic and fits the server very well. Voted.
  10. Valar

    Made 2. Take your pick: 1. 2.