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    Over the past couple of days, I have not been as active as I would've liked. I would not go into too much detail, I'll keep it short. I have talked to Zod and Lou about this, and have told the other staff members as well. I'm leaving the staff team as I don't see myself fit for the position anymore. I have been stressed irl, especially during these challenging times so I've decided to do other things and move on. Thanks to everyone I've played with, it was enjoyable for sure. Keep on grinding, Nayeon
  2. Nayeon

    Thank you for giving a compiled bug report. We really appreciate this as most of the reports we've seen do not have visuals and detailed explanation. Also, on the topic of the rc experience, those rates are for classic accounts as far as I know, so it would generally be faster for normal and ironman accounts. With regards to clues, rest assured they are also being worked upon, as well as other things. Keep it up, and thanks again.
  3. Nayeon

    I have sent you a pm.
  4. Nayeon

    Congratulations and good luck to every one! I hope we continue to move forward for a better community.
  5. Nayeon


    Please wait for @Lou Grinder to get to you.
  6. I've seen you in-game a lot, and I've seen you help players as well. Continue what you're doing, and good luck!
  7. I've seen you couple of times, and I'm sure you play a lot and help players as well. Good luck in your application!
  8. Nayeon

    Sad to see you go, you've contribute a lot and we really appreciate it. I hope you continue to move forward, and best of luck to your future, Lisa. I'm always here for a chat, just pm me.
  9. Nayeon

    Congrats to those who have been promoted, and thank you for the opportunity. Best of luck to us in moving forward and continuing to do better.
  10. Nayeon

    Thank you for the feedback. I appreciate it man.
  11. So to start, talk to the npc at ::home. Afterwards, choose this option: After you finish talking to the npc, go get bones, banana, vial and weeds. Bones->you can buy from high priest shop, or kill some monsters. Banana->you can get at karamja. Weeds->kill some sand crabs or rake a patch VIal->Bob barter npc at ::shops. After getting these items, go to varrock: And run to the blue moon inn: Once inside, talk to the bartender. Talk to him and choose these options: And for the third one, you can choose any option and you will eventually get to know where to go next. (I personally chose the get violent option :p) Afterwards, get a weapon and go to varrock castle and go to this spot: Talk to Ellamaria and choose the option to fight. Note: You can choose Flee option if you don't want to fight the guards. After choosing this option, go to the castle upstairs, and on your right side you will see a drawers. Search it and you will find a letter. Read the letter, then speak to minion at home. After killing her guards, she will tell you that "Nora" is behind this. Now go to taverly. Once inside the house, go up the stairs and a cut-scene will ensue. After that, there will be a book dropped on the floor. Pick up the book, use one of the ingredients(bones, bananas, or weeds) on the vial and you will make the potion to cure Santa. Remember that you have to have all 3 ingredients and the vial in your inventory. After this, go talk to Santa's minion npc again and give the antidote. After that you can take a present from the Christmas tree to get Santa items, and collect your Santa hat from the chest inside the bank to complete the achievement.
  12. Nayeon

    Requirement to kill: 95 Slayer How to get there: Gear (Recommended): Helmet: Void Ranger Helmet (With Elite Void Set and other parts)->Armadyl Helmet->Archer Helmet->Neitiznot Helmet Top: Elite Void Top (With Elite Void Set and other parts)->Armadyl Chestplate->God D'hide Body->Black D'hide Body Bottom: Elite Void Robe (With Elite Void Set and other parts)->Armadyl Chainskirt->God D'hide Chaps->Black D'hide Chaps Gloves: Void Gloves (With Elite Void Set and other parts)->Barrows Gloves->Ranger Gloves Cape: Assembler Max Cape->Ava's Assembler->Ava's Accumulator Necklace: Eternal Glory->Necklace of Anguish->Amulet of Fury Boots: Pegasian Boots->Ranger Boots Ring: Archer's Ring(i)->Archer's Ring->Ring of Wealth (You can also equip row right before the kill, or just equip it all throughout) Weapon: Twisted Bow->3rd Age Bow->Dark Bow Arrow: Dragon Arrows->Amethyst Arrows->Rune Arrows Prayer: or if you do not have rigour. Inventory Setup: All of which can be found on Consumable Store at ::shops. The Kill: Once you get to the entrance, , left click on the door and you will proceed inside. Immediately rush over to the south-eastern most part of the lair: and step on these tiles: so that you can lure the boss to the big red tile. Once you have lured it properly, there will be a text on your chat box that says: When you see this text, you may now begin to attack Alchemical Hydra. Once Alchemical Hydra's HP gets below 825, it will change its form and become BLUE in color. When this happens, you now need to lure it to the green colored big tile, which is just north of the red big tile. To do that, you will need to stand on one of these tiles highlighted: After successfully luring Alchemical Hydra, and waiting for the text on your chat box regarding its defense, you can continue hitting the boss until the next phase begins, which is when Hydra goes lower than 550 HP. Do note however, that at Alchemical Hydra's blue phase, it has a special attack, which are blue lightnings on the ground that move towards you. Getting hit by one of these will stun you, and you cannot get out of place, which may lead to more lightnings hitting you. The one highlighted in green shows what the lightning looks like before it hits the ground, and the one highlighted red is what it looks like when it is moving towards you. Once Alchemical Hydra's HP goes below 550, it will change its color to RED. At this point, you now need to lure it to the big blue colored tile, which is just west of the big green colored tile. You can lure it to the big blue colored tile by going to one of these highlighted tiles: Once again, after you see the text on the chat box regarding its defense, then you can again start attacking it. On the RED phase, Alchemical Hydra has another special attack, which are flames that surround you, as well as follow you. To avoid this, simply turn your run off when you start to see the flames, and just walk. This usually lasts for about 20-25 steps, after which you can continue hitting Alchemical Hydra. Keep in mind that you may trigger the flames the same time Alchemical Hydra switches phases, so to avoid confusion, you should be alert at all times. Keep hitting Alchemical Hydra until its HP goes below 275, where it will change color again, this time to BLACK. At this point, you don't have to lure it anymore, and just continue hitting it until it dies. Bare in mid that after successfully killing it, don't go near its corpse right after it dies, as it still damages you. To summarize, when you start your fight versus Alchemical Hydra, drink up on your ranging potion, as well as antidote. Lure it to the big red tile at its first phase, and continue hitting it until it changes to blue phase at, or below 825 HP. At the blue phase, remember to lure it to the green colored tile while keeping in mind the blue lightning special attack, and always try to avoid it. This is where your combo food (Karamb + shark/manta comes in handy). Keep hitting Alchemical Hydra until it changes to red phase at, or below 550 HP. Once it's at the red phase, lure it to the big blue colored tile, and keep in mind of the flame special attack. Hit it once again until it changes to black phase at 225 HP, wherein you do not have to lure it anymore, and kill it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Once you have gotten used to killing Alchemical Hydra, you can fasten up your kills a bit by moving while attacking Alchemical Hydra, going towards the next big colored tile, but not yet luring it since luring it to a wrong color will strengthen it. Here are highlighted tiles where you can step on so that you do not lure it right away, but you are already near the luring spot for the next phase. That's about it, have a good day. @Jordan
  13. I very much agree with you on being an mm. +1 from me. Good luck!
  14. Yes I will get around to it as soon as I can when it happens.
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