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  1. Alcotty

    Thank you for the promotion! Moo and congratulation to everyone
  2. Alcotty

    I can't wait for that !
  3. Alcotty

    @wrath thank yo so much for the effort done on creating my signature! Truly nice and awesome. The 1 month wait was worth it
  4. Alcotty

    Congratulation Dagger!
  5. Alcotty

    So, my mystery boxes were lying in my bank. So I went to open 80 of them on my alternate account. These are my loots for 80 boxes. Estimated value: 800 million - 1 billion coins Average per box 12.5 million coins. Correct me if I am wrong
  6. Alcotty

    Thank you soo much @Valar. I have edited em. MOO
  7. Requesting rank: Discord Staff Primary rank(Yes/No): I would love to keep my middleman primary rank. Proof: Barry can attest to it
  8. Alcotty

    My apologies @Wrath I explained to you on discord le hahaha. But yeah i cant wait for the one you making for me! One and a half month in the making Can't wait for the awesome signature. MOOOO
  9. This post is dedicated to @Valar for creating such a nice signature for me . Thank you so much! MOO Hit him up for his design skills!
  10. Alcotty

    For future references on your easy scroll attempt, Draynor drawers are not working too Cheers. Just disposed the easy scroll and start a new one. Almost 80%-90% of easy scroll clues are doable.
  11. Alcotty

    Wow great biodata! Looks cool though with that blowtorch
  12. Alcotty

    Oh my, a dedicated post! Appreciate your gratitude Infected/Dagger. I try my best to help and serve the community on Grinderscape! I am glad that I could help you Moooo!
  13. Alcotty

    Welcome back Infected/Dagger! MOOO
  14. Keep this coming Daren! lavv it
  15. Organised application, good luck in your application!
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