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  1. Akou

    nice work, care to make me a sig?
  2. pretty bad attitude/ super cocky and over the top harasser -1
  3. Akou

    @TEEJ I mean ingame
  4. Akou

    go to settings and select resizeable
  5. Akou

  6. In-game Name(s): Akoumari, Pain Timezone: GMT-4 Will you be active within the Wiki Team?: I am active on forums all day while playing ingame, so of course. Do you have prior experience editing a Wiki?: I did some editing for school projects and such, its easy to get down, so yes. Why do you deserve to be in the Wiki Team?: A lot on forums needs to be changed/updated. Many of the boss guides require you to have items that are not ingame, and price listing still needs a tweak. I don't know how many forums staff there is, but im sure to get the job done if accepted. What do you expect to get out of the Wiki Team? A happy server, and happy players, that can use an updated wiki/forums page
  7. Akou

    Gz surgeon
  8. Akou

    Good guide for players who are new to gambling
  9. Akou

    I have been told to make this poll to see how it turns out, im hoping to get at least 20 answers with at least a 30% yes LOL
  10. Made a list and you followed through with 90% of my ideas, great update lou, much love.
  11. Akou

    lets get it poppin
  12. Akou

    +1 easy money for me #freeus
  13. Akou

    Destiny ghost gave me chills from year one.. love to have you ingame! enjoy your stay with us
  14. Akou

    1. This has been said numerous times by many people, nerf void in pvp. In no way should be superior than ancestral set or even barrows smh. 2. Nerf Kodai? Kodai can hit 40s maybe even 50s when protting mage in max gear as well. Im not saying make the weapon dirt, because it should be bis mage weapon, but to hit that much through pray is crazy. 3. Buff DGS and Heavy Ballista spec accuracy. It doesn't feel like dgs is 10% better than ags, and heavy ballista cant even land a spec. 4. Buff Dragon claws spec. Both dps, and accuracy should be buffed. I see 20s hit with d claws max nowadays, and the rest are 0s. 5. Dfs spec in wild nerf? Dfs spec in wild can hit on average 30-40, that combine with ags or dgs can be a one hit ko. I also saw a dfs spec hit 77 today. @lew 6. Vls dps buff. Vls is trash is many ways. The spec is not that good and neither is the dps in general. Vls went from 600-800m to like 100m nowadays since its not that good. 7.Buff all barrows gear? I think all barrows gear should be buffed. I cant say by how much, but the buff would be appreciated. 8. Alch hydra fix. Im sure this is known, but alch hydra some times cannot be lured into pools, it will tele back to the middle if taken out to far. Also during fazing it could stop attacking completed, leaving players to attack it without worry. 8. Kodai wand drop rate LOL. Kodai wand is litteraly the hardest item to get ingame by far. The grind is good and all, but gets annoying when I kill 500 demons and 0 wands. 9. Tarn fire bug? During tarn you can potentially be hit twice or even 3 times by the devastating fire ground attack. Even when your not standing in it and you move, you can get stacked, and die. And since it takes a kill count to get in, and isn't an instant boss, you can lose your items pretty good. 10. Buff agility xp rates. Agility xp rates are tiresome. If they are being buffed, not by a lot please. Make us grind! 11. Cleaning up hunter island. I went to train hunter there today on my alt, and saw about 200 traps all over. There is a bout 3 birds left and 4 rabbits. Pretty soon there will be nothing left to catch. Also, clean up black chins please. 12. PREMUIM POINTS SHOP CHANGES. Do I really have to discuss this... just look in the shop lmao. 13. Add more custom items. Custom items such as pets, and cosmetics. GIVE US THE PET ZOD WE WANT. 14. Add Surge spells to normal spell book, and try to fix all spells in general, would be much appreciated. 15. Infernal, raids, custom bosses, etc. This one will take a lot of coding and such, and most likely wouldn't be looked at until the player base is higher, but some ideas. 16. Minigames and events people will actually take part in. @Barry recently stole me and Fiqs idea on doing bronze only bossing which was very fun. Things like these should happen more, and that little event required nothing! And was super entertaining. 17. Boss kill count, working slayer helms, C Slayer helms, and more stuff. 18. lastly, classic no xp gain for combats skills. Splashing till 13 is not the wave. And I couldn't get range xp at first. 19. Free zulrah for ironmen? Or alternate ways to get teleports?
  15. Akou

    I would love to see surge spells +1
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