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  1. a little more time ingame and you'll be a okay nice app.
  2. Akou

    nice event
  3. Akou

    congrats barry
  4. https://gyazo.com/bdaedbb82ac913d04c7de3bb16794acb both rune addy dragons cant be lured one square without reseting health and leaving..
  5. no minions to attack, like how ice troll king use to be https://gyazo.com/aa60e25085c043a2d61db7cbba1647e7
  6. i have all the items to reach the boss, cannot access. https://gyazo.com/92b113aa0e0a7a9a259887b5674198fd
  7. Akou

  8. Still the ip bug. https://gyazo.com/912d42fdaa8d33576e4a8fe884cb2186
  9. those damn iron dragons keep messing up my steel task!
  10. skilling gear is lost on death sir, sorry if no one told you this.
  11. ahh I see your adventures on snapchat
  12. Akou

    they have added some of these ideas in last weeks update, hope you enjoy
  13. Akou

    glad your okay man, welcome back.
  14. Akou

    pm me ingame and ill give u some items that you lost if you don't get refunded.
  15. Akou

    Welcome to the game my friend, good luck with your goal! don't be afraid to make some vids on the server to make us known more! welcome to the family
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