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Lou Grinder

Notifications Tab, Donator Zone, and Gilded Altars..

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As most of you have requested donator zone to be done here it is completely done with a new donator shop. Tons of bug fixes, new commands, dicing base added and should be coming very soon once our player base increases.


Here is what has been done.


Bugs and Fixes:

- Third age bow nerfed.

- Fixed a problem where void body turned to void legs on death.

- Fixed a problem with bank tabs.

- Twisted bow power boost is no longer active in the wilderness.

- Toxic's staff of the dead now wields properly.

- The player facing positions now update on login and region change.

- You can no longer use prayers whilst teleporting.

- Abyssal dagger can now be equipped properly.

- Ava's attractor added to the pure item shop.

- Tourny minigame reward changed to blood money, and the more players the more it will reward.
Average win: 8k bm, can go up to 25k if more players are in the minigame.

- Ava's accumulator has been added to the RDT (Rare Drop Table) drops.

- Fixed server's time in quest tab showing the wrong amount.

- Fixed items showing properly on chatbox interfaces. (E.g: Fletching, Fishes to cook..etc)

- Tanner added in Neitznot & Donator's zone.

- XP lock will only be locking the combat experience.

- Saradomin's tear combining with saradomin's sword fixed.

- Donators can now equip donator's only items.

- Bosses in the wilderness will now drop 60-200 blood money.


- Mithril seeds added:
* Supports dialogue and to pick up.



- Hides tanning support added:
* NPC can be found in Neitznot.


- Notifications tab:
* Flashing on new update.
* Shows the latest server updates.


- New slayer stronghold teleport:
* Supports many slayer NPC's for training.



- Lot's of shop modifications:
* Blood money shop.


* Skilling points exchange.

* Participation points exchange.

* Pure item supplies.
* Magic items store.
* Premium points exchange.


- Added support for gilded altar:
* Boosts prayer up to 5 bonus points.
* Up to 35% more prayer XP.


- H.A.M set increases the chance of successful pickpocket by 50% to H.A.M members and by 15% to regular NPC's.

- Donator's Zone finally added:
* Ores up to Runite.
* Yew & Magic trees.
* Farming patch (Coming soon)
* Easy shops access
* Furnace & Anvil.
* Fishing spots of all sorts.
* Skilling masters available.
* Box of health for refreshments.
* Wilderness thieving stalls.
* Crystal chest.
* Donator Shop.
* and much more..


- Donator's tab completely redone.
* Shows your current rank.
* Shows all the donator's features.
* Preview to the total amount donated.
* Shows how many players are in the zone.




- New commands:
* ::benefits - Shows the donator's benefits.
* ::discord - Opens up the discord's link.
* ::dice - Teleports you to the dicing area. (Full access coming soon)
* ::duel - Teleports you to duel arena.
* ::home - Teleports you to Home area.
* ::ge, ::market - Teleports you to the current market trading area.
* ::easts, ::wests - Teleports you to the east and west wilderness.
* ::mb - Teleports you to the mage bank area.
* ::prices - Opens up the wiki prices link.
* ::drops - Opens up the bosses drops link.
* ::shops - Teleports you to the shops area.
* Updated command's command.

- Added some skills tome's in premium points exchange:
* Costs 10,000 premium points
* Rewards 20,000,000 XP in the skill name.
* Can be examined for more information.




- Skilling supplies box:
* Can be bought from the premium points exchange for 5,000 points.
* Requires 25 free inventory slots to open.
* Rewards 50 skilling points as a bonus reward.

ss_2018_08_04_at_03_41_12.png x1

ss_2018_08_04_at_03_43_24.png x3





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