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  1. Hey mate, you should text me at 306-241-9509 or snap me at roblewa9 id like to ask you a few questions bout that developer position.

  2. If any there's any way to help, or anything I would to help get sever back. donating anything I don't mind I'm committed to this sever always well be so if you need anything don't mind messaging me.

    1. Grinder




      Don't need anything at the moment. Thanks very much for asking!


      Trying to get server back soon ASAP!


  3. Re-Cap about what's going on!

    @Santa Yes! You will receive your rankings back once the server is back up. You will have to provide a receipt number or a proof of the payment/rank. #Update-Progress Note: In worst case scenario I could not be able to get the client decrypted, I will start an older version of the server with an older client. There will be some bugs, but that will be fixed slowly and many things can be copied from the real GS server. I'm currently looking for some developers to help with that to speed up the process.
  4. The Grinderscape Situation

    Hahah Jess they are piece of shit people At least at least, I'm not a thief. At the end of the day I have never scammed anyone, I did my job right, I never harmed anyone so yeah Haters gonna hate. Some people did steal everything and accuse people that they just want money when THEY are the ones stealing money to pay their wives
  5. 404 not found...

    Please wait for the server to be back online.
  6. The Grinderscape Situation

    This is really funny because the more you post the more lies show up. You are only trying to prove a point which cannot be proven in any logic. http://puu.sh/xDQxP/bcdae6aa7d.png - Yes I can dig up hundreds of messages where you are AFK and away all the time it is not hard at all. I think you already know the reason that I created the post https://forum.grinderscape.org/index.php?app=forums&module=forums&controller=topic&id=465017 just to prove you the point that your updates suck and that I didn't want to work with you again because of your INACTIVITY and lack of updates. Am I lying? Players can get on forums and see your updates in the last 3 months and they can see if you were active or not. All the 3 month's updates combined doesn't take more than 2 weeks to complete. I think now you have no words to say except that you will say you were helping players with passwords and other things. Well, I guess helping few players takes 6 hours of your time a day. Okay another thing you promised players tons of updates for more than 5 months and none of them were applied (g.e, login screen, tutorial area, login screen, osrs models, warriors guild, newsletter, in-game voting, profile system, pk world.. etc). The post I created clearly shows how you made the server go down to hell. Oh really RSPS is getting down? No, my friend, there are servers with 600+ players running until now so don't try to use that as an excuse. https://imgur.com/vHSjQaI - Clearly shows how I was motivating you on the updates, and I asked you to take some rest since you were online (15 hours ). Although the content updates was in deep slow motion. https://imgur.com/avI921q, https://imgur.com/gilnMs4 - You said I don't care about the server? I think the picture you sent proves your being an idiot cause it shows that I cared so I'm not sure if you are against yourself haha. Was it me or you who wanted the game harder? http://puu.sh/xDRn8/97b6f695ef.png - I told you that people are complaining because of hard drop's and this was your response, and you made agree on hard drops by deceiving me that it will make the game better which I did not want the game hard. http://puu.sh/xDR9z/b996673e71.png - PB PLEASE FINISH THE RECOVERY SYSTEM, yet it was never done. http://puu.sh/xDRbU/36fbf3d9c3.png http://puu.sh/xDRv9/86ba282eca.png, http://puu.sh/xDRya/c1b3d2d8ad.jpg - That's what I get for understanding your situation and standing by your side. I get a backstab. http://puu.sh/xDRzm/6e2848dd71.png, http://puu.sh/xDRDq/1c918e7581.png, http://puu.sh/xDRVi/94070107d7.png - MR AFK http://puu.sh/xDRYJ/1e6ddbf637.png - Raging when I told him to make game easier by changing activity points prices http://puu.sh/xDS1i/13da3d0628.png, http://puu.sh/xDS7J/629be0a857.png - My point was proven and I never saw anyone with cannon on game. Good job ruining the game pb. http://puu.sh/xDS5Q/84ee95d62e.png - I wanted the game easier so players can max and pk but pb was raging like a kid. http://puu.sh/xDREc/f814b3049c.png - Excuses as always. http://puu.sh/xDRKk/66fbfd6ef5.png http://puu.sh/xDRON/c97bc998c5.png - DONATIONS WERE YOUR PRICING http://puu.sh/xDSey/a74c059b8b.png - Now who made the prices high? I was the one telling him its too expensive and he never listened. REPLY TO JORDY: "you'll see how good of a programmer and person he actually is." I'm not like you guys, I did state on all my posts that I'm not a good programmer as pb, but I can still do very good updates. I'm not afraid of saying the truth Pb doesn't even know what content to create that is why the server fell downhill. You are probabbly mad because you are a failure in business and you have scammed me on the website you created by giving it to pb and using it without my permission. I paid you to create a website for Grinderscape, and not for all people on earth.
  7. What is going on !?!?

    Hello, Please read the post below to understand what is going on https://forum.grinderscape.org/index.php?app=forums&module=forums&controller=topic&id=465087
  8. The Grinderscape Situation

    Hello Fox3y, I'm glad you asked for this. Let me tell you the real story and for everyone to see it. If you haven't heard already that Pb600 is telling rumors that I have quit which is not right at all. In addition to that, he started his server which is a fake copy of Grinderscape. He took my server files, client files, website, player database, and redirected all my players to his server. The issue all started out when I decided to separate with pb600 and no longer become partners because of his lack of updates and not listening to my directions. I have built and directed Grinderscape for 9 years and I know how to lead and manage the server. I was coding the server alone when it reached up to 800+ players, and Pking was active more than ever cause I knew what I should work on. This post proves it more: https://forum.grinderscape.org/index.php?app=forums&module=forums&controller=topic&id=465017 (I will fix the missing pictures) I can approve and say that Pb is much talented in programming than me, however, both of us together can do some excellent work. It all started out when I offered to buy Pb600 client in 2011 and make it solely for Grinderscape. After the agreement, I agreed with pb that I would want some stuff to be done on the client and I will pay him whenever any of these things are done. Things went very smoothly, and we became good friends. After a while, pb started working on the server, and he got paid by task completion, with a bonus sometimes. It turned out that me and pb could do massive changes that are when I offered pb to become my partner and pb agreed to earn 15% of the "PROFIT" the server makes. That is around 40% of server earnings in total, and I get the 60%. Things were going very fresh, and as the time passed, I trusted pb more than anyone I trusted on earth thus giving him access to dedi, website, database, and so on. We had our ups and downs; sometimes I motivated pb about the server and vice versa.We had some fights, jokes, and we knew each other very well. As time passed, pb became very stubborn on his updates, and stopped listening to my guidance and asked me to stop working on the server cause I did some bugs which is right. I agree that its better for pb to code the server and will be responsible for everything else. Again and again, pb became more stubborn that he started doing the updates on his own without my acceptance which ruined the gameplay, pking, and a lot of members quit. You had already noticed this when pb made the server extremely hard to a level that it is almost like real OSRS. After asking pb to leave and give me back my files which I have paid him for to work on (I didn't have a backup) he refused to give and the next day I woke up, and I can see that pb formatted my dedi server, stole everything and left. Look at these: http://puu.sh/xApOX/3704e5e8b2.png http://puu.sh/xApRc/13f63659a0.png http://puu.sh/xApXb/393f616786.png http://puu.sh/xAq2M/4a5499c36f.png http://puu.sh/xApy5/a9ca8b7164.png http://puu.sh/xApzL/22c8121bc0.png http://puu.sh/xApAk/f586b67139.png FAQ: 1)Why did you do this Pb? He claims that he is married and he wants to protect his wife, and if he did not do this, it is going to be a problem for him. What is the logic here? I will explain: If a company decided to fire me due to inactivity and laziness from me, I would try to steal as much money as I can from the company so I can secure my life which is legal and not wrong at all. He claims I paid him flat. I was not paying him flat at all, he knows how expensive is our advertisements costs, and that is what we agreed on. He also team viewed me and saw many times that he got paid right and that our server expenses are high. 2) Why did I decide to stop working with pb? Lack of activity, no listening to my updates, being very stubborn, took my server down from 800 players up to 50 and he still thinks he's doing a great job. 3) If pb decided to work hard as before at that time, would you let him stay? Yes, if he promised to work hard I would have kept him and even gave him a bonus cause I loved to work with him. 4) What were your plans when pb was going to leave? I was planning to hire another developer to help me work on the server and to promote the game & pking more than ever. Had a lot of plans. 5) It is somewhat sad to leave pb without money suddenly; you should at least give him some time. I would never leave pb or anyone who works for me without money if his in need of it. No matter who the person is we are all human beings. Pb even knows that I would still pay him some money until he finds a job or hire him back with a higher salary if he promises to work well again. I always give people many chances, except when it is betraying or theft. Who steals once, will always steal. That is what my grandfather taught me. 6) What are the future server plans? Since I do not have the game client, I have a team of 4 members that are working on creating me an OSRS client that will be compatible with the server. We are also going to redesign all the interfaces that pb created once we get the interface creator from someone. The server is going to have all Grinderscape features, but with a bonus of the OSRS models, new osrs items, npcs, minigames, bosses, and so on. The server is also going to be focused on PKING. Don't worry it will not be like the annoying pk only servers. I have a plan, but I cannot say it here due to someone might steal it from me Some server pictures will be posted soon once the client can login to my server. 7) How long will it take for the new server to be online? I think it will take around one month or so to be completed. I do not want to release the server until it's done perfectly and ready for release. I will also have to work on the server and client security so no one will be able to steal or decompile our client. I have to re-create the interfaces for activity rewards, clan chat, quest tab, notes tab, polls, notification tab, slayer rewards, and some other minor things like the pools effect timer, veng timer, potions effect timer..etc I feel sad that pb decided to backstab me, instead of trying to talk to me to reach a proper conclusion. It is very heartbreaking when you trust someone, and you regret it. I wouldn't mind what happened if I did not believe pb and counted him as a brother of mine. This is life, and there are cheap people on it.
  9. Hi please could you inbox me an email address where I could contact you about a financial matter, thanks

  10. The Server

    Thanks for your opinion, we should be both together to direct the server to the best.
  11. Check your p- 
    jk m8.

  12. Read your PM.

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      What's wrong?


    2. Grinder


      I have read it and replied to you.

  13. Grinderscape now and then,

    Thanks for getting this clear. Indeed we need to have a training points shop for basic items that could be bought by new players.
  14. Please read Message.

  15. Grinderscape now and then,

    Very satisfying! I'm trying my best to work on the game but pb refuses any updates coming from my side due to some bugs that might occur. The best thing that could be done is so that we work together and try to bring the best content for the game. Most of the donations is going for advertisement as it is the most expensive thing. Top100arena ad costs more than $6k alone...Thanks for your opinion