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  1. Cool update!
  2. testing bug
  3. - Also for the website we should go back to the landing page we had before, because again I don't like the one we've now personally. Can you explain what you mean by that?
  4. There will be a website maintenance on 5/14/2017 (12:00 AM UTC - 8:00 PM UTC). Timing may vary and is not exactly precise. This is just an estimation from the website database transfer time. Our website server should perform faster, as we will be moving from 16GB RAM DDR3 to 32GB RAM DDR4 and a faster CPU Let us know if you have any inquiries.
  5. Hahaha yeah it looks cool, thanks Dragen!
  6. Dear members, Just a quick notice; I bought a new plugin for our forums that will improve how the profile system looks like. It has many options and can be easily edited. For the meanwhile, it will remain under testing and few minor changes to the styling might occur. In addition, the forums version was upgraded to the latest one. Enjoy
  7. Can i got my veteran rank back?

    i play since 2012

  8. You honestly got me way too good on the Aprils Fools post, man! A good one indeed brother! :') 

  9. Dear players, It's very hard for me to write this, but I'm afraid to say that Grinderscape has to close. There are many reasons behind this, first of all, I'm getting really busy with my studies, and there is not enough time to keep the server online with constant updates. I will try to keep this message as short as possible. The server will continue to operate until the end of April 2017. Players will have access to all donator features, choose your stats option, daily free items will be dropped by the server at home non stop. I would like to every staff member who contributed to Grinderscape and all the players. It was fun having this game! Goodbye! You probably believed this, but it's April fools!! Nothing of the above is real, just a joke
  10. Hi, Our forums has been upgraded to version 4.1.19 of the IPS Community Suite. This includes a security patch and we few bug fixes. This release focuses on bug fixes and performance. You should see speed improvements. New features include: A new moderator setting to restrict users from ignoring moderators. A new group setting to allow members to lock their own content. A new group setting to hide a group from filters in search. When moving content moderators are now prompted for where you want to be redirected after the action. Activity Streams can be created with condensed view as default. An email is now sent when an account is locked for too many bad login attempts. When editing a member in the AdminCP, it will now show how much of their messenger storage quota is being used.
  11. ali_and_shadow_sonic_x_by_xshadowamyfanx


    Hope you had a good weekend. :D

    1. Kyle


      Thank you, sander. And I hope you have a wonderful weekend as well.



  12. Ever taught how will the game play be like if the home location is in Lumbridge? We are already working on a tutorial area that will help new players understand all the great features and content of the server by touring them in a custom tutorial area with lots of custom content. After the tutorial area, the players will spawn in the beloved Lumbridge home which we all knew from playing Runescape. Here are few things that will be created to make it suitable: () All the objects, walls, minimap icons, spawns, shops will be modified. () Exact spawns will be moved (e.g., Max, Premium Shop, General Store, Oziach, ..etc. ) () There will be shops area as you can see the in the picture below. () Thieving stalls that will help new players get started might be placed in the northern misc area mentioned in the picture. () A unique mini quest can be created to make players discover the home properly with untradeable reward as a gift for completing the quest. () It's larger in space, can hold more players, and there are few monsters that players can attack by walking a bit to the east. My only negative aspect about this suggestion is that it will be far from the wilderness if players want to quickly run to the wilderness.
  13. I really like the idea, and I support it. What I think would be cool if we can make a boss that requires at least 4-7 players to slay, and the player who does most damage gets the reward. The killer is also announced in public chat for all players that dealt damage to the boss. It will be even better if it is placed in wilderness to influence pkers EDIT: few more suggestions we can add. - Boss only spawns once every 12 hours. (Needs a lot of players to be slain, and remember the boss is in the wilderness) - Boss will give a guaranteed one piece of rare item + other extra items that can be one to three items. - Max in edgeville will announce when the boss is available to be slain or even in notifications tab you will get a message that the boss has respawned.
  14. I think it should be temporarily moved to a smaller place until we get more players. I believe that it will be suitable if it's placed in one of the following: - Falador party room - East of edge bank - Yanille (for some reason I like that city) Note: Wherever the new place is chosen all the walls, objects, and minimap icons will be modified to suit the new place, including the spawns.