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We’ve decided to deprecate the community forum starting August 29, 2022. We will keep all existing accounts, threads and comments, but no new registrations will be accepted after that date. Our initial intention was for this forum to be a place where the community could communicate and interact about all things from Grinderscape. However, over the years, most of the posts have amounted to Discord such as general chat, bug reports or feature requests, much resembling a more professional and advanced way of communicating. This has led to the following decision that our main focus will be on Discord for all of the server updates, bugs, support line, and more which will make it more active and worth looking at. This means less hassle to check forums and Discord as now you know everything will be on Discord.

New OSRS Cache | Ambient Sounds | Vast skills rework

Lou Grinder

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          As many of you know, this update did take a lot of time to finish. The main reason is a lot of core rework has been done on the
server, which should improve the overall server features. Tons of back-end bugs have been fixed that could cause potential dupes, lagg,
and security issues in the future have been tightened and improved. Several other cases have been tested and fixed, such as:


  • Using interactive combat magic spells on NPC's.
  • Using combat magic spells on players while in and out of the Wilderness.
  • Standing under NPC and talking to NPC / Using an item / Casting magic., .etc.
  • Trading / Duelling / Gambling while standing under the player.
  • Trying to duel another player while in a duel, or trade another player.
  • Trying to teleport outside duel while in a duel, gamble session, or trade.
  • Using specific commands while in a minigame.
  • A lot of container system rework with a potential dupe fix.
  • Using woodcutting axe on trees.
  • Using pickaxe on ores.
  • Using items on the furnace, and on fire.
  • Using items on the ground.
  • Trying to light logs in a bank, using tinderbox on logs on floor.
  • Using tinderbox on random items.
  • Using items on furnace.
  • Redone minor skilling mechanics, including improvements to timing and delays.
  • Over 70 typo fixes to match OSRS ideally in many different scenarios: Such as trying to smelt gold says you don't have enough level to work gold instead of smelt gold.
  • Using items on NPC's while standing under, and from far away.
  • Perfectly fixed tele-other, snowball throwing, Christmas cracker, and rotten tomatoes in many different scenarios.
  • Improved some mechanics in NPC's aggression system, target finding.
  • Trying to attack someone in the Wilderness while you are not in the Wilderness.
  • Trying to attack someone not in the Wilderness while you are in the Wilderness.
  • Fixed tons of overlapping area's system that caused potential region bugs.
  • Some stuff is still under development, such as redoing the pathing to NPC's/players, following, and player movement system to match OSRS.
  • Going to redo clan chat system to match OSRS perfectly, including Clan Wars with their high scores.









Bugs and Fixes:

- Clown mask doesn't show the model properly, spirit shield female equip model is no longer bugged.

- Fixed Karamja's dungeon doors, rope climbing.

- Spirit shield female model will now work correctly.

- Fixed Items kept on death not working for stackable/noted items.

- Fixed gambling interface popping up when closing out of the main gamble screen.

- Fixed unreachable clue digging spot (elite) (Thanks to Hellmage)

- Minor drops chances rework, and some items added/removed, such as bow-sword, gone from drops.

- Fixed Abyssal's bludgeon attack styles.

- Saradomin brews count as healing when healed for the achievements.

- Fixed issue where players get slayer tasks as zero counts.

- Removed white/black flowers from flower gamble mode.

- Updated town crier's dialogues.

- Dying in Alchemical Hydra's zone will drop your items outside the instance.

- Added over 16 missing altars so that all in-game altars should function properly.

- Fixed Tz-tok-jad drop table in boss drop tables in addition to Chaos Elemental.

- Fixed lightning logs in bank area's within all the different scenarios, such as using tinderbox on ground logs.


- Tweaked skilling master's dialogue.

- Fixed longsword lunge emote.

- Fixed a bug in the Wilderness if you killed someone with the cash you don't get the cash stackables.

- Blessed Saradomin's sword attack interface and weapon style are now accurate to OSRS.

- Fixed Black mask equipment model so it doesn't show invisible head.

- Fixed a bug where you couldn't autocast ancient's with degraded Ahrim's staff

- Strange fruit and Cave eel are now edible.

- Fixed a bug when you used gnome rope balance in the opposite direction.

- Fixed a bug where Mutant tarn would only focus on one target on "RAarhg" attacks, now it randomizes targets.

- Fixed an issue where giant mole keeps retreating all the time.

- Item drop finder will now reset history upon closing and opening again.

- Effect timers will now stay near the chatbox on fixed and resizable mode.

- Fixed interface dragging for color picker and sliders).

- Chat mode saves your last used option.

- You can now separate KBD heads by using a knife on them.

- Slayer helmets functionality for check, and disassemble is fixed for all types of helmets, respectively.

- Fixed a bug with spirit shields equipment issue where the shield disappears.

- Fixed a bug where some players had dicer's rank and donator's rank and couldn't yell.

- A silver sickle is now added to the general store for clue scrolls.

- Fixed Iron Man ranks being lost due to redeeming the donator's bond.

- You can now insert stackable items into your looting bag (not 100% yet).

- Fixed Clan chat ranks and staff management ranks per all roles.

- Fixed silver sickle clue scroll, and 8 others that were reported on Discord.

- Reduced the general store depleting of unstocked items rate.

- Some bosses got nerfed, and some got buffed.

- Added an examine for raids items that will state items need an ancient crystal to become charged.

- Fixed Wilderness boss event multi spawn issue (Thanks to Dandan).

- Optimized the high alch values of some items.

- You can now use Vorkath's head with Ava's accumulator to get Ava's assembler.

- Fixing broken items with Perdu will no longer upgrade your rings.

- Random events and anti-botting features will now teleport you back to your proper location height.

- Potential fix for the ladders issue taking players random places.

- Tweaked Slayer's ring features and messages.

- Achievement rewards will only go to your bank space when they can't fit in your inventory.

- Fixed Darkbow & MSB special attacks properly to match OSRS.

- You can now cook on all sorts of fires/cooking range with proper animations.

- You can now fill water containers from any water source in-game (Fountain, bathtub, wells, etc.).

- You can now empty all sorts of vials in-game.

- Tweaked some XP's for some casting spells such as tele-other, high alch..etc.

- Fixed a bug where if you had one arrow equipped with Dark bow.

- Fixed ancient's teleport type graphics/sounds.

- Fixed potion drinking sound.

- Superheat item will now trigger the random event for anti-botting (Thanks to Dandan).

- Fixed level up messages and icons for all skills.

- Fixed Wyvern's graphics and attack sounds.

- Fixed Rune 2h sword skilling task.

- Fixed reported bugs for Blowpipe charging/uncharging and using it with only scales.
Note: You now get messages when you have 200, and 75 darts left, respectively.

- Added all missing items that you can crush with pestle and mortar (e.g., seaweed).

- Fixed all chargeable rings/amulets charging and messages.
Note: You have 1/200 chance of receiving Eternal glory amulet when charging glories in the Wilderness.

- Fixed donator's bank, hp, and spec command in Wilderness & Duel arena.

- You will now get 25m coins instead of 5m for receiving a pet you already have.

- Fixed reported bugs from Discord to the skill guides.

- Potential fix for players redeeming 0 voting points.

- Fixed an issue where players could xlog in the Wilderness, and their accounts will stay online.

- An issue where some players will keep receiving the bank PIN interface while walking should no longer happen.

- Fixed random events issue when you always get wrong answers even if it is correct.

- Toxic blowpipe projectiles now work appropriately based on the darts loaded.


- Tons of improvements on all items kept on death, now you get to keep the actual high valued items.

- Examining items will now show it's real high alch value.

- Minor improvements to the anti-botting system.




- Added original pieces of music for more than 13 different regions, including the sand crab region.

- Fully implemented spawns for Catacombs of Kourend, and many other dungeons. (113 new spawns to be used for Slayer soon)

- OSRS tokens store allows you to buy tokens with platinum tokens.

- Many new maps reworked, those include:
* Donator zone + bridges fixed.
* Home area.
* Neitznot mining area.
* Gambling zone.
* Edgeville map tweaks.
* Black knight titan zone full fix.
* Falador map restored.
* Two new minigame zones.
* Tarn area.
* Kamil area.
* Castle wars, Fun pk, new PVP zone, and many others.





- Added Voting XP Bonus / Aggressivity potion / Antipoison timers.


- Re-arranged training teleports with color difficulty indicator.


- Re-arranged wilderness teleports.


- New Lumbridge Cows teleport & increased their HP by +40!

- Added new OSRS cache and this means: (THIS IS MASSIVE, all the support loading includes new systems implemented into the client):
* Supporting all new OSRS items up to the latest items, which will soon be configured and in-game.
* Supporting all of the latest OSRS maps & minimap icons as you can tell already it has been implemented.
* Support for all the latest sounds and musics revisions.
* Supports loading all latest NPC's with their proper varbits configuration which can be used for boss phases. (Helps us add new content)
* All textures and tiles configuration and settings.
* Support for all the new models, including item models and equipment models.
* Latest OSRS graphics & animations support.
Note: The reason this took a lot of time is that the new OSRS new cache changed the NPC ids, object ids, varbits, and a lot of configuration that we had to basically redo our spawns, drops, dialogues, bosses ids, and tons of stuff
to get it functioning properly. We had to quickly reconfigure a lot of server settings so that it adapts appropriately to the new configurations. Minor bugs should still be there, but they will be hotfixed very quickly. Most other servers only add the cache models to their clients which is brings a lot of bugs in the long run, however ours is perfectly done.


ss-2020-03-05-at-08-16-53                     ss-2020-03-05-at-08-18-38                    ss-2020-03-05-at-08-21-42




- Added 126 NPC's proper animations and sounds. (This is massive, and took a lot of time. Should improve the overall quality of the server.)

- Added 80 new NPC spawns in Al-Kharid, and around the map.

- All in-game bartenders should function properly.

- You can now mine Clay ores and Blurite ores.

- Big improvements on the Slayer's skill:
* Slightly reduced the tasks count according to the masters.
* Redone the dialogues of all slayer masters.
* Some Slayer master's will require a minimum combat level or a minimum Slayer's level.
* Added 8 new Slayer task NPC's such as Sand Crabs.
* Added a lot of missing area's music/sounds for Slayer.
* Added all the missing NPC's for the Slayer's zone, including animations and sounds fixes.
* Fixed almost all of the reported Slayer bugs.




- Redone the bandit's zone & bandits NPC's:
* Bandits will now become aggressive if you are wearing any Saradomin/Zamorak items, or even having it in your inventory.
* Added proper dialogues for all Bandits.
* Aggressivity potion will cause all Bandits to become aggressive no matter what you are wearing, or having in your inventory.
* Fixed missing sounds and drops.
* Fixed missing area zone music.




- Godwars aggression tweaks & improvements:
* Zamorak minions will not become aggressive if you are wearing Unholy/Zamorak religious equipment.
* Saradomin minions will not become aggressive if you are wearing Saradomin/Holy/Monk's spiritual gear.
* Bandos minions will not become aggressive if you are wearing Bandos spiritual equipment.
* Armadyl minions will not become aggressive if you are wearing Armadyl spiritual equipment.



- 2 Completely new custom zones for Hunger minigames, and the Weapon minigame + minor bug fixes.

- Redone player updating & networking mechanics:
* Should significantly reduce lagg and improve server stability.
* Tasks that were looping, causing the server to slow down after time has been patched.
* Going into a new region should slowly load players in the region to prevent any lagg / slow time.
* Highly improved and tweaked NPC's aggression pathing system.


- New ambient sounds system:
* New sound controller for ambient sounds that can be heard by all players.
* All skills will now have ambient sounds when skilling (Fletching, Crafting, Mining, Smithing, Cooking..etc.)
* All objects will have their ambient sounds working perfectly.
* Supports NPC's walking sounds such as General graardor pet.
* Works perfectly for all weapons special attacks, magic, and ranged weapons.
* Sounds level automatically adjusts based on the distance.
* Completely different sound controller than the regular sounds just like on OSRS.



- Dragon whip's special attack & other whips boosts:
* Overall special attack damage boost to all whips by 5-25%
* Dragon's flame effect: Increases damage by 33% with 50% accuracy boost, and sets target on fire for 2-3 seconds.



- Perfect vine's cutting in Brimhaven dungeon.


- Redone vengeance effect to properly match OSRS, including timer issue fix.


- Perfect ava's attraction effects with arrow saving:
* Exact formulas per item from OSRS.
* Doesn't work if you have metal body equipped.
* Commune effects (Minor missing feature will be added soon).



- Ranged arrows will now properly drop on the floor when not saved. (Note: Excludes javelins, and some other ammunition).

- All in-game levers should now function perfectly with proper sounds and graphics with lever toggling.


- Redone Ancient wyvern shield / Dragonfire shield / Dragonfire ward:
* Proper effects towards dragons and wyverns.
* Proper recharging with attack delays and effects, including operating.
* Warning message when dropping your shields, causing it to lose all charges.
* Shields will now properly display on items on death interface.
* Dying with a charged shield will cause it to become uncharged.



- Clicking on an NPC in your NPC kill tracker will shout out your killcount. (Requested by LDM)


- Added Elemental and Mind shield effects towards wyverns.


- You can now properly deposit and withdraw max cash from the bank, and it won't take over your stack.




- Empty warning system:
* An empty warning message system has been implemented to prevent players from losing items.
* Added support to disable warnings for the current system.



- Added Wyvern's cave warning system like on OSRS.


- Tweaked platinum tokens bank exchange system and fixed all bugs.



- Dropping high value item warning system.


- Added all in-game Man and Woman dialogues like on OSRS.


- Highly tweaked the items combining system for tons of items.

- PVP rework started, and the first tweak is you can now keep items kept on death interface open while using protect prayers.


- Vast improvements to Mining, Smithing, Cooking, Firemaking, and Woodcutting skills.

- Added Zenyte gem cutting support. (Soon to become in-game)

Website rework (COMING SOON):


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Very nice thank you for taking the time to do this for us 💯

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What a great update. This will hopefully revitalize the community more-so! 


One question though, is the large update every 4 or so weeks the model you guys would like to move forward with concerning updates, or is the goal to have smaller, more frequent updates?

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I'm sure a huge amount of work went into this update. And I'm happy with the outcome, thanks devs and Lou! 

Hope to see more new content in the upcoming updates. 



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Good job devs and Lou, Great update :) 

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Looks very nice, good job staff team hopefully this continues and good to see the hard work being put in =]

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