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DeathYoshi's Starting guide to starting PvM! (released!)


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Welcome to DeathYoshi's starting guide to PvM!

This guide will include everything from what items to buy to how to make money to buy equipment to start off with!




Part 1: Starting off

Part 2: Gearing up

Part 3: Slayer for Blood Money (BM)



Part 1: Starting off


At the start you will start at home and you will have an option to choose either Classic or Regular. You will start off with 250k cash and 600 blood money from an achievement.


You will first want to go north to the security guard just slightly north to set up your bank pin, it will let you trade players and protect your account!



You will want to go to sandcrabs when you first join to train your stats. You can do that by going to the spell book:



Then clicking Sand Crabs:



Next talk to the combat instructor, he is found here:



After that click on him to open up his shop:


Buy both rune scimitar and iron scimitar along with adamant armor.

Run west and equip the iron scimitar. I normally use shared exp and it's on "Lunge". It will train all 3 stats (Attack/Strength/Defense) all at the same time evenly.


Start to attack the sand crabs and train up your 3 stats until you get to Adamant. Equip the armor. If you ever need health you can tele ::home and use the box of health


Then go back to the crabs

At level 25 you will make 2.5m gold for each combat skill that hits it. Pick up cash and any caskets they drop. At level 30 and 40, equip your adamant armor and rune scimitar. This will be after 2 kills and 3 kills. Just keep training to increase your stats.


At level 25 you will get 2.5m per skill.

At level 50 you will get 5m per skill.

At level 75 you will get 10m per skill.

At level 99 you will get 50m and 30k blood money (BM) per skill.


Any caskets you get are really good money as they can contain up to 7.5m per casket.


After you hit 99 for attack/strength/defense is when you will have enough for your next step. Gearing up.

*You many want to go to part 3 even before you hit max level as you can kill weak npcs to get Blood Money and levels at the same time, for that go to "Part 3: Slayer for Blood Money"*


Part 2: Gearing up

At the stage of hitting 99 attack/strength/defense and hit points you will have obtained 280m+ You can now buy a full bandos set (80m for bandos chest plate and 120m for bandos tasset) and for a weapon you should buy a Abyssal Tentacle 50m



These will be your best starting gear for 250m. After this you will want to start to get Best in Slot (BiS) gear! 

After you get an extra 200m or 200k Blood money you can either trade Bandos for either piece of the void and buy the other piece from the Blood money Store or sell it to players and buy EVoid from players. (top and bottom) for 400m total.




At this stage you might want to also get "Aggressivity potions" for 1k blood money, They will force npcs within range to attack you for 5 minutes. It lets you afk while doing slayer tasks.


The best in slot items for melee are.. (In order of what you should get) 









once you have enough for ring of wealth i, get it and swap it for berserker ring i



Please do note that prices can change and you should always use ::prices when buying items so you buy them for the correct price!


Part 3: Slayer for Blood Money


You will now want to start to do slayer tasks for money. You can find the starting slayer masters at home below ::Shops to the west


Go to the NPCs to the north and open up the consumable shop.


Buy some sharks and super restores. They will be handy when doing the tasks.


Bank the items and bring 4 super restores and 8 sharks



You will most likely want to use Turael as your first Slayer Master task as he will give you something easy to kill.


After that make sure you trade him and buy an enchanted gem from him, it's free!


After that, to get to your task, simply click on the enchanted gem and it will ask you if you want to teleport to your task


Click continue then click "yes please." It will teleport you to your slayer task. In the future your going to want to pray melee before you teleport so you don't happen to get hurt or even killed once you teleport. But since these are easy tasks you won't need to worry about that right now.

If you ever need a refresher on how many kills you have left on your task. Right click your Enchanted Gem and click "Check". It will tell you how many kills you have left.


Once you complete the task you will then get Blood Money sent to your bank and you will receive a message saying how much you got from the task.



If you are at the stage where you want tougher tasks you will first need to level up your prayer.

You have 2 choices, either buy normal bones from the High Priest, he can be found at ::shops



And this is what he sells



Or you can buy dragon bones (1m each) from players.


It will take 175 normal bones (580 exp) to hit 50 prayer. (17.5m)

Or you can use 21 dragon bones (4872 exp) to hit 50 prayer. (21m)


There is no real reason why I decided to say to hit level 50, if you want to go further you can. It will make super restores regenerate more prayer points when your prayer level is higher.  It will will restore (8+(25% of your prayer level)) rounded down. So at 50 it will restore 20.


After this, you can now start to kill higher slayer monsters. Get your next task from Vannaka. He will reward with 10,890 Blood money.



After saving up 30+ slayer points, you will be able to move onto the best Slayer Master in the game, he will give you 31,994 Blood money per task.


Go to skilling teleport and go to dwarf mining guild. You will want to kill the scorpions and have them drop the "Slayer Enchantment" It will let you teleport to the next slayer master we need to get to.



Once you kill them and have a few slayer enchantments click on it and you will tele to the next slayer master.



Just get your slayer task from him and if it's too hard you can skip it. Just click cancel task but make sure you have another 30 points to skip another task if you get a bad one!



Update log: Rough edit updated to it's release (6/2/2020)

Edited by deathyoshi
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Nice work man. Thanks for this. Keep it up and good luck! 💪

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It's now officially made. Just need to do minior tweaks and add other tips to it.

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