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Farming skill, New home area, and Zulrah Boss!

Lou Grinder

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The bad news is that this update took a long time to be completed, but the good news is the update is really huge and that is why it took a lot of time.

Let's get into the update quick!


Bugs and Fixes:

- In resizeable, tab doesn't work to reply should no longer occur.

- Fixed client's icon image missing.

- Firemaking ashes not disappearing fixed, and a possible memory leak.

- Infernal axe equips properly.


- Split private chat "cr" removed.

- Emojis now show properly in PMs.

- Missing teleports & Ape Atoll spells added.



- Enchant crossbow bolt reqs added to glow when you have the runes.

- Mystic robe top now has the proper stats.

- Updated skilling store items for farming supplies.

- Dark beasts are no longer aggressive.

- Bank booth added near blood altar.


- Donator's and above can buy with a shop limit of 500 per time.

- Yell titles removed "[Donator]".

- Dust devil slayer location fixed.


- Empty command will no longer work in jail/wilderness.

- Updated the word filtration and censoring system.

- Mystic pieces are now tradeable.

- Cutting gems with any item no longer works except with chisel.

- Dying from poison in duel arena should be fixed permanently.

- You cannot withdraw or deposit cash over max stash in the bank.

- A lot of NPC's untargetable is now fixed.

- You can now high alch dragon bones, seeds, and some other items that couldn't be alched.

- Agility is now smoother & faster in general. (Can now spam click etc)

- Tweaked the delays of agility objects.

- You're no longer blocked from using an already completed obstacle again.

- It now automatically walks to the obstacle's starting position & interacts with the obstacle.

- Fixed a visual where it would randomly teleport you when clicking the map.

- Removed some duplicate method calls.

- Skilling supplies can now be traded.

- Donator's bond price increased to 7,500 participation points.

- Pestle and mortar can now be crushed properly.

- Trade request color fixed.

- Major bug with broken items has been fixed, and the system is much smoother.

- Thieving random rare rewards now have tons of great items pool!
* Items include: Fury, Void's, Wands, Zerker and other combat rings, Ranger's boots, Mage's boots, D full helm, Bandos hilt, Dragon Square shield..etc

- PK teleports have been changed to promote PKing.


- Barrows will now be broken when dropped.

- You can now claim Max Cape if you have all stats 99 excluding Construction, and Hunter skill.


- Added system to support hourly bonus skill:
* Server will randomly choose a skill for the bonus exp.
* Bonus XP rates will be 30% increased skill experience.


- Zulrah boss added to the server:
* Only donators can use the teleport for now.
* Metamorphoses supported and moves from location to another.
* Instanced boss room so every player can fight it alone and its only SOLO.



- Farming skill completely added:
* Fully functional instanced patches and compost bins.
* Compost and super compost makes you get more herbs.
* Plants can become diseased and will need plant cure.
* Higher level farming means less chance of disease.
* Faster herbs growing for regular, super, and extreme donators.
* Magic secateurs supported for +1 extra herbs.
* Patches can die sometimes.
* Patches can take up to 20 minutes to grow for non-donators.





- Candlemaker can now be traded and sells candle supplies.


- Complete new home layout.








- Withdraw all but one implemented.


- The muddy key is now dropped by a lot of NPCs:
* Chest can be found near the lava dragon maze.
* Rewards 2,500 - 5,000 blood money + a chance of a bonus PK item.
* Server announces when someone opens a muddy chest.
* Gives some resources such as potions, food, arrows..etc
* 50% chance of a bonus item if you are lucky.
* Donators have a better chance of getting a rare bonus item.
* You can examine the key to know the easiest way to reach the muddy chest.
* Random rare rewards include items such as:

Fighter torso, D chain, D full helm, DFS, Obsidian set, Fury, Berserker ring, Void set, Fire cape, D boots, Barrows gloves, Bandos set, Armadyl set, Rune crossbow, Ancient staff, God cloaks, Dragon weapons, Granite maul, Dark bow, Infinity set,.etc



Loot from 21 muddy keys:



Enjoy! :D

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1st :)

Nice update!! Loves how it got organised with the stall and neat looking home with all stalls.

And a new bosses and MAX cape.

Thanks for all the hardwork :) 

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Really big update. Put alot of work into this. Thanks I really like this update! :D

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Thanks for the effort Lou! Although it still needs some work now haha but this update is very juicy and can't wait to grind all of the new content :D ! Awesome!

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