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Galvek Boss | Platinum island | Herblore revamp & MORE!

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Bugs and Fixes:

- Fixed magic spells height and rotation for certain spells that did not work properly.

- Fixed a few typos reported by players such as the ones in achievement tasks.

- Runecrafting decorative armour now grants bonus Runecrafting skill experience.

- Fixed a lot of bugs with Castle wars that were found during testing.

- Fixed Aviansie, Adamant, Rune dragon, Smoke devils, and Monkey guards slayer location upon teleport.

- Fixed Skull scepter infinite charges issue.

- OSRS tokens are now out of stock due to recent OSRS changes and Middleman trading is no longer allowed.

- Fixed Teak trees stump ground object.

- Fixed a few bugs with the Fishing formula with certain equipment, and fixed dropping burnt food.

- Bronze member ranked players will no longer have access to the yell feature.

- Up to 30% extra rewards are now available on the website store.

- Fixed Dust devil still reducing stats while wearing a Slayer helmet.

- Imbued capes are no longer a reward from clue scrolls and are now available in blood store.

- Fixed level 40 in The Wilderness entrance to the Revenant's cave.

- The Gilded altar is now only available in the Platinum members island.

- Adjusted the position of clue scrolls which was previously under a shop NPC no longer can be reached.

- Updated the Bird house position in home area to face the proper direction.

- Words filter and censor system is no longer in game. However, excessive flaming will still result in a punishment.

- You can now logout when you are not being hit but attacking other targets.

- Major improvements to the combat system (PJing, logout, algorithms and more).

- Possibly fixed a bug where NPC moves after being attacked.

- New players will no longer join the default help clan chat.

- Buying and selling including all other features are now allowed once again on the clan chat with the rule of no spam.

- Fixed Alchemical Hydra entrance allowing players to safe spot the boss.

- Fixed the Weapon and Battle Royale Minigame portal entrance.

- Home teleport button will use the default teleport speed and will be interrupted if used in combat.

- HP, Spec, and bank command feature will no longer be available for use and will be replaced with other features soon.




- Galvek boss is now in-game:
* The strongest dragon in-game which can be found lurking in The Wilderness.
* The boss can only be found in single zones.
* The boss currently has no drops but that will be changed soon.
* All of the 4 boss phases are fully functional with their mechanics.




- Full complete Platinum members island is now available:
* The best members island available in-game.
* The only island to contain the Gilded altar which provides semi best Prayer experience after Ectofuntus.
* Manta rays and Angler fishing spots.
* Redwood cutting.
* Blood and Soul altars for Runecrafting skill.








- Herblore skill revamp and perfect:
* Added support for Diving potion drinking and creation system.
* Added support for Barbarian potion creation and drinking system.
* Added support for Weapon poison system.
* You can now herblore Guthix balance potions.
* Swamp tar mixing and grinding system.






- Combat dummies are now implemented into the game:cs4c31W.png
* Combat dummies are now available in the Platinum members island and home area.
* The combat dummy is used to test the strength of a player's worn equipment.
* The undead combat dummy acts as an undead against certain weapons and magic spells such as Demon Agony spell.



Note: New client will be required to play.

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Damn brother, lit update tbh, nice bro keep it up, you doing great ❤️

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Pretty sweet update. I've been waiting for this new DZ! Excited to get in and take a look.

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Great update, looking forward to seeing what's to come :D 

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