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This forum is deprecated.

We’ve decided to deprecate the community forum starting August 29, 2022. We will keep all existing accounts, threads and comments, but no new registrations will be accepted after that date. Our initial intention was for this forum to be a place where the community could communicate and interact about all things from Grinderscape. However, over the years, most of the posts have amounted to Discord such as general chat, bug reports or feature requests, much resembling a more professional and advanced way of communicating. This has led to the following decision that our main focus will be on Discord for all of the server updates, bugs, support line, and more which will make it more active and worth looking at. This means less hassle to check forums and Discord as now you know everything will be on Discord.

Pest Control | Major Combat Rework | Skills Rework | Xmas 201 | BIG CONTENT!

Lou Grinder

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Bugs and Fixes:

- You can now consume an edible with Cooked karambwan at the same time.

- Fixed stairs causing players to freeze in the Slayer cave area near Kurasks.

- Fixed Rooster NPC animations and drops.

- Increased the Herblore skill herb cleaning speed to allow to clean multiple herbs at once.

- Improved and revamped the pickpocketing system and now it properly checks for your Thieving skill level and 

- Optimized the Mining/Woodcutting skill formulas. You will feel a slight improvement/reduction based on the ore/tree type.

- Fixed a bug where you couldn't search old bookshelves for some clue scroll requirements.

- Fixed Proper animation glitching delays when using essence on Runecrafting altars.

- Fixed Ring of suffering (i) showing improper charges.

- Fixed an issue where you would auto retaliate when doing an Agility obstacle such as the Black Knight Titan boss obstacle.

- You will no longer follow a player when doing any Agility obstacle.

- Players can now create Tiara's for Crafting with silver bars and a tiara mold.

- Fixed a bug not allowing you to deposit all items in the bank deposit box interface.

- Possibly fixed a bug with Baslisks NPC's being invisble in certain circumstances.

- Fixed the Agility obstacles in Varrock and Canifis Rooftop with improper timings and delays.

- You can now teleport to Duradel normally from the spellbook.

- Slayer enchantments will now only drop if you slay a monster in the Wilderness that is assigned by Kristilia.

- Slayer enchantments can now be used to charge the Slayer's staff into Slayer's staff (e) version for boosted effects.

- The brimstone key is a key obtained from killing monsters while on a Slayer task given by Konar quo Maten.

- Added Farming boots to the Farming skill master store which was missing.

- Teleport tablets are no longer obtainable from the Ancient wizards store. The only way to obtain them is through common clue scroll rewards similar to OSRS.

- Muddy key and Crystal key rewards are no longer obtainable from clue scrolls or RDT drops. They will be dropped by specific NPC's in-game to raise their value.

- Fixed a bug with the reset lamp saving your last chosen option incorrectly.

- Skilling no longer rewards coins based on experience gain to improve the coins value and economy inflation.

- Increased the chance to find Superior slayer monster unique drops by 500%. Those items are unique and can't be find elsewhere.

- Increased the chance to spawn a Superior slayer monster variant by 50% while on a slayer task.

- ::zulrah and ::ds commands have been removed from in-game.

- Fixed searching trawler net to find some fishing nets and picking banana trees that didn't work earlier.

- Fixed all the ladder destinations in the Catacombs of Kourend slayer dungeon.

- The special effect of pearl bolts (e) will have 33.3% increased damage. The fiery attribute is assigned to monsters that are weak to the special effect of pearl bolts (e).

- Fixed the sawmill operator interactions in Varrock lumberyard which will be used in the Construction skill very soon.

- Minor rework on the drop formulas in order to bring the perfect economy back.

- Added the proper spell radius for Ancient Magicks spell types such as Ice barrage multi hit radius.

- Fixed a bug with the Frog random event not popping properly for some players, and now it will happen more often for anti botting mechanics and logging.

- Participation points will no longer reward you with Blood money in order to improve the value of Blood money.

- Fixed a lot of bugs with pickpocketing certain NPC's and optimized all the formulas and experience gain to match OSRS.

- Dying while not having the Brimstone key protected will be replaced with 50,000 coins instead as the item is untradeable.

- Updated the Daily login reward system and removed the rewards in order to improve the economy and cash value.

- Optimized the packets processing speed of the server frame networking.

- Removed a lot of unnecessary RDT drops and now they match OSRS with a little twist to make it more appealing.

- Fixed a bug not allowing players to drop the letter from the Xmas event.

- Fixed the Dragon halberd's special attack sound not playing.

- Optimized the Agility obstacle climbing speed in the Lizardman canyon.

- Scorpia's offspring scorpion aggressive range reduced from 7 tiles to 3 tiles to match OSRS.

- Fixed Dark wizards attack sounds and proper attack range to lure level 3 players.

- Perfectly matched almost every single weapon in game to the proper attack range.


- Updated the definitions dump for ALL NPCs to have the proper attack speeds which will highly influence the combat system.


- Fixed the Black knight titan's lair Agility obstacle allowing players to noclip.

- Fixed a bug allowing you to get damage even after using a teleport tablet such as when leaving Vorkath fire phase.

- Added a global announcement when someone defeats the Aquais Neige minigame.

- Dwarf cannon will no longer target rock crabs in their rock form. Fixed cannon hit delays to match OSRS.

- Updated Tzhaar store location in the Fight caves and its teleport location when on tutorial mode.

- Optimized Ice queen attack styles and mechanics.

- Zulrah instance is now enabled to be played once again.

- Fixed a mini bug when entering Vorkath lair it faces a different direction in the instance and even when waking up.

- Cyrisus minions of Aquis Neige final boss will now use proper smart pathfinding and all of their hits now use proper and real magic/ranged formulas which makes it even harder and more detailed.

- Fixed Edgeville teleport location when teleporting from the Ancient wizard.

- Fixed force doors and gates system with before and after gif to understand the fix.

- Monkey slayer task will now count as Demonic gorilla, tortured Gorilla and Monkey guard.

- You will no longer get teleported home after using a VPN on login.

- The rejuvenation box will now clear off any poison damage.

- Fixed a MAJOR bug with pathing which made NPC's move a few tiles after being attacked.

- Black demon slayer task will now count towards Skotizo, Porazdir, Kolodion demon form, and K'ril tsutsaroth and his minions.

- Fixed a bug with Vet'ion moving very far away from its original spawn point along with many other similar NPC's issue.

- Improved and tweaked the whole NPC aggression system where NPC's will now have safe timer, proper aggression distance and much more.

- Fixed a few bugs with certain food recipe such as Dragonfruit, Mushroom pie, Sweetcorn meal and much more.

- Fixed all halo's equipment models and god effect also applies when wearing one properly.

- Void knight mace now counts as a staff and can cast certain spells such as crumble undead.

- Ice queen and Sea troll queen will no longer drop Staff of the dead. Kamil will no longer drop the Staff of light.

- The Saradomin's light will no longer let you consume it twice.

- You can now create a Toxic staff of the dead by using a Magic fang on Staff of the dead and having 59 crafting level or above.

- Fixed a bug now allowing you to create Staff of balance when using Staff of the dead with Guthix icon.

- Fixed a bug with poison hits hitting instantly. Proper delays has been implemented.

- Staff-of-the-dead Staff of the dead and tridents are no longer available in stores.

- The blowpipe will now apply the venom effect 100% chance when wearing any of the three serpentine helmets.

- NPC's will now retreat if they cannot reach you for 10 seconds.

- Staff of light can now cast Flames of Zamorak and Saradomin strike with proper 4 tick attack delay.

- Fixed teleport messages requiring to be 10 seconds out of combat into several seconds message.

- Fixed 3rd age stat requirement from 65 defence to 30 defence for certain items.

- Burnt bones are now available in the High priest store along with some other noted bones.

- Removed dragon token from Black demon drop in Taverly dungeon.

- Fixed Slayer task only areas such as the Stronghold security, Slayer tower underground, Lizardman shaman and many more.

- Fixed a lot of bugs with the Fletching skill and made it fletch sets of 15 for arrows, bolts, darts..etc

- 5 new areas with music added such as Mor Ul Rek, Smoke devil dungeon and more.

- You can type ::offsnow to off the snow and it no longer saves so you have to use it again launching a new instance.

- You can no longer use the cannon in barrows crypt, wyrm karuulm dungeon, alchemical hydra and scorpia's pit.

- You can only deal melee damage in the Warriors guild such as when slaying Cyclops or Animated armours.

- Fixed a bug in the Motherlode mine mining animation for 3rd age pickaxe.

- Fixed a bug in the Moterlode mine not updating sack ores count properly.

- Fixed a minor bug with the Muddy chest and Crystal chest not showing proper items after being used for several times.

- Deviant spectre now counts towards your slayer task for Aberrant spectre.

- You can now teleport directly to Duradel from the teleport interface.

- Fixed a bug with Revenant items (charged) versions that couldn't be dropped.

- Players will now drop the revenant charges upon death even if the item was protected on death.

- Toxic staff of the dead, Serpentine helmets and Tridents of swamp will drop their Zulrah scale charges if not protected on death.

- Fixed a bug with 2 days Ruby members rank reward from voting not rewarding players correctly.

- Fixed dust devil to use melee ranged attacks instead of just melee.

- Certain npcs will now leave you alone when not attacking back.


- Staff of light now counts as Saradomin's light in Zamorak chamber.

- NPCs can now attack you even if frozen as long as you are in distance.

- Fixed an issue with Monkey guards and many other NPC's not being attackable when standing in the south poll side of the NPC.

- Fixed Black knight titan dialogues when interacting with the boss.

- Fixed all bugs with the Abyssal's tenctacle along with its poison effect and charges system to allow multiple charges. Please note that if you already
had the item before the update you must dissolve it and create a new one to have its effects working once again. Charging your Kraken tentacle will only add 1,000 charges to the Abyssal's tentacle instead of 10,000 to increase its value. The Abyssal tentacle will drop as a Kraken's tentacle upon death if unprotected.

- Fixed a bug with pathing system not displaying I can't reach that message when not in reach of your interacting entity.

- Fixed the home teleport spell in the regular spell book which didn't work earlier.



- Implemented Magic skill cape effect to allow players to change their spellbook 5 times a day.

- Implemented Defence cape effect which acts like a Ring of life when equipped and can be used once every 24 hours.

- Implemented forest area ambient sounds when walking near trees such as bird sounds and many other sounds that play randomly.

- Players who wear the rogue outfit have a chance of getting double loot when successfully pickpocketing NPCs. This chance is guaranteed if the full outfit is worn. It does not increase success rate.

- Thieving cape provides an additional 10% chance of being successful when pickpocketing NPCs.

- You can now craft Limestone bricks and cave granite rocks into smaller blocks using the Crafting skill.

- Added new Chronozon boss in The Wilderness which is the ONLY boss that drops the unique Staff of Dominance used for Demon agony spell which could hit above 90 against demons.



- Crafting and Fletching skill completion: Bird nests, Spinning, Weaving, Pottery, Silver, Battlestaffs, Javelin fletching, Crossbow bolts and more:

  1. Added support for falling bird nests while woodcutting which can be used to obtain crushed nests used for the Herblore and Crafting skill.
  2. You can now string unstrung symbol and unstrung emblem.
  3. Support for creating battle staffs.
  4. Support for hammering and creating Tribal masks.
  5. Glass blowing has been implemented.
  6. Silver jewerly creation has been implemented.
  7. Added support for Pottery.
  8. Brodoo shield creation.
  9. Added support for Spinning wheel with all the items supported.
  10. You can now cut shells to craft snelms.
  11. Added weaving support with all the items supported.
  12. Added support to crafting Xerician fabric to create the Xerician robes set. (No longer available in stores.)
  13. Added support for fletching javelins, bolts, and brutal bolts.
  14. Added support for fletching Achery logs to create Ogre arrow shafts and Celastrus bark to create battlestaffs.

  15. craftingspinning


- Mutant tarn mechanics and projectiles has been redone along with minion spawns added.

- The untouchable attack mechanics and projectiles has been redone along with a new Ancient wizard minion to support the boss.

- Added new spawns in the Slash bash area along with redoing the boss mechanics and projectiles.


- Added new spawns in the Black knight titan and redone the projectiles which can now hit multiple players at once.

- Improved Kamil default boss zone and optimized the attack formulas.

- Added missing sounds to Catacombs Hell hounds, Loan Shades, and Metal Dragons.

- Implemented 1:1 Trident of seas, Enchanted trident of seas, Trident of swamp, and Toxic trident of swamp (e) with perfect formulas and projectile speeds:Toxic-staff-of-the-deadTrident-of-the-seas-fullUncharged-toxic-trident

  1. Fully dynamic charging system which allows you to have multiple charged tridents in your inventory with different charges.
  2. Implemented the death mechanics when dying with the charged trident unprotected will turn into an uncharged trident.
  3. You can't change your autocast spell whilst wearing a trident.
  4. Your cannon will be come powered while having a charged trident equipped.
  5. You cannot attack players with using trident spells in the Wilderness.
  6. Boss drops will now either drop a fully charged trident of an uncharged trident and you have to charge it to be used.
  7. Proper magic animation, sounds, and spell formulas for the trident.
  8. Ability to uncharge your toxic or enhanced trident to make it tradeable.
  9. Ability to enhance your tridents by attaching 10 kraken tentacles to the trident which will increase max charges and boost damage.
  10. Trient of swamp passive effect: In addition, the trident possesses a passive effect in which successful hits with either the built-in attack or a manually-cast combat spell have a 25% chance of inflicting venom on the opponent.
  11. If the player is wearing a serpentine helm, the poison chance is increased to 100% if the target is a monster.
  12. Faster auto cast hit than most other regular spells when autocasting.


- Implemented 1:1 Staff of the dead and Toxic staff of the dead mechanics:

  1. Fully dynamic charging system which allows you to have multiple charged staffs in your inventory with different charges.
  2. Proper attack style, attack sounds, equipment requirements and stats has been added which makes the staff stronger than a Dragon scimitar in stats.
  3. Implemented the death mechanics when dying unprotected with the Toxic staff of the dead it will turn drop all the Zulrah's scale charges and drop as uncharged toxic staff.
  4. Staff of the dead passive effect: players using combat spells when wielding the staff have a 25% chance of inflicting venom on their opponent. However, if the opponent is an NPC and the serpentine helm is worn in conjunction with the staff, there is a 100% chance of envenoming them.
  5. The player cannot envenom opponents using the staff's melee attack. However, scales will still be consumed.
    Note: Special attack feature will be added very soon!


- Implemented 1:1 Slayer staff (e):

  1. Fully dynamic charging system which allows you to have multiple charged staffs in your inventory with different charges.
  2. The slayer's staff (e) is an upgraded version of the slayer's staff, obtained by using a slayer's enchantment on it.
  3. Using the staff increases the damage dealt by Magic Dart when attacking a Slayer monster the player is assigned to kill.
  4. Proper attack style, attack sounds, equipment requirements and stats has been added.
  5. Implemented the death mechanics when dying unprotected with the Slayer staff (e) it will turn drop as uncharged slayer's staff.
  6. If the Slayer's staff (e) is used while on task, its max hit is even higher.


- Added support for slayer task only area and Thermonuclear smoke devil passage entrance and area smoke which will affect any player not wearing protection.


- Pest Control Minigame has been added 1:1 OSRS:

  1. Pest Control is a co-operative members-only combat-based activity.
  2. Players must defend the Void Knight from an onslaught of monsters, while at the same time destroying the portals from which the monsters spawn.
  3. This is a 'safe' activity. Players who die keep their items, respawn on the lander, and can rejoin combat immediately. 
  4. Full Sounds & Music has been implemented to the whole minigame.
  5. Unique Store and the Void gear is only obtainable from the Minigame.
  6. The ability to upgrade your Void gear to a trimmed version option will be coming soon!
  7. The game requires 2 players minimum to start.



Name Attack style Combat levels Notes
BrawlerBrawler Melee 51, 76, 101, 111 or 129 Blocks the way due to its massive size, making it impossible to walk through. It is impossible for players or pests to shoot over it with ranged or magic attacks.
DefilerDefiler Ranged 33, 50, 66, 80, or 97 Can range over the walls.
RavagerRavager Melee 36, 53, 71, 89, or 106 Destroys Gates and Barricades. Non-aggressive, but can hit hard with melee.
ShifterShifter Melee 36, 57, 76, 90, or 104 Can teleport (also over the walls). Immune to poison.
SpinnerSpinner Melee 37, 55, 74, 88, or 92 Can heal the portals. Will not retaliate when attacked.
SplatterSplatter Melee 22, 33, 44, 54, or 65 Explodes when killed, damaging nearby players and pests. Will explode instantly upon moving adjacent to gates and barricades.
TorcherTorcher Magic 33, 49, 67, 79, 91 or 92 Can cast spells over the walls.
Colour Location Attack weakness
Purple portal icon.png W Ranged
Blue portal icon.png E Magic
Yellow portal icon.png SE StabSlash
Red portal icon.png SW Crush



- Complete overhaul of the projectile system formulas. (Very tedious and long task going through every projectile use NPC).

  1. Armaros
  2. Hydro troll
  3. Krampus
  4. Nykur
  5. Water Wizard
  6. The Inadequacy + it will now receive 50% reduced damage after minions stage.
  7. Ket Zek
  8. Tok Xil
  9. Tz-tok-jad
  10. Armadyl crossbow special attack
  11. Ballista special attack
  12. Dark bow special attack
  13. Dorgeshuun special attack
  14. Magic short bow special attack
  15. Dragon crossbow special attack
  16. Seercull special attack
  17. Blowpipe special attack
  18. Magic hit delays for ALL spells
  19. Aberrant spectre
  20. Air, Water, Earth, Fire, Dark wizards
  21. Cockatrice
  22. Crazy Archaelogist
  23. Elf Archer
  24. Zamorak/Guthix/Saradomin wizards
  25. Monkey archer
  26. Spinolyp with addition to ranged attack is now supported
  27. Thrower troll
  28. Tzhaar mage
  29. Demonic and Tortured gorillas
  30. Aviansie
  31. General graardor with minions (proper crush defence attack styles)
  32. Kree'arra with minions
  33. K'ril tsatruth with minions
  34. Commander zilyana with minions
  35. Barrelchest
  36. Black knight titan
  37. Chaos elemental
  38. Chaos fanatic
  39. Avatar of magic
  40. Avatar of ranged
  41. Cerberus
  42. Alchemical Hydra
  43. Ice queen
  44. Jungle demon
  45. Kalphite queen
  46. King black dragon
  47. Lizardman shaman
  48. Mutant tarn
  49. Scorpia boss
  50. Sea troll queen
  51. Corporeal beast
  52. Dagannoth Supreme
  53. Dagannoth Prime
  54. Dagannoth rex (proper slash attack styles)
  55. Giant sea snake
  56. Venenatis
  57. Vetion
  58. Vorkath
  59. Callisto
  60. jungleperfect2


- Added support for Scorpia's offspring guardians spawns in the boss chamber.

- Added Ice Troll King attack sounds along with new area spawns and mechanics improvements.

- All bosses attacks styles has been optimized to use (CRUSH, STAB, SLASH) instead of the default slash which will have a major role on the defence
gear that you are wearing. This is not limited to certain bosses using ranged melee attack styles which uses a melee attack but it checks for your
ranged defence such as for Kree'arra. Every single boss has been redone to have this perfectly matching and will have true influence on bosses.

- Added support for opening any type of item pack such as Olive oil pack, Plant pot pack, and Mind rune pack.

- Added support for Firemaking with colored fires and attaching firelighters to logs.

- Desert amulet 4 now gives protection from the desert heat effect when the amulet is worn. It also provides unlimited Nardah teleports which take the player within close proximity of the Elidinis Statuette.



- Added support to the new variants of the Superior Slayer Monsters:

  1. Sceaming twisted banshee
  2. Repugnant spectre
  3. Insatiable mutated bloodveld
  4. Vitreous warped jelly


- Added perfectly loaded combat script mechanics 1:1 OSRS for the following variants:

  1. Greater abyssal demon
  2. Giant rockslug
  3. Screaming twisted banshee
  4. Nechyrarch
  5. Marble gargoyle
  6. Cave abdomination
  7. Monstrous basilisk
  8. Night beast
  9. Chasm crawler
  10. Nuclear smoke devil


- Fishing skill minor tweaks implemented:

  1. Added new skill messages for the Fishing skill.
  2. Added support to get a Golden tench while fishing with a 1/500 chance.
  3. You have a chance to fish Big swordfish and Big bass when fishing them with a 1/500 chance. They will be used for the Construction skill primarily.
  4. Your chance of receiving a big shark whilst fishing is reduced from 1/8 to 1/32 chance.


- New map area names which look much more professional and to the point of the area:

  1. Ruby member zone -> La Isla Ebana
  2. Bronze member zone -> The Deserted Reef
  3. Legendary boss zone -> The Cursed Vault
  4. Platinum zone -> The New Peninsula
  5. Gamble zone -> Medallion Casino
  6. Fun pvp -> Free PVP Arena


- Bored of the old default in-game announcements? We have added 56 new announcements!

- Added God wars Agility obstacles support for Grapple, Bridge, and Rockslide.

- You can now create Devout boots, Brimstone boots, and Brimstone ring using the proper ingredients.

- Created a system which will allow certain items to only be equip-able based on specific members rank:

  1.  More items will be added into this list very soon which will allow members to equip unique items in-game such as Sled.


- Added Bracelet of clay support:Bracelet-of-clay

  1. A bracelet of clay allows players to mine soft clay instead of hard clay.
  2. It is made by enchanting a sapphire bracelet with the Lvl-1 Enchant spell.
  3. A single bracelet can mine 28 soft clay, after which it disintegrates.
  4. The player can check how many more soft clay it can mine by equipping it and then right-clicking "check."
  5. The number of charges is stored per player, not per bracelet, so equipping another bracelet will not reset the number of charges a player has.


- Combat system revamp and clean up with tons of new features: (LOTS OF WORK went through this!)

  1. Both of the Salve amulet effects now work properly against NPC's and also Undead combat dummy.
  2. Fixed a bug causing some items such as Slayer mask/helmet not increasing damage when fighting your Slayer task NPC.
  3. Dragon hunter lance now provides 20% bonus damage and accuracy against Dragon, Wyvern and Olm type of NPCs.
  4. Wearing obsidian set now provides 10% bonus damage and accuracy.
  5. Using your Dragon hunter crossbow now properly increases your damage by 30% against Dragon, Wyvern and Olm type of NPCs.
  6. Your true pure max hit damage will now properly reflect against the Undead combat dummy on any combat style such as Demon agony spell.
  7. Implemented proper magic and ranged attack delays which perfectly mimics OSRS including different ranged weapons with different hit distance delay.
  8. The Undead combat dummy is also considered Demon type of monster race.
  9. You will now get proper messages when freezing targets such as "Your target is already held by a magical force." or if they are immune.
  10. You will now get "A magical spell has made you unable to move." when being frozen and will reset your interactions properly.
  11. Implemented ALL the monster races along with their effects. (Arzinan, Bear, Fiery, Dragon, Kalphite, Undead, Humanoid, and much more)
  12. Many different NPC's will now behave differently according to their monster race such as some races are weak to certain spells, items, and more.


- Along side the combat improvements you can now cast magic spells when under the target such as Ice barrage which will improve Pking significantly.

- Along side the combat improvements you will now be able to attack targets from a further distance with melee attack when running towards it.

- Added new zones NPC spawns which will be used for Slayer tasks, Raids base, and many other uses in the upcoming future.

Note: Images not sorted by order.

  1. Prifidinnas (Agility and City)
  2. Kraken cave (Boss coming soon)
  3. Theatre of blood (Base work for Raids II and started work on Dialogues, party interface and dynamic maps creation).
  4. H.A.M Hideout (Thieving skill and clues)
  5. Harpie bug swarm (Slayer skill)
  6. Zygomites (Slayer skill)
  7. Wintertodt (Minigame base work started)
  8. Mor Ul Rek (Inferno base work + access system from vent door, stores, dialogues, new NPC's and more)
  9. Ranging guild (Store with unique items)
  10. Edgeville sheeps (Ball of wool)
  11. Clan wars (Minigame soon)
  12. Ourania altar (Runecrafting and all NPC mechanics implemented with proper stats)


- Mining skill improvements and bonus content addition:

  1. Granite mining 1:1 OSRS
  2. Sandstone mining 1:1 OSRS
  3. Granite crafting 1:1 OSRS
  4. Limestone mining 1:1 OSRS
  5. Pickaxe animation delay perfected
  6. Amulet of glory now has 1/256 - 1/86 chance of spotting a gem while mining ores.
  7. Mining cape has a 5% chance of getting an extra ore when mining up to Adamantite ores.
  8. Celestial ring and signet provides +4 boost to Mining. Stacks with both visible and invisible boosts.
  9. Varrock armour 1,2,3,4 mining effects to provide a chance of getting an extra ore based on your armour.
    Uzer mine - OSRS Wiki


- Created the base work for support system of the 4 new game modes including Group Iron man:

  1. Survivor
  2. Realism
  3. Pure (::pure)
  4. Master
  5. Group Iron Man (Will be released with its own update with a custom twist/bank vault)
  6. More details about the rank icon, XP, title, and more will be released soon in a separate forum update thread.



- Xmas: Event 201 has been added along with all the old reported bugs fixed and a new task is now in place.


- New items coming to the game VERY SOON including a custom level 2,000 undefeated dragon boss from Oldschool runescape (Merodach).







Please note: A new client will be REQUIRED to be able to play and make sure you are on the latest version V7.21


🎄Merry Christmas 2021 and Happy Holidays everyone!🎄❄️

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Thanks for the update nice work like always mate ;) also have a Merry Christmas 

Edited by Dreamzz
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What a lot of new content! Good work Lou and team! 

and merry Xmass 🎄🏆

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Amazing update Lou! I know this took alot of hard work but what a result. Keep up the hard work!


And Merry Christmas!

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Love it! Not only are you helping the skilling community but you’re helping the bossing and pking community as well! We all appreciate you and the Developers with this update, can’t wait to get those big content in the future!   

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Loving the update, keep up the great work! thank you 💜

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