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  1. Number 1

    Good to see progress is being made. Well done
  2. Number 1

    Thanks babes!
  3. Number 1

    Absolutely deserved. Keep up your great support! One love Xoxo
  4. Number 1

    im in love

    Ahhhh you so cute.
  5. Number 1

    I think the current prices of runes are just fine. Money is really easy to get, and it isn't really that much after all. Maybe lower the prices of pure essence so its viable to craft them for yourself. With the rest of suggestions I think is fine. Thanks for your suggestions.
  6. Number 1

    Congratz Anz! Well deserved
  7. Number 1

    This demote was delayed for a long time. Thanks for your duties daxx.
  8. Number 1

    Cheap way of advertising the server, I get it. Still a good thing tho. Goodluck video makers
  9. Hi, I would like a graphic designer to make a signature/profile design for me. My game name on steam is Monster, now I have found a cool logo but it's from Monster Energy drink copy right etc. So I would like to come in contact with a graphic designer who can make something similar. Contact me via forums or discord Cardage#2220  (Possibly for a fee) Example;
  10. Number 1

    Hey I'm sorry! I missed this thread before. Very nice graphics, and thanks for creating mine!
  11. This is what I've been waiting for. Thanks for this update! Xoxo
  12. Number 1

    Just don't. Thanks
  13. Number 1

    So after being afk for a while i equipped different items, and yeah this happend. https://i.gyazo.com/f5de783bc0c5dbe910542258ed64d28a.mp4
  14. Thanks for the reports Anz! Hope they get fixed asap, some are really annoying.
  15. Number 1

    Can't you just buy reset lamp afterwards?