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  1. Number 1

    Hello fellow Grinderscapers, First i would like to say thanks for the oppertunity to prove myself as a in-game moderator. I will continue to do my best efforts to help players and keep the server safe. I really enjoy working together with the current staff team. Please feel free to PM me anytime if you need help or just want to have a nice conversation. Greetings, Number 1
  2. Unable to remove the helmet and glory in the equipment tab. bug.mp4
  3. Number 1

    Congratz Jewdude! And goodluck
  4. More quality of live improvements. Great job
  5. Number 1

    Valar.... I'm sad seeing you leave the staff team. Hope to see you around nevertheless. Thanks for your efforts. I really appreciated you as a staff member.
  6. Number 1

    Very deserved, I have never seen anyone as active as you. I'm sure that you will perfom well in this new position Goodluck buddy
  7. Number 1

    I don't agree with you about the current state of the server or about the communication. I think we are still in the the early development of the server and we are progressing every month. I'm sad to see you leave the staff team. But if you don't see any positive energy in the server it might be a wise decision. Thanks for your service and hope to see you in game later on.
  8. That's what you call a colossal update! Amazing job, can't wait to obtain all the new items.
  9. Number 1

    Thanks for the opportunity Lou! I will do my best to support and help the community as much as possible.
  10. Number 1

    Oh that looks very nice History of Grinderscape haha
  11. Number 1

    Dam Anz! I really appreciated you as a staff member. Goodluck with uni! And I hope to see you back in game whenever you got the time. X
  12. Number 1

    Never steal names you imposter! Thanks for your duties and goodluck! Greetings The real Number 1
  13. Number 1

    Goodluck to everyone!
  14. Number 1

    Congratz boy! U deserve that promotion