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  1. Icarly65

    Hey everyone, Today we decided to promote @Brad to the rank of Server Support. Brad has been doing a great job of being active/being a good role model in game. He will be active regularly between 4am and 12pm GMT where we lacked a lot of support, so we had a pretty easy decision to make. As with all staff, he will be on a 2 week trial, but I have no doubt that he will pass with flying colors. Welcome to the team man.
  2. Icarly65

    Still bad congrats man, and sweet cape
  3. I've told you multiple times about how pre eoc items and what not aren't being added. This is old school based, and that isn't going to change
  4. Icarly65

    Account has been fixed. Enjoy! -Closed
  5. Icarly65

    Love you too man, glad to have you back on the server
  6. Icarly65

    I've seen you around a couple time. Hope to see you around some more, and glad you are enjoying the game
  7. Icarly65

    We have the same taste in music it seems (not many people seem to listen to Rock these days lol). My favorite in that bunch would have to be war pigs though
  8. Icarly65

    Wow I hadn't thought of this. 100% support, really would bump the activity in the wild up a bit
  9. Icarly65

    More special ranks I see. Definitely don't agree with this
  10. Icarly65

    Definitely sad to see. In the few times I talked with you, you came across as somebody who is mature and has potential to be a good staff member. Everyone loses interest at times, and taking a break is something that is sometimes needed. Greatly respect your decision, and how easy it was to talk with you about this. Hope to see you return someday
  11. Icarly65

    Hey everyone, today we decided to promote @Surreal to the rank of Server Support. Tristan has been a great addition to the server, constantly looking for and reporting any issues, being active/helpful, and overall being a great role model for the community. Add the fact that he has been a staff member not once, but twice before, and this became a very easy decision. As with all staff, he will be on a 2 week trial. No doubt he will pass with flying colors though. Welcome to the team!
  12. Icarly65

    I'll be honest, the Bm shop in general has never been my favorite. I do think we need to add some other ways to get Bm, and some more items should be taken out (make it a pk only store)
  13. Icarly65

    Couldn't have worded this better myself. It really helps when all staff can see one player report (rather than 1 particular staff member getting evidence) as it will allow the staff team to work as a team on the report, rather than individually.
  14. Icarly65

    I think he did, besides Farming obviously
  15. Icarly65

    I thought Rene was first . Either way congrats man