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  1. Hey man! Long time no see or chat! It's Crotchzapper/Lezilla, whichever one you prefer. ;)

    Anyway, hope all is going well man and for the server! Wish it had more people on the fourms like back in the day, I miss that a lot, but anyway, keep it real my dude and talk to ya on the flip! 

  2. Icarly65

    The rank has been added. Enjoy! -Closed
  3. Icarly65

    I honestly cried when I saw this.. Very sad to see, rip Nicks legit bank ://
  4. Icarly65

    Thanks for taking the time to make this. By the way I never wear void on my Admin account
  5. Icarly65

    Hey everyone, today we decided to promote @Anz to the in game moderator rank. Anz has been a server support since the first day that the server came out. He's been active, helpful, and shown leadership qualities that lead us to believe that he is ready for the next step. Anz is also in a timezone that doesn't have a Moderator (+1 gmt) so this should help to cover that area. We now have a Moderator in that timezone, as well as 2 other server supports who are on during that time. This promotion was well deserved, and it gives a Mod+ in each timezone, killing 2 birds with one stone. Congratulations Anz, I know you will do well.
  6. Icarly65

    Myself/Isaac/Ron can only get our ranks removed from Lou
  7. Hey everyone, after talking it over with Isaac, we decided to remove the Respected member rank from everyone. Some people may be disappointed by this, but we think this is what's best for the long term. At the moment a lot of players who have been given the rank, did not earn it legitimately (with the poll) or are inactive. Yes, we could just remove it off of players who are inactive.. But we figured that this is a new server, why should somebody who was given the Respected rank let's say a year or two, just automatically get the rank? It felt like it was a rank being given to players due to past accomplishments, or very minor accomplishments in the present.. We want players who are 100% worthy of the rank to be given it. What better way than to get nominated the old fashion way, and see if you are truly a Respected member. For any questions on how to earn the rank check here >> To explain it quickly, only Forum staff may nominate players for the Respected rank, and if 75% of the votes are yes, then the player will get Respected. Thank you all for understanding, and good luck with getting this rank
  8. Pending While you are active, you do often times get into arguments with random players. A staff member getting into flame wars wouldn't exactly be the best look
  9. Denied I haven't really seen you doing much in game other than begging for Pre- Eoc to return. If you really want to be a part of the team, then get staff members/omm to watch you do some trades (they must be there with you!) and screenshot you doing those trades. Apply again in no less than 2 weeks -Closed
  10. Accepted You have past experiences on the staff team, and for as long as I've known you, you have been a very trustworthy person. You are also very active, which just solidified this decision. Welcome to the team!
  11. Icarly65

    Hey everyone, we've had a lot of news in the past couple of days, and I am here to bring you some more. With the previous Wiki Manager gone, we now have a spot open that needs to be filled. Went over this decision with a few people, and it was unanimous on who to promote. @Anz is going to be the new Wiki Manager. Anz has done a lot of work with the wiki team as it is, making a drop guide, price guide and more. He has also been a voice for the Wiki team, even without the manager position. I have no doubt in my mind that he is ready for this. Congrats!
  12. Icarly65

    We have decided to make Rsgp trading legal again on Grinderscape. In this thread I will hopefully answer any questions on how Rsgp trading works. What is Rsgp Trading? Rsgp trading is when two players trade items/cash between Runescape and Grinderscape. Ex: Player 1 will sell his Twisted Bow on Grinderscape to player 2.. Player 2 will buy that Twisted bow, but will pay with gold on Runescape. This is good for newer players to get started off on Grinderscape with some decent items. It also good for players who are in need of money on Runescape. You however must use a middleman when making an Rsgp for Any amount. Middleman * The number one rule when trading Rsgp is to use a Middleman. * Middlemen are players who have applied for the rank, and were accepted by the Recruiters. These players are trustworthy, and will prevent any scamming from happening. * How it would work. Player 1 gives the official middleman the Twisted bow. After receiving the item (in this case a Twisted Bow) the middleman will acknowledge that he was received the item(s). Player 2 will then trade player 1 on Runescape, and give him the gold there. Once the gold has been traded, both players will inform the middleman that the cash has been given on Runescape, and the middleman will give Player 2 the Twisted Bow. * As a middleman, you will have a Document where you can enter all the information about the other players on. You will put their Runescape/Grinderscape usernames, and the amount that was traded. This will keep everything organized. * Server Supports will be middleman as well! * If you think you have what it takes, you may apply for the Official Middleman Rank here >> https://forum.grinderscape.org/index.php?/forum/67-official-middleman-applications/ Other Rules * As of now, we have decided that the amount of Rsgp that you can buy, will be 200m on 07, and 400m on Rs3. * This is to stop any potential Rwt traders, and will go for any accounts that you own. If you go over the limit, or are trying to cheat the system, you will be blacklisted. Blacklisted players for forbidden from doing any Rsgp trades * You may not have a player who is not an official middleman or Server Support middleman for you. If you are caught doing this, you will get punished, and possibly blacklisted. * You need a Middleman! I know I said this above, but this can't be stressed enough. If you are caught doing an Rsgp trade without a middleman, you will be blacklisted and possibly banned without any hesitation. Using a middleman is for your own good. * Any trades between 07 and Rs3 are not affiliated with us. If you are scammed doing a trade between Rs, that is on you, as we only do Grinderscape to Runescape trades. Current Middlemen/Leaders For a list of all the current Leaders and Middlemen please view this thread >>
  13. Icarly65

    We have been trying to get the Gfx team going a bit. We've been getting some great designs, and meeting a lot of cool and talented people. However.. One thing we have been missing, is a leader for this team. Today we decided to promote @Valar to the rank of Gfx Manager! There is no special rank for this (at the moment) but it is being worked on. He will be deciding which players he would like on his team (and be able to contact Admins to give ranks out) as well as making sure everyone is working on something. Sean (Valar) has shown leadership qualities, and we have no doubt that he is ready to take this next step. Congratulations, and if anyone has any questions on this, feel free to ask below, or pm me.
  14. Hey everyone, I am here to unfortunately announce that we have decided to demote @Daxx from his duty as a Forum Administrator. Daxx has done a lot of work for us, and we are very thankful for that, however, his teamwork with the other staff members is something that has gone downhill very fast. On top of that, he hasn't been on much at all lately, so we thought this was the best decision to make. If you have any questions on this, feel free to message me
  15. Icarly65

    Welcome. Enjoy your stay