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  1. Icarly65

    Server has been up for months man, we are getting updates once a month now, and the updates come with as many bugs as they do additions to the game. I know you're a new server support so that's what you're "supposed to say" but trust me, being a "yes man" will get you nowhere. Call the server out how it is, me saying this isn't because I hate the server, it is the exact opposite. Things need to change, DRASTICALLY. Otherwise the server will fail. Sorry if you can't see that I was here when we had a server reset before, our player count went from 400 down to 30, but I still believed in
  2. Icarly65

    After a bit of though, I am deciding to resign from all duties on Grinderscape. When I joined this server I had extremely high hopes. This was a server that I've been on since early 2010, so I wanted to give it another shot. However, this server has been a huge disappointment if I am going to be completely honest. Since the release, the server felt a bit sloppy, and hasn't progressed very well. I felt like we were getting somewhere a few months ago, having a steady staff team/wiki team/mm team/gfx team etc.. However, I've noticed a lot of players losing interest in the game (myself includ
  3. Hey man! Long time no see or chat! It's Crotchzapper/Lezilla, whichever one you prefer. ;)

    Anyway, hope all is going well man and for the server! Wish it had more people on the fourms like back in the day, I miss that a lot, but anyway, keep it real my dude and talk to ya on the flip! 

  4. Icarly65

    I honestly cried when I saw this.. Very sad to see, rip Nicks legit bank ://
  5. Icarly65

    Hey everyone, today we decided to promote @Anz to the in game moderator rank. Anz has been a server support since the first day that the server came out. He's been active, helpful, and shown leadership qualities that lead us to believe that he is ready for the next step. Anz is also in a timezone that doesn't have a Moderator (+1 gmt) so this should help to cover that area. We now have a Moderator in that timezone, as well as 2 other server supports who are on during that time. This promotion was well deserved, and it gives a Mod+ in each timezone, killing 2 birds with one stone. Con
  6. Icarly65

    Myself/Isaac/Ron can only get our ranks removed from Lou
  7. Hey everyone, after talking it over with Isaac, we decided to remove the Respected member rank from everyone. Some people may be disappointed by this, but we think this is what's best for the long term. At the moment a lot of players who have been given the rank, did not earn it legitimately (with the poll) or are inactive. Yes, we could just remove it off of players who are inactive.. But we figured that this is a new server, why should somebody who was given the Respected rank let's say a year or two, just automatically get the rank? It felt like it was a rank being given to players due
  8. Icarly65

    Hey everyone, we've had a lot of news in the past couple of days, and I am here to bring you some more. With the previous Wiki Manager gone, we now have a spot open that needs to be filled. Went over this decision with a few people, and it was unanimous on who to promote. @Anz is going to be the new Wiki Manager. Anz has done a lot of work with the wiki team as it is, making a drop guide, price guide and more. He has also been a voice for the Wiki team, even without the manager position. I have no doubt in my mind that he is ready for this. Congrats!
  9. Icarly65

    We have been trying to get the Gfx team going a bit. We've been getting some great designs, and meeting a lot of cool and talented people. However.. One thing we have been missing, is a leader for this team. Today we decided to promote @Valar to the rank of Gfx Manager! There is no special rank for this (at the moment) but it is being worked on. He will be deciding which players he would like on his team (and be able to contact Admins to give ranks out) as well as making sure everyone is working on something. Sean (Valar) has shown leadership qualities, and we have no doubt that he is rea
  10. Hey everyone, I am here to unfortunately announce that we have decided to demote @Daxx from his duty as a Forum Administrator. Daxx has done a lot of work for us, and we are very thankful for that, however, his teamwork with the other staff members is something that has gone downhill very fast. On top of that, he hasn't been on much at all lately, so we thought this was the best decision to make. If you have any questions on this, feel free to message me
  11. Icarly65

    Welcome. Enjoy your stay
  12. Icarly65

    Welcome to Grinderscape, hope you enjoy your stay. Feel free to pm me if you need anything
  13. Icarly65

    Hey everyone, Today we decided to promote @Brad to the rank of Server Support. Brad has been doing a great job of being active/being a good role model in game. He will be active regularly between 4am and 12pm GMT where we lacked a lot of support, so we had a pretty easy decision to make. As with all staff, he will be on a 2 week trial, but I have no doubt that he will pass with flying colors. Welcome to the team man.
  14. Icarly65

    Still bad congrats man, and sweet cape
  15. I've told you multiple times about how pre eoc items and what not aren't being added. This is old school based, and that isn't going to change
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