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  1. vutr

    Server has been reset, try now! Let us know if this is persistent
  2. vutr

    nice post
  3. vutr

    yeah i noticed that too
  4. vutr

    thanks for reporting, i agree picking up items seems a tad slow
  5. vutr

    Such a hard worker! What a phenomenal achievement! If only you could see the smile on my face when i was notified of this post! Keep up the fantastic work and you will take your account to the top of the leaderboards!
  6. vutr

    Hello Folks, Im going to be addressing some questions i’ve been seeing with players looking to buy “Donations”. I hope this clears some questions up. What does buying “Donation” mean? Buying a donation is the act of a player paying IN-GAME items/currency in exchange for a donation in their name. Is this RWT? No, Since the player is purchasing the donation on our official donation page the money is directly supporting Grinderscape. Do I need a MM/Staff member to oversee this trade? Yes, this is the only way to ensure you are not scammed during this transaction. How do I find a MM or Staff Member? ::staffonline for finding in-game staff. To find a official MM they can be found in our Offical Discord! Is there a limit to how many “Donations” I can “buy”? There is currently no limit since the money is directly supporting the server. Subject to change... How do I “Buy”/“Sell” a “Donation”? After you find your buyer/selling AND contact a staff or middleman you are ready to begin your trade. In this example I will be using Player1(buyer) and Player2(Seller) as a refrence. The players will explain the terms of the deal to the MM/Staff. ex... (100k premium points for 1m BM) Player1(buyer) will begin the transaction by trading the IN-GAME items/currency to the MM or Staff member (1m BM). and then they will use the quick chat button to display how many premium points they have. ( this is found in the quest tab). After this has been complete, Player2(seller) will then begin donation process in Player1’s name. Once they have completed this process they will notify Player1 to Redeem the donation (found in the quest tab). Then they will again hit the Quick Chat button declaring how many Premium points they have. If this is the correct amount agreed on the MM or Staff member will now trade over the IN-GAME items/currency to Player2(seller). TRANSACTION COMPLETE. The staff/mm will make a refrence of the trade in the corresponding chatroom. If you have anymore questions or concerns regarding this matter feel free to reach out to a staff member!
  7. vutr

    Honestly this is a great decision, the player Brad is a phenomenal guy. He will be a great addition to the team. I can’t wait to work with this dude!
  8. vutr

    thanks for reporting
  9. Looking good can’t wait to try it out when i get home
  10. vutr

    uh you can post a poll directly on our site next time too
  11. vutr

    hey gz on 200 posts brother ! 2 for one post
  12. vutr

    wow i am now maxed! Thanks everyone who came to my party thanks @Zod for the FREE infernal cape as a gift since i cant pick up the maxed cape ! Thank you @Gruntmaster for making me tasty snacks along the way !