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  1. Mikey

    Awesome job! Can we get a Zod paintin now?
  2. Mikey

    Congrats on upgrade smelly Barry
  3. Mikey

    Mate. You get skulled if you attack first. Auto retaliate works if you get attacked then you fight back. Also there is a special whip (Banana), if you use its spec its skulls the other person for some time.
  4. Hello and welcome to my first update post on my adventure! So the biggest update to this adventure, since the release of ironman and much more content. I decided to restart from scratch! This will be alot of fun since you cant just buy the items etc... Ingame name will be: Iron Mike , if you want add me I will write my goals in different colors: Red means: Not started yet, not obtained. Yellow means: Goal in progress. (Working on) Green means: Goal completed, obtained. (Atleast once) So the goals for this long and great adventure are as followed: Achieve a max cape - 99 in every single possible skill ingame Obtain 3000 participation points - for Donator bond Obtain a Twisted bow. Obtain a set of jordan boots (Pegasian, Primordial, Eternal) Obtain a set of spirit shields (Elysian, Spectral, Arcane) Obtain all possible Skilling and PvM pets Obtain a max set for each combat style (Range, Mage, Melee) Achieve max exp (250 000 000) in every possible skill ingame Complete every single clue scroll difficulty (Easy, Medium, Hard, Elite) Complete every single clue scroll difficulty atleast 100 times Obtain all the possible "rare" rewards from every clue scroll difficulty This will be it for now! As I progress with the account I'm sure more goals will be added I will make more update thread's like this in the future probably in (1-3 weeks time) Untill then, thanks for reading! Regards, ~Michael
  5. Mikey

    Good luck mate on achieving those goals!
  6. Couldn't find the #DemoteZod or Mini-Zod Pet. But for real a really great update, good job developers
  7. Mikey

    Congrats my man!
  8. Hello and welcome to my thread about my goals that I want to achieve while playing GrinderScape. I will try to update the thread every 2-3 weeks, making a new thread and adding Update #x at the end. I will start on a brand new account lvl 3 without anything. Ingame name Mikey V2 There are some rules I have come up for myself to make it more interesting. The rules are: 1. No accepting any donations. 2. No gambling in any way for my own benefit. 3. I can participate in giveaways but if I win I have to give it back to the community. So the goal list begins: 1. Get 99 in all 22 available skills [ ] 2. Get 3000 participation points [ ] 3. Own atleast 1 partyhat set (Every partyhat ingame that is possible to get) [ ] 4. Own atleast 1 halloween mask set (Every h'ween ingame that is possible to get) 5. Own atleast 1 Twisted bow [ ] 6. Own atleast 1 set of Jordans (Primordial boots, Eternal boots, Pegasian boots) [ ] 7. Own atleast 1 set of spirit shields (Arcane, Elysian, Spectral) [ ] 8. Get all possible Skilling & PVM Boss pet [ ] 9. Own a max set for each combat type (Melee, Range, Magic) [ ] 10. Achieve 200 000 000 exp in all 22 available skills [ ] Attack [ ] Strength [ ] Defence [ ] Ranged [ ] Prayer [ ] Magic [ ] Runecrafting [ ] Hitpoints [ ] Agility [ ] Herblore [ ] Thieving [ ] Crafting [ ] Fletching [ ] Slayer [ ] Hunter [ ] Mining [ ] Smithing [ ] Fishing [ ] Cooking [ ] Firemaking [ ] Woodcutting [ ] Farming [ ] 11. Get 1 000 000 Blood money [ ] 12. Own a max cash stack (2147m) [ ] So that is pretty much it for the starting part of my road ! While doing this I'm pretty sure I will add some more goals to the list! Until next time! Thanks for your time reading this! Regards, ~Michael
  9. Mikey

    Awesome guide! Well done mates!
  10. In-game Name(s): Mikey Age: 17 Timezone: GMT+2 Will you be active?: Ofcourse, I will try my best. How much do you usually play per day?: It depends, but mostly 1-8 hours. Why do you deserve to be in this group?: I think most people know me in the community by now. I really like to help other's, let it be simple price check or explaining how something works. I have been a OMM in the past for a period of 1-2 months and I still remember how it works properly. So I would like to get OMM to help even more players and prevent any scam's from happening. Any other information: I have done a few MM trades including gambling and rsgp/gsgp trades.
  11. Mikey

    Hmm.. Strange then, wait for admins or Lou to answer. @Lou Grinder @Isaac
  12. Mikey

    On the bottom it say's testing connection, maybe there is something with your wifi?
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