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Lou Grinder

Hunter Tomes | Bosses Core Rework | HUGE UPDATE!

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Bugs and Fixes:

- Vorkath / Mutant Tarn / Ve'tion now drops the Eternal glory amulet.

- Shop buying limit increased from 500 to 1,000 for regular players.

- Ironman game modes can now buy bonds from stores.

- Fixed potion combining issue.

- Potential fix for players walking out of bounds when being jailed and teleported to certain locations.

- Looting bag and rune pouch will not drop the items on death unless the item representative is in the inventory.

- Fixed issue with barrows items not dropping on death.

- Fixed a bug which did not allow players to see who muted them by showing their username instead of the actual person.

- Fixed "Axe Does It", "Cooking Apprentice", and "Dwarf Assistant" task giving players un-noted items reward.

- The 1.5x bonus XP only apply in wilderness resource area instead of the whole wilderness.

- Fixed Super Mystery box giving grim robe which is an un-useable item.

- Fixed some issues in player updating method that caused players to lagg while wearing colorful items.

- Updated server plugins and frameworks to the latest versions using Gradle.

- Fixed Growler minion missing projectile graphics.

- Improved NPC's positioning system and path-finding formula's.

- Fixed the achievement owing a life.

- Fixed a typo when a player achieves a milestone experience in a skill.

- Tweaked the barrows degradation system.

- Implemented magic attack for Kree'arra and the shout messages.

- Eternal glory amulet will now be dropped from Mutant Tarn, Chaos Elemental, and Ve'tion.

- Fixed a bug causing players to walk out of bounds when teleporting and moving.

- Looting bag and rune pouch contained items will not drop on death unless the item representative is in the inventory.

- Fixed an issue where barrows items are not dropping on death.

- God wars kill count interface will not disappear when using Saradomin's light.

- The 50% increased XP will now only apply in the wilderness resource area.

- Broadcast system can now be used by med tier and high tier staff.

- Minor changes to bosses defence, attack, and hit-points level. (E.g: Giant sea snake turned from 800 hp to 250).

- Fixed puzzle clue scroll, and fixed a clue to use angry emote instead of beckon.

- Fixed robin hood's hat price in blood store.

- Updated all prayer scrolls models in blood money store.

- Fixed the ::ge command teleporting players to clipped regions.

- Added stamina potion to be able to be decant-able.

- Fixed the achievement safety first.

- The ::dice can now be used by ironman players.

- Donator's bond will can now be used by ironman players, and they can be stacked for higher donator's rank.

- Gilded casket, anger weapons, and few other items are now trade-able!

- high-tier staff can now spawn objects in certain places when required.

- Custom tools for staff to fix any broken NPC's in game, just in case.


- Fixed an issue where players can close the gambling interface while playing blackjack.

- Added campaign developer title.

- Redone the NPC facing mechanics when interacting with an NPC.

- Renamed the regular colorful h'ween mask to Exclusive h'ween mask.

- Fixed a slayer bug where players were able to change their slayer task at no cost.


- Bronze, Legendary, and Platinum donator's ranks: 
* These ranks are just for cosmetic visuals and does not add any extra benefits.
* Bronze ranks does not have access to any donator benefits, and are just for visuals.
* bronze-donator.png Bronze ranks are given to players who donated $9.99 or more! 
* legendary-donator.png Legendary ranks are given to players who donated $249.99 or more!
* platinum-donator.png Platinum ranks are given to players who donated $499.99 or more!
* Note: Players can request primary rank changes on forums in the respective section.



- General store system implemented:
* 100% working general store and the ability to sell all your junk.
* Buying prices from the general store will increase as the quantity decreases. (Ex buying items with low quantity will be very expensive)
* Selling prices for all items ingame adjusted to fit the economy properly. (Further testing will be required, and any changes can happen very soon).
* Clears the junk items on every few cycles with the amount of one item.
* Selling "X" limited up to 50 items per sale.
* Staff can always empty the shop if it gets fully stacked.



- New campaign-dev.pngCampaign Developer rank:
* This rank will be solely for players who help and manage the development team with support, testing, bug finding, and communications.


- List of bosses that have been completely redone, this fixes any past issues with the boss and new mechanics are built in:
* Cerberus (New mechanics + all bugs fixed).
* Vet'ion (Fixed retreating issue + spawn mechanics).
* God wars (Fixed all the respawn mechanics).
* Zamorak Chamber (Darkness is back and Saradomin's light works perfectly).
* Vorkath (All bugs has been resolved).
* Giant Sea Snake (All snakes attack together, new mechanics, and all the respawn together).
* Dagganoth Kings (Tweaked mechanics, all of them respawn together).
* Mutant Tarn (Make sure to protect from Range, and move from the tornado).
* Alchemical Hydra (All reported bugs has been fixed).
* JAD (Should work perfectly).
* Ice troll king (No more retreating / runts issue fixed).
* Black Knight Titan (All bugs has been fixed).
* Ice Queen (No high hits, retreating issue fixed).



- Implemented functionality of Christmas Cracker:
* Fully working Christmas cracker.
* 70% chance to get a party hat, and 30% chance for the other player.
* Brings a collection of all the regular party hat colors.
* Can be used on another player to open.


- Tons of core system changes that regulates the pathing, player updating, movement coordinates, retreating, aggression, and much more:
* This should improve packets system by at least 25% which you can feel in-game already.
* More efficient codes that will help us create content even faster and with much less bugs.
* Must reduce the overall nulling effect in-game, or possibly fix it permanently (Beta stage).
* Implemented weakness system for NPC's so some are weak to certain magic spells, range, or certain attack styles.
* Implemented race type for NPC's which will help us work on superior slayer monsters and tasks.


- Added a new row in player titles that is specially for custom titles:
* Titles cost 50b in-game currency.
* A custom title of your choice will be registered on your account's name for life-time.
* You can pick and choose any color you wish to have.
* No one will be able to use the title except you!
* It will be visible to everyone that you own a custom title under your name.
* A new section on forums will open for titles creation/buying.



- Added hunter tomes as requested by a lot of players:
* Hunter's tome (10) which rewards 10M EXP, and can be found in the premium store.
* Hunter's tome (1) which rewards 1M EXP, and can be found in the voting exchange store.



- Added random PID mechanics for players:
* Allows efficient fair duel tasking.
* Improves PVP aspects and delays.


- Redone packet handling system, core rework, packet's verification and much more:
* This will allow even smoother ingame performance with lagg free.
* Item switching should be Gucci Gucci!


Note: New client required to be able to play!

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yooooooo massive update, 


legit im so heckin happy for eternal glory & the fact that ironmen can now buy bonds from the participation pt shop ❤️ 


good work lou '-'

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