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Lou Grinder

Game sounds, Resource Area Gate, and Fairy Ring(+)..

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We are happy to announce this update release! Indeed it did take a long time to finish, but it includes game sounds and over 40 bug fixes. A new custom engine has been created to support a dynamic sound system, sound loops, region music, and much more.

NOTE: You will need a new client in order to play! Make sure you have the latest version of the client if you are not using the auto-updater.


Bugs and Fixes:

- Fixed mystic examines & stats.

- You can now use Eternal glory to teleport up to level 30 wilderness.


- You can no longer teleport using your spellbook while staying in the wilderness and in combat vs a player:
* Alternatively you can use teleport tabs or obelisks.

- Added missing lever in deep wilderness.

- Chaos altar near Black Knight Titan is stuck on "You can use this altar once per 60 seconds".

- Jungle demon has melee attack range of 5 squares no longer happens.

- Fire max cape and Infernal max cape will now be broken on death.

- Dying with untradeable items will now disappear, and reward the killer with blood money depending on item value:
* Slayer helmets, max capes, max hoods...etc

- Un-tradeable items that will not break upon death will now vanish on death:
* If you die with a (broken) item, it will vanish completely upon death.
* If you have a firecape, it will stay in your inventory and will turn to a broken firecape.

- You can no longer safe spot Zulrah.

- Vet'ion safe spot fixed.

- Fixed a bug with Random Drop Table giving non valuable items.

- Muddy keys can now be obtained from RDT drops.

- Starter pack should now work properly.

- Steam, Smoke, Dust, Mist, Lava, and Mud staffs should now work properly.

- General Graardor no longer attacks melee from far distance.

- Fixed Guthan's heal effect.

- Experiments now have boosted hit points for training.

- Ruby bolts (e) effect added.

- Onyx bolts (e) effect not healing fixed.

- Fixed High alch bug where you lost nature runes without alching.

- Lava dragon bones, Zogre bones, and Ourg bones now give higher Prayer XP.

- You can now trade general store.


- Jungle demon now has 100 more hit points.

- NPC's that can no longer reach you will not be aggressive.


- Corp no longer takes aggro when you are inside the tunnel.

- Cerberus teleport is now instanced.


- You can no longer attack Aviansie's and Kree'arra using melee combat style.


- Kree'arra animations fixed.


- All cavaliers now equip properly.

- Cooked mackerel can now be eaten, and heals up to 6 hit points.

- Abyssal dagger attack styles fixed.

- Unreachable caskets appearing in water when slaying Sea Troll Queen now spawns in the correct place.


- Sea Troll Queen hit points increased by 150.

- Toxic blow pipe poisoning effect fixed.

- Duel arena poison bug fixed.

- Skeletal wyverns fire breath effect added.


- A bug where the player would log out as soon as the opponent casts a spell on him now can no longer happen.


- Elder wand animations fixed.


- You can now crush ashes, charcoal, Guam, seaweed, crabmeat, tooth, astral rune, mud rune, and much more.


- Antifires can now be made (Lantadyme(unf) + dragon scale dust).

- Weapon poison+ and Weapon poison++ can now be herblored.

- You can now create super combat potion(4) by using Super strength(4), Super attack(4), or Super defence(4) on Torstol.


- Added karambwan cooking, and fixed some bugs related to cooking.

- You can no longer forfeit from duel while your opponent is dying.

- When a player is potted up, lets say super strength and super attack, if they gain a level in that skill with potion effect, it will no longer remove the stat buff.


- You no longer walk to the NPC while viewing the drop table.

- Announcements typo fix.

- Missing altar is now back in Edgeville.





- A gate has been added to the wilderness resource area:
* It requires 2,500,000 GP to enter.
* A Quick-Entry option has been added to enter quickly into the area.



- Our original music system has been added, supports almost every area on the game with right music.

- Added many sounds:
* All weapons special attacks.
* Prayer sounds.
* Bank opening sound.
* Chests opening/locked sound.
* Teleport sounds.
* Drop/pickup sound.
* Equip/unequip sounds.
* Food eating sound.
* Potions drinking sound.
* Altar praying sound.
* Bones on altar sound.
* Switching spell book sound.
* Using the box of health/nurse sound.
* Full Inventory sound.
* Glory charging sound.
* Cooking sounds.
* Thieving skill sounds.
* Ditch jump sound.
* Solving random event sound.
* Pull lever sound.
* Bones burying.
* Altar offering bones sound.
* Fire making sounds.
* Smithing sounds.
* Fishing sounds.
* Fletching sounds.
* Mining sounds.
* Herblore & potion making sounds.
* All combat magic spells sounds.
* Stronghold security doors sound.
* Nurse healing.
* Spade digging.
* Woodcutting sounds.
* Filling objects with water.
* Frozen can't move sound.
* Magic sounds.

- NPC sounds added:
* Desert lizard
* Lesser demon
* Greater demon
* Black demon
* Frost demon
* Hill giant
* Moss giant
* Ice giant
* Fire giant
* Green, Blue, Red, Black, Lava, Bronze, Iron, Steel, and Mithril dragons.
* Baby dragons
* Ice warrior
* Rock crab
* Giant rock crab
* Dagganoth
* Spinolyp
* Al kharid warrior
* Edgeville bots
* Bandits
* Skeletons
* Scorpions
* Imp
* Guards
* Wild dog
* Hero
* Knight of Ardougne
* Hellhounds
* Experiments
* Elf warriors
* Crocodiles
* Pak yak
* Suqah
* Kalphite worker
* Kalphite soldier
* Kalphite guard
* Goblins
* Cow
* Banshee
* Cave slime
* Crawling hand
* Icefiend
* Cave crawler
* Cockatrice
* Pyrefiend
* Rock slug
* Aberrant scepter
* Basilisk
* Bloodvelds
* Dust devil
* Infernal mage
* Jelly
* Turoth
* Gargoyle
* Kurask
* Abyssal demon
* Dark beast
* Gorak
* Nechryael
* Skeletal wyvern
* Waterfiend
* Cyclops
* Karils
* Guthans
* Ahrims
* Dharoks
* Veracs
* Farmer
* Chicken
* Evil chicken
* Werewolf
* Unicorn
* Frog
* Flesh crawler
* Shade
* Ankou
* Catablepeon
* Minotaur
* Hobgoblin
* Monk
* Monk of zamorak
* Gnome
* Servants
* Man
* Women
* Market guard
* Tortoise
* Rock lobster
* Mounted terror bird
* Shadow warrior
* Earth warrior
* Red spiders
* Jungle spider
* Giant spider
* Crypt spider
* Small spider
* Mugger
* Thief
* Dwarfs
* Wolfs
* Trolls
* Highwayman
* Pirate
* Sand crab
* Ghosts
* Black knight
* Chaos druid
* Druid
* Chaos dwarf
* Magic axe
* Jail guard
* Snakes
* Ogre
* Jorge
* Giant Bat
* Ork
* Zombies
* Rats
* Giant Rats
* Crypt rats

- Fairy ring(+):
* This ring can be used to transform you into a rock crab for 30 seconds.
* It is possible in the future it can be used to transform into list of available NPCs.
* It will be added in stores and drops soon.


NOTE: You will need a new client in order to play! Make sure you have the latest version of the client if you are not using the auto-updater.

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