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We’ve decided to deprecate the community forum starting August 29, 2022. We will keep all existing accounts, threads and comments, but no new registrations will be accepted after that date. Our initial intention was for this forum to be a place where the community could communicate and interact about all things from Grinderscape. However, over the years, most of the posts have amounted to Discord such as general chat, bug reports or feature requests, much resembling a more professional and advanced way of communicating. This has led to the following decision that our main focus will be on Discord for all of the server updates, bugs, support line, and more which will make it more active and worth looking at. This means less hassle to check forums and Discord as now you know everything will be on Discord.

Game sounds, Resource Area Gate, and Fairy Ring(+)..

Lou Grinder

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We are happy to announce this update release! Indeed it did take a long time to finish, but it includes game sounds and over 40 bug fixes. A new custom engine has been created to support a dynamic sound system, sound loops, region music, and much more.

NOTE: You will need a new client in order to play! Make sure you have the latest version of the client if you are not using the auto-updater.


Bugs and Fixes:

- Fixed mystic examines & stats.

- You can now use Eternal glory to teleport up to level 30 wilderness.


- You can no longer teleport using your spellbook while staying in the wilderness and in combat vs a player:
* Alternatively you can use teleport tabs or obelisks.

- Added missing lever in deep wilderness.

- Chaos altar near Black Knight Titan is stuck on "You can use this altar once per 60 seconds".

- Jungle demon has melee attack range of 5 squares no longer happens.

- Fire max cape and Infernal max cape will now be broken on death.

- Dying with untradeable items will now disappear, and reward the killer with blood money depending on item value:
* Slayer helmets, max capes, max hoods...etc

- Un-tradeable items that will not break upon death will now vanish on death:
* If you die with a (broken) item, it will vanish completely upon death.
* If you have a firecape, it will stay in your inventory and will turn to a broken firecape.

- You can no longer safe spot Zulrah.

- Vet'ion safe spot fixed.

- Fixed a bug with Random Drop Table giving non valuable items.

- Muddy keys can now be obtained from RDT drops.

- Starter pack should now work properly.

- Steam, Smoke, Dust, Mist, Lava, and Mud staffs should now work properly.

- General Graardor no longer attacks melee from far distance.

- Fixed Guthan's heal effect.

- Experiments now have boosted hit points for training.

- Ruby bolts (e) effect added.

- Onyx bolts (e) effect not healing fixed.

- Fixed High alch bug where you lost nature runes without alching.

- Lava dragon bones, Zogre bones, and Ourg bones now give higher Prayer XP.

- You can now trade general store.


- Jungle demon now has 100 more hit points.

- NPC's that can no longer reach you will not be aggressive.


- Corp no longer takes aggro when you are inside the tunnel.

- Cerberus teleport is now instanced.


- You can no longer attack Aviansie's and Kree'arra using melee combat style.


- Kree'arra animations fixed.


- All cavaliers now equip properly.

- Cooked mackerel can now be eaten, and heals up to 6 hit points.

- Abyssal dagger attack styles fixed.

- Unreachable caskets appearing in water when slaying Sea Troll Queen now spawns in the correct place.


- Sea Troll Queen hit points increased by 150.

- Toxic blow pipe poisoning effect fixed.

- Duel arena poison bug fixed.

- Skeletal wyverns fire breath effect added.


- A bug where the player would log out as soon as the opponent casts a spell on him now can no longer happen.


- Elder wand animations fixed.


- You can now crush ashes, charcoal, Guam, seaweed, crabmeat, tooth, astral rune, mud rune, and much more.


- Antifires can now be made (Lantadyme(unf) + dragon scale dust).

- Weapon poison+ and Weapon poison++ can now be herblored.

- You can now create super combat potion(4) by using Super strength(4), Super attack(4), or Super defence(4) on Torstol.


- Added karambwan cooking, and fixed some bugs related to cooking.

- You can no longer forfeit from duel while your opponent is dying.

- When a player is potted up, lets say super strength and super attack, if they gain a level in that skill with potion effect, it will no longer remove the stat buff.


- You no longer walk to the NPC while viewing the drop table.

- Announcements typo fix.

- Missing altar is now back in Edgeville.





- A gate has been added to the wilderness resource area:
* It requires 2,500,000 GP to enter.
* A Quick-Entry option has been added to enter quickly into the area.



- Our original music system has been added, supports almost every area on the game with right music.

- Added many sounds:
* All weapons special attacks.
* Prayer sounds.
* Bank opening sound.
* Chests opening/locked sound.
* Teleport sounds.
* Drop/pickup sound.
* Equip/unequip sounds.
* Food eating sound.
* Potions drinking sound.
* Altar praying sound.
* Bones on altar sound.
* Switching spell book sound.
* Using the box of health/nurse sound.
* Full Inventory sound.
* Glory charging sound.
* Cooking sounds.
* Thieving skill sounds.
* Ditch jump sound.
* Solving random event sound.
* Pull lever sound.
* Bones burying.
* Altar offering bones sound.
* Fire making sounds.
* Smithing sounds.
* Fishing sounds.
* Fletching sounds.
* Mining sounds.
* Herblore & potion making sounds.
* All combat magic spells sounds.
* Stronghold security doors sound.
* Nurse healing.
* Spade digging.
* Woodcutting sounds.
* Filling objects with water.
* Frozen can't move sound.
* Magic sounds.

- NPC sounds added:
* Desert lizard
* Lesser demon
* Greater demon
* Black demon
* Frost demon
* Hill giant
* Moss giant
* Ice giant
* Fire giant
* Green, Blue, Red, Black, Lava, Bronze, Iron, Steel, and Mithril dragons.
* Baby dragons
* Ice warrior
* Rock crab
* Giant rock crab
* Dagganoth
* Spinolyp
* Al kharid warrior
* Edgeville bots
* Bandits
* Skeletons
* Scorpions
* Imp
* Guards
* Wild dog
* Hero
* Knight of Ardougne
* Hellhounds
* Experiments
* Elf warriors
* Crocodiles
* Pak yak
* Suqah
* Kalphite worker
* Kalphite soldier
* Kalphite guard
* Goblins
* Cow
* Banshee
* Cave slime
* Crawling hand
* Icefiend
* Cave crawler
* Cockatrice
* Pyrefiend
* Rock slug
* Aberrant scepter
* Basilisk
* Bloodvelds
* Dust devil
* Infernal mage
* Jelly
* Turoth
* Gargoyle
* Kurask
* Abyssal demon
* Dark beast
* Gorak
* Nechryael
* Skeletal wyvern
* Waterfiend
* Cyclops
* Karils
* Guthans
* Ahrims
* Dharoks
* Veracs
* Farmer
* Chicken
* Evil chicken
* Werewolf
* Unicorn
* Frog
* Flesh crawler
* Shade
* Ankou
* Catablepeon
* Minotaur
* Hobgoblin
* Monk
* Monk of zamorak
* Gnome
* Servants
* Man
* Women
* Market guard
* Tortoise
* Rock lobster
* Mounted terror bird
* Shadow warrior
* Earth warrior
* Red spiders
* Jungle spider
* Giant spider
* Crypt spider
* Small spider
* Mugger
* Thief
* Dwarfs
* Wolfs
* Trolls
* Highwayman
* Pirate
* Sand crab
* Ghosts
* Black knight
* Chaos druid
* Druid
* Chaos dwarf
* Magic axe
* Jail guard
* Snakes
* Ogre
* Jorge
* Giant Bat
* Ork
* Zombies
* Rats
* Giant Rats
* Crypt rats

- Fairy ring(+):
* This ring can be used to transform you into a rock crab for 30 seconds.
* It is possible in the future it can be used to transform into list of available NPCs.
* It will be added in stores and drops soon.


NOTE: You will need a new client in order to play! Make sure you have the latest version of the client if you are not using the auto-updater.

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